Getting Adopted. *Completed*

15 year old Becca lives in a foster home. Her parents died when she was seven, she's been there ever since. One day, Shannon, the lady who runs the place, tells Becca she's getting a adopted. At first, Becca thinks it's weird a 21 year old guy and his girlfriend are adopting him, but when she finds out who's adopting her she gets a lot more optimistic about how her life is going to turn out.


14. The New Kids

Becca's POV


I woke up to Harry shaking me.


"What..?" I asked.


"Get up! We have school." He said shaking me even more.


"Alright, alright! I'm up." I said standing up.


"Good. I'll see you down stairs." He smiled pecking my lips and leaving. I smiled and walked to my closet. I grabbed a white tank top and blue sweat pants. I put them on along with some black eyeshadow and eyeliner. I curled my hair and put on flip-flops.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Zayn and Niall were there. They were staring at me with wide eyes.


"What?" I asked.


"Um, uh. Nothing!" They said and continued to cook breakfast. I smelled smoke and looked at Zayn.


"Are you burning the pancakes?" I asked.


"Uh, yeah." He said. I got up and stood next to him. I put my hand over his hand that had the spatula in it. 


"You go like this." I said picking up the pancake. "And then flip it on the other side, and press down lightly." I smiled. He did as I said.


"Oooh! This is so easy now!" He smiled, biting his tongue like he always did. "Thanks, Becca."


"Your welcome." I smiled sitting on a chair at the island.


"What are you guys so happy about?" Louis asked walking into the kitchen.


"I taught Zayn how to make pancakes." I said proudly with a smile. He gave me a thumbs up and walked to the fridge.


"Oh, Becca. I gotta tell you something." Niall said as Louis put a glass of orange juice in front of me.


"Thanks, dad." Yes, dad that sounds better. "And what do you need to tell me, Ni?"


"Harry told me." He giggled. I nearly choked on my orange juice.


"he what?" I asked coughing.


"He. Told. Me." Niall smiled even wider.


"Told you what?" Zayn asked.


"Nothing." Niall shook his head laughing.


"I'll be right back." I said standing up and barging into Harry's room.


"Hey ever heard of knocking? Oh hey it's you." He smiled at me.


"You told Niall?" I asked.


"Uh.. Yeah..." He looked at his hands.


"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked.


"Cause I knew you would get mad. Plus he asked if I had a girlfriend and he promised not to tell any one!" Harry defended himself.


"Well I told Nina and Naomi, and I was going to tell you. And I just did." I crossed my arm over my stomach.


"Your so cute when you mad." He laughed pulling me down onto his lap. I couldn't help but smile.


"Alright, no one else knows!" I said still smiling.


"Okay." He smiled even wider. "Ya know I like this shirt. It's very low cut, it looks like on you."


"Stop being a pervert." I laughed kissing his on the lips.


"Sorry, I can't help it." He gave me a cheeky smile.


"What ever." I shook my head laughing.


"Your just so damn irresistible." He said kissing me in between words.


"Okay, okay, Now come on let's go to school." I smiled standing up. He followed me and we walked out of his room as soon as Niall, Nina and Naomi were walking by. They all gave us looks and were giggling and whispering to each other the whole way to school. Zayn was so confused. When we got to school Nina and Naomi came with me to my locker and told Harry to go with Niall and Zayn. I opened my locker and put my bag in.


"So, when are you gonna tell people?" Nina asked.


"I don't. He only asked me yesterday morning so.." I trailed off.


"Oh..." They said in sync.


"Yeah." I sighed.


"Ooo here comes Zack! With out Chloe...." Naomi said quietly. He came over and Nina and Naomi went to their lockers all the way down the hall. He looked really tired. So being the stupid person I am, I asked him if he was okay.


"You okay?" I looked at him. He looked up at me with his blue orbs and looked into mine.


