Getting Adopted. *Completed*

15 year old Becca lives in a foster home. Her parents died when she was seven, she's been there ever since. One day, Shannon, the lady who runs the place, tells Becca she's getting a adopted. At first, Becca thinks it's weird a 21 year old guy and his girlfriend are adopting him, but when she finds out who's adopting her she gets a lot more optimistic about how her life is going to turn out.


18. Sleep Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becca's POV


It's Saturday! Yay. No school, so i don't have to do anything all day! Except talk to Harry. I haven't talked to him since yesterday. I didn't talk to him when we got back from shopping. He just walked past me. I think he's mad. I don't know. I grabbed my phone and saw I had a text message. It was from Calum.


Calum~ Hey! Wanna hang out today?

Becca~ Uh, yea sure. What time?

Calum~ Hm, around 1? Michael, Luke, and Ashton will be here.

Becca~ Alright, yea I'll be there. See you later x

Calum~ YAYY! See you later :)


I looked at my clock. It was 11:38. I sighed and got out of bed. I walked downstairs and Harry was in the kitchen. When he saw me he walked out but I grabbed him arm and pulled him back.


"Ow... Your strong for such a small person." He frowned.


"What's the matter with you?" I asked.


"What do you mean?"


"You haven't said a word to me until now!"


"Well, I don't know. It's just awkward. And I feel like it's my fault you cut." He frowned. It kinda was.. But it was mostly my fault.


"Well it's not. You can't just pretend I don't exist!"


"I'm not! I'm talking to you now aren't I?"


"Because I used force."


"OW! Your gonna break my arm!"


"Hey hey hey! What's going on here?!" Liam asked walking in.


"He's pretending I don't exist!" I yelled.


"Well she's trying to break my arm!" Harry yelled even louder. Liam took my hand off Harry's arm and moved me across the room.


"Okay, obviously you guys need to make up. I don't know how to help here. LOUIS!" Liam yelled.


"Yes, Liam?" Louis asked.


"You need to help them make up. Your daughter and your best friend. Fix it." Liam said in a stern tone.


"okay!" Louis clapped his hands together. "You need to go out on a date. Like today. And go to the movies or a restaurant." 


"I have plans." I said crossing my arms.


"To do what?" Louis asked.


"To hang out." I rolled my eyes.


"With who?" Harry said looking at me and his green eyes met my blue ones.


"Calum, Ashton, Michael, and." I paused and Harry raised his eyebrows. "Luke." I smiled.


"WHAT?! No! You are not hanging out with him!" Harry yelled.


"Why can't she?" Louis and Liam asked.


"Because he doesn't like Luke cause Luke kissed me." I rolled my eyes.


"Oh, well then your not gonna like who we're going on tour with..." Liam trailed off.


"Your going on tour with them?!" I asked.


"Yes, We are." Louis said.


"Harry just get to know him! He's really nice! He didn't know we were dating! No one did. Except Nina, Naomi, and Niall!" I  said.


"Fine." Harry sighed.


"Thanks, baby cakes." I smiled and pecked his lips and skipped out of the room. I sat in my bed reading tweets from fans and stuff. There were things like 'Are you and Luke dating?' and 'Are you dating anyone from 5SOS?'.


@Becca_Rose: Nah, I'm taken. But not by @Luke_5SOS or any of the other boys.


Then some one tweeted me back.


@Ashton_5SOS: @Becca_Rose O: BY WHO?! WHO IS IT?! I wanna know ):


@Becca_Rose: @Ashton_5SOS It's a secret, babe xx


We kept tweeting each other back and forth when some one started trending #Tirwin. Oh God. So I have a ship name withe Luke and Ashton! Harry is not going to like this. I looked at my clock. It was 12:30. I better get ready. I went to my closet and put a grey non-zip hoodie over my tank top and jean shorts.I curled my hair and put sparkly tan eyeshadow on and liquid eyeliner. I put on my flip-flops and walked downstairs.

It was already 12:45. And I had a 20 minute walk to Calum's.


"DAAAAAAAAADDYYYYY!" I screamed as I walked into the living room.


"Now it's daddy? Hmm. I like that one better." He smiled.


"Yes, and Eleanor is mommy." I smiled wide. Yes, I'm 15 years old and call my parents mommy and daddy.


