Kidnapped and Saved

Maybe if they tried to suit her likes, she would become a fan... until Harry steps up. And Alex jumps in. But now she's showing harry everything .


1. backstage

Hallie's pov


I went to a concert with my bestfriend Allison because she loves one direction. Everytime they sang I started booing. Seriously they suck! UGH.

"we love you" they said

"I HATE YOU" I screamed. Ally elbowed me. It looked like they saw me because they were mad looking. After 3 songs my voice hurt so I shut up. Ally brought me to the bathroom during break and yelled at me.

"Really? You hate them so much you have to embarrass me?" She was annoyed.

"You brought me!" I Said screaming at her.

SHe just rolled her eyes and ditched me. The whole night I wondered around the back of the stage behind everything with my stuff. I needed a ride. Suddenly when they said goodnight I was relieved. I started to look for a bus or a taxi, but none were there so  I called one who said theyd be here in 2 hours since I was in Pennsylvania. I was pissed. I sat down and waited until someone farmiliar came behind me.

"Are you the hater that had to ruin your friends time?" I was guessing it was Liam because it was farmiliar and Ally loves him.

"Yeah, no offense, you guys suck at singing, and doing anything related to it." I said angrily.

"BOYS!" I heard him yell and they all rushed.

"Liam whats up?" I Heard Zayn ask.

"Just a hater who hates us and could love us if she tried. Lets sing a song."

"Please, don't ruin your voices more than they are on me, because I am not gonna listen."

I heard him say hand me it. He got ducktape, ducktaped my mouth and said no words. HE brought me in his tour bus and said, now you have to listen. All my stuff was next to me so I was happy I at least had my phone. I tried getting it and Liam raced me to find it. He found it first. He threw it. I watched it crack. I Cried. Harry looked hurt like I was his mom or something.

"OH and while were at it, at the hotel, we can show you more things were good at." He said winking at Zayn. I was scared as hell.

Louis came and ripped the ducktape off my face gently. It hurt.

"Now don't talk." Zayn said. He picked me up and dragged me to a room where it had 2 bunk beds and a king sized bed. He dropped me in it, and locked the room. It was pitch dark for 3 hours until I heard the door open and I started  crying. Harry came in.

"Hallie, don't worry I wont hurt you." He said

"How do you know my name?" I asked.

"we heard you fighting your friend in the bathroom. We were in the mens room.

I was scared, if they knew my name they could find my dad and beg for money. MY dad is poor, Ally paid for me to come to the concert.

"I told them to stay out there, I promise Ill get you home this week or this month, it wont be any longer."

That's great, but I don't wanna be here my whole life...

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