"No. I'm not okay. Your friend Chloe won't leave me alone because we broke up and she thinks we're dating now! She won't leave me alone and it's getting annoying. She texts me all night and I don't get any sleep!" He snapped. I was taken back a bit. "Sorry, I just can't handle all of this pressure from every one"


"It's okay. I'll talk to her." I said forcing a smile.


"Thanks." He said and smiled too. "So we're cool, right?" He asked.


"Yeah, we're still friends." I smiled.


"Alright. I'll see you later." He smiled even wider.


"Okay. I'll text you!" I said walking to Nina and Naomi.


"Soo?" Naomi asked.


"We're cool now." I smiled.


"Yay!" They said clapping a little. I saw Chloe walk over to Leigha, Bella, and Jenny so I walked over to them with Nina and Naomi following behind.


"Hey, Becca!" They all greeted me.


"Hey. Chloe I gotta talk to you." I said turning towards her.


"Uh-oh..." Naomi giggled.


"Alright, what about?" Chloe asked.


"Zack." I said bluntly.


"What about him?" Chloe smiled.


"You two aren't dating." I said staring into her eyes.


"What? Yes we are."


"No. I talked to him. He said you won't leave him alone. Just back off. Okay?" I fake smiled. She didn't say anything she just walked away.


"Oh, shit! What was that about?" Jenny asked.


"I talked to Zack. He asked me to talk to her. So I did." I said. "We're cool now." I smiled.


"Ohh. I see." Bella winked.


"Bella it's not like that!" I said.


"Okay.. What ever you say, Becca." She smiled and we all went to class.


Me and Leigha were sitting in the back of class playing Draw Something under our desks. I heard the classroom door open and we both locked our phones when we saw the principal.


"Mr.O'Shea" She cleared her throat. "These are your new students: Calum, Ashton, Michael, and Luke." Then she walked out. Stood there 5 Seconds Of Summer in my classroom.


"Alright, you boys can sit at Leigha and Becca's table." Mr.O'Shea said pointing at us and going back to the chalk bored. Yeah he gave us assigned seats now. Leigha and I put our phones back on the table and continued playing. I kept looking up and they would be staring at me. I just shook it off. The bell rang and I grabbed my binder and went to my locker. Next we had free break. Luke was on the opposite side of my locker then Zack.


"Hey." He smiled at me


"Hi." I smiled back.


"Uh do you know what's next? The principal said all my classes were with you." He asked me.


"Yeah. Every one has free break next. Your aloud to do what ever you want. You can leave as long as you come back." I said.


"Well can me I hang with you?" He asked.


"Sure." I said putting my binder away. I shut my locker and we got Calum, Micheal, and Ashton and went to the courtyard. We sat down at a picnic table with Leigha, Jenny, Bella, Nina and Naomi.


"Hey guys. This is Luke, Ashton, Micheal and Calum." I said as we sat down. "That's Bella, Jenny, Leigha, Nina and Naomi." I told the guys. 


"So you guys are that band Five Seconds Of Summer, right?" Leigha asked.


"Yeah. But we we're going to school in our free time which is mostly during the weeks. Weekends we're always just hanging out." Michael said.


"So how do you guys like school so far?" I asked.


"It's cool." Calum said.


"Yeah, so are you guys fans?" Ashton asked.


"Yeah we all are. But we're not like crazy obsessed." Jenny stated.


"Good thing Chloes not here..." Bella said.


"Yeah. She would be screaming right now." Leigha laughed.


"So what do you guys do during free break?" Luke asked.


"Well usually we just hang out at a picnic table like we're doing now. Sometimes we're at the field though." I said.


"Oh. What kind of sports are there?" Calum asked.


"We have football on the field, basketball in the gym and cheer leading in both." Naomi answered.


"Are you interested in signing up for some?" Nina asked.


"Yeah, I gave up football to do music." Calum said.


"Well I think there's sign ups still going on. Wanna go check?" I asked him.