"So what do you need?" He asked.


"Can I leave to go to Calum's now?" I smiled batting my eyelashes. 


"I don't know. I don't think I like you in those shorts around four guys... And Luke did kiss you..." Louis put his hand on his chin.


"But, but, but, THAT'S NOT FAIR!" I screeched. Zayn walked in behind me and poked my back from the top of my butt and the bottom of my neck. "Zayn don't do that!" I said swatting his hand away.


"Ooo, it hits." Zayn said smiling.


"Tell him to let me go to Calum's house now." I pointed to Louis then crossed my arm under my chest and pouted.


"Why would I?" Zayn asked.


"Pleeeeeeeeease, Zaynieeeeeee!" I poked my bottom lip out, dragging the 'e' in please and Zaynie.


"No, no! Don't make that face!" Zayn said putting a hand in front of my face. I moved his hand and stepped closer to him.


"Pleeeeease!!" I frowned.


"Uh, um." Zayn said trying not to make eye contact with me.


"PLEASE!" I screamed.


"I don't know..." Zayn said. I heard Louis giggling.


"But, but, but, I love you!" I smiled.


"LOUIS LET HER GO!" Zayn screamed loudly.


"Ugh, fine. How long are you staying?" Louis asked with a bit of sass.


"I don't know." I shrugged.


"Well then go pack an overnight bag, just in case." Eleanor said walking in and kissing the top of my head then kissing Louis on the lips.


"Eeeeeeew!!" Zayn and I said. I checked the time. 12:58.


"Get a room!" Zayn stuck his tongue out in disgust.


"Will do!" Louis smirked scooping Eleanor up bridal style and carrying her up the stairs.


"Look what you did now!" I frowned. "You have to drive me! Because you made me late. It's already one o'clock."


"Fine, go pack your bag. I'll be in the car." Zayn sighed. I walked upstairs and grabbed a purse that looked small on the outside but I could fit a lot of stuff in it. I put my blue sweat pants in and my brush and my toothbrush and a black tank top. I grabbed my phone and walked into the hall way. Harry was walking by.


"Hey! Where you going?" He asked.


"Calum's house."


"Why do you need a bag?"


"For cloths. I might be staying the night." I smiled.


"Okay.." He sighed and walked away. I just shrugged it off and walked outside. I got in the car and put my seat belt on.


"So where's this kid live?" He asked.


"On Highland Ave." He nodded and drove up Highland Ave. "Okay this one!" I said pointing to his house.


"Okay." He stopped the car. "Have fun, but not that kind of fun." He winked.


"Yes, Zaynie." I laughed and walked up to the porch. I knocked on the door, several times, and no one answered. I heard yelling an screaming. I rang the doorbell and the door immediately opened.


"BECCA!" Ashton screamed. "GUYS BECCA IS HERE!" I heard stomps from three different directions and then Michael, Calum, and Luke popped up.


"Heyy!" Calum smiled.


"Hiiiiiii!" I smiled bigger.


"She has a bag, you didn't tell us she was staying the night!" Ashton whispered really loudly.


"Your a terrible whisperer. And my mom told me to pack one just in case." I stated.


"Well come in!" Calum smiled pulling me in.


"So you were aloud to leave the house in those shorts?" Michael asked.


"Mhm. Well at first my dad didn't like them but then I made Zayn yell at him to let me come here. It took forever that's why I'm late." I said as Ashton dragged me up the stairs. "So what are we gonna do?" I asked.


"Well your not leaving until tomorrow now cause you brought cloths." Ashton stated.


"And Calum said we're going to some carnival circus thing that's in town." Luke shrugged.


"Are there gonna be clowns?" I asked wide eyed.


"Uh, I don't know why?" Michael asked.


"I don't like clowns. Their scary." I frowned siting next to Luke.


"AW POOR BABY!" Ashton yelled.


"Luke, I give you the responsibility to protect Becca because you stole my phone and texted her!" Calum yelled.


"Okay." Luke smiled.


"YOU ARE MINE NOW!" I said pulling Luke towards me with a hug.


"Oooo, couple love." Michael laughed.


"Shut up! We are not a couple." I frowned as Luke pulled me onto his lap.


"Mhm.. I totally believe you." Michael rolled his eyes pointing to me on his lap.


"He's just jealous cause