Kidnapped and Saved

Maybe if they tried to suit her likes, she would become a fan... until Harry steps up. And Alex jumps in. But now she's showing harry everything .


9. ariana

I woke up in Harry's hotel room.

"Wait a minute... Harry?" He was next to me.

"Yea?" He smiled tiredly.

"What happened last night" I was awkwardly looking around.

"You fell asleep at Alex's so I came and got you, nice underwear and bra." He laughed.

"Be quiet" I laughed and through a pillow at him.

"Ah I got a tweet" he picked his phone up.

"OMGGGG AHHHH" he jumped.

"What? You ok curly ?" "AHH hold on ari texted me. WAIT ARI TEXTED ME" ariana had answered a tweet and texted me... We now were meeting at her studio.

"SAME SHE TEXTED ME HI" he laughed.

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