Kidnapped and Saved

Maybe if they tried to suit her likes, she would become a fan... until Harry steps up. And Alex jumps in. But now she's showing harry everything .



I woke up to Louis.. and I also woke up to no clothes. So I was taking a min to feel his dick. I started gasping for air.

"Dont worry you wont die ugly if this happens" Louis was going too fast.

"Harr...." Louis covered my mouth while I screamed for Harry.

DOnt even think about it bitch... Harrys not coming" 

I orgasmed really loud trying to keep it low so he didnt think I liked it.

"You want more?" He was scary

"N..." I orgasmed even louder.

"Ok Ill go faster if you say so" I started crying inbetween orgasms, I couldnt control myself it was my bodys reaction.

He called for Zayn. 

"WHUT" he was screaming from far.

"She wants more D" He laughed.

"NOOO" I was crying now. Louis pulled out and Zayn came in. I was scared as he undressed, he was inches bigger.

He pressed against me really hard, except his dick was so hard it felt like a knife pointing into me.

"Zayn are you that desperate?" I said making him mad.

"Sorry too many tight girls want me I have no time" He said shoving his dick into my mouth.

I thought I was gonna choke and he started to cum.

"ZAYN WTF" Harry rushed in. "GET OUT OF HER"

"god Harry sorry" He got outve me, Harry rushed up an held me crying.

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