"Yeah! That would be great!" Calum exclaimed.


"Um, what's your name again?" Ashton asked me.


"Becca. Becca Tomlinson." I smiled.


"Tomlinson? Like as in Louis Tomlinson? Wow I didn't know he had a daughter." Ashton scrunched up his nose, and it was so adorable!


"Well they adopted me a couple weeks ago. Nina and Naomi are actually Liam and Danielle's adoptive kids. We all live together." I said with a smile.


"Oh. That sounds like fun! How many people are in the house?" Micheal asked.


"Eleven. Now come on Calum, let's go see if there's still football sign up." I said standing up.


"Alright. See you guys later." Calum said to Luke, Ashton and Micheal. We walked to the field and Jake, Max, Zack, Niall and Matt were there.


"Hey, Becca! What are you doing here?" Matt yelled\asked as they all started running towards us.


"I wanted to know if there were still sign-ups for football. Calum wants to sign up." I smiled.


"Yeah, I think so. I'll ask coach." Matt walked over to the coach and he was handed a clip-board. "Alright so you just fill this out and then tomorrow you come and show us what you can do in a practice match." He said handing the clip-bored and a pen to Calum.


"Okay, thanks." Calum smiled and we sat on the bleachers. I watched his face as he was writing stuff down. "Alright, all done." H said looking at me.


"Okay. Go give it to the coach." I said pointing at him. He did as I said and came back.


"So. Now what?" He asked.


"I don't know. Let's go back to courtyard." I said and we walked back to the picnic table every one was at.


"Was Matt there?" Leigha asked.


"What about Niall?" Jenny asked.


"they were both there." I said.


"Alright, we'll see you guys later." With that both of them got up and ran to the field.


"Bella can you help me study with that math test?" Naomi asked her.


"Yeah, come on." Bella and Naomi walked away.


"Well every one's leaving us." I frowned.


"It's okay I won't leave." Luke said hugging me from the side.


"Aw! That was so cute!" Nina squealed. I blushed really bad and so did Luke but only a little bit.


"Somebody's blushing!" Ashton yelled.


"Shut up!" I laughed.


"I think somebody has a crush." Nina smiled making her eye brows jump up once.


"I think so, too." Michael smirked at me and Luke.


"You guys would be a cute couple." Calum said.


"I agree!" Nina yelled. 


"You agree to what?" Zayn asked sitting next to her.


"Becca and Luke going out!" Nina beamed.


"Which ones Luke?" Zayn looked at the four boys.


"That one." Nina pointed at Luke.


"Oh, yeah. Definitely, what about a ship name?" Zayn looked at Nina. 


"Oh God..." I put my head in my hands.


"Um.. Temmings! Tomlinson and Hemmings." Nina said proudly.


"Ooo I like that!" Calum said.


"Yeah." Micheal agreed.


"So. Date now! We command you to!" Ashton shook Luke.


"I just met her." Luke stopped him.


"Exactly." I said. Then my phone buzzed on the table. It was a twitter notification from Nina. 


@Nina_Payne: @Luke5SOS and @Becca_Rose should go out! Who agrees? #Temmings


"Oh I think she just read your tweet." Zayn said backing up a little.


"Yeah, but she re-tweeted it." Nina giggled. "So did Luke!" She smiled as her phone dinged. Then the bell rang and we went to class. Every one kept asking me if me and Luke were dating and I told them no. And when I got home, Harry wasn't exactly happy about the whole me and Luke should date thing...



PEEK-A-BOO! Yes. I just added 5SOS in my story (: I love their music. My favorite song is Heartbreak Girl. I have it on replay on my phone right now! WOO! BECCA AND LUKE. Should they go out? I don't know. What do you think? What should Harry say when i start the next chapter? I'll think about it. In the mean time, comment if you want to be in the story as a new character, or comment any of your ideas for the story! So erm yeah... LOVE CHU, Bye munchkins.


~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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