Getting Adopted. *Completed*

15 year old Becca lives in a foster home. Her parents died when she was seven, she's been there ever since. One day, Shannon, the lady who runs the place, tells Becca she's getting a adopted. At first, Becca thinks it's weird a 21 year old guy and his girlfriend are adopting him, but when she finds out who's adopting her she gets a lot more optimistic about how her life is going to turn out.


23. Uh-Oh

Becca's POV


I sat waiting for Louis to pick me up. God what was taking so long?! Everyone else was gone already and a teacher was waiting with me outside. Then the whole soccer team nearly stepped on me running out of the school. Calum plopped down next to me.


"What're you doing here?" Calum asked.


"Waiting for Louis. He's was supposed to pick me up after detention but he's not here." I sighed.


"Come on, I'll walk you." Calum stood up, holding his hand out for me to grab it. I gladly took it and he pulled me up. We stood there for a minute with our fingers interlaced for a minute.


"Aww, look at Calum and Becca!" Matt yelled laughing. We pulled our hands apart and started walking to my house.


"Thanks for walking me." I smiled as we stood in front of my house. 


"Anytime, beautiful." Calum smiled sheepishly.


"And thank you for the compliment." I giggled.


"Anytime, beautiful." Calum repeated with a laugh.


"I should go in. Thank's again." I smiled hugging him and kissing him on the cheek.


"Bye." Calum smiled and walked off. I walked in the house and my happiness died when I saw Louis.


"Where the hell have you been?!" I yelled and he stopped in his tracks and faced me.


"Here. Where have you been?" He asked.


"Me? Where have I been? I have been waiting at the school for the past hour for you to pick me up! The teacher would not let me leave without someone with me. At least Calum was nice enough to walk me home." I said through my teeth.


"Oh. I forgot." Louis shrugged. "Perrie needs you. She's in her room with the other girls." I sighed and walked upstairs. I put my bag in my room and walked to Perrie's room. I knocked lightly on the door.


"Come in!" Perrie cooed. I opened the door and Perrie, Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne were sitting on Perrie's bed.


"Louis said you needed me?" I asked.


"Yes! Do you want to go shopping with us? Eleanor and Danielle took Nina, Naomi, and Gabi somewhere before I got home so I invited the girls over." Perrie explained with a smile.


"Yeah, sure." I shrugged.


"Okay, go get ready!" Perrie squealed. I giggled and went to my room. I went to my closet and picked out a Mini Mouse t-shirt and denim shorts. I put them on with grey sneakers and a matching bracelet and necklace. I fixed my makeup and grabbed my phone and wallet.

"Hey." Harry said as I walked out of my room.


"Hi." I smiled as he leaned down and kissed me.


"Where you off to? I thought you just got home." Harry frowned.


"Perrie invited me to go out with her, Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne." I told him.


"But I haven't seen you all day." He poked out his bottom lip.


"I saw you before I went to detention." I giggled.


"Yeah, but that was like forever ago." Harry whined, grabbing my waist and pulling me towards him.


"Harry! Hands off my child!" Louis told him walking out of his room.


"But she's my girlfriend." Harry told him.


"But she's my daughter and I will not tolerate this," He paused and pointed at Harry's arms around my waist and mien around his arms, "in the house. Plus, she's a minor and your not."


"So?" I asked.


"So, that's illegal!" Louis screeched.


"Whatever." I rolled my eyes. I pulled away from Harry and walked downstairs where the girls were waiting for me.


"Ready?" Jesy asked. I nodded and we went and to the car. When we got to the mall they took me to Hot Topic. I literally screamed when I saw a giant Blood On The Dance Floor poster.


"Can I get it, please, please, please, please, please, please, please!" I begged Perrie.


"Sure, love." Perrie giggled and we payed for my poster.


"YAY!" I yelled as we walked out of the store with all the stuff we bought.


"Okay," Jade paused, "FOOD TIME!" She yelled and we all went to the food court. We got our food and sat at a table.


"So, are you and Harry really dating?" Leigh-Anne asked.


"Yup." I nodded, popping the 'p'.


"Aw! That's so cute!" Jade squealed with her mouth full of food.


"So you and that Luke kid aren't dating? There were rumors that you guys were dating." Jesy asked.


"Nope, he's just my friend." I told her.


"What about the boy who walked you home?" Perrie giggled.


"What, Calum? No." I shook my head.


"Oh, please. I saw the way he looked at you!" Jesy said.


"Were you guys watching us?" I asked.


"What? No!" Leigh-Anne shook her head.


"Yes we were," Jade paused to swallow her food, "he totally likes you."


"What? No. Me and Calum are just friends." I told them.


"That's what they all say. Then you end up dating him." Perrie shrugged.


"Hey, look isn't that Harry?" Jesy asked pointing to Harry over by the pretzel stand.


"Yeah, that's him." I nodded.


"What he doing here?" Jade asked. Then he moved and there was a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes  was standing with him. Then he kissed her. WHAT THE HELL?!


"Oh. My. God." Jesy's jaw dropped.


"HARRY EDWARD STYLES!" Perrie shouted getting up and marching over to him. He pulled away from the girl and looked in our direction and his eyes landed on me. His eyes got so wide they looked like they were going to pop out of his head. I felt tears well up in my eyes and Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne took me out to the car and waited for Perrie to come back. I didn't know what she said to him, but what I did know is that me and Harry were over and that was official.



Kay. So yeah, I just made that happen.

Becca and Harry's relationship just went KABLOOIE!

Kay, I'm gonna go write the next chapter.

Bye, love you!

Muah :*

~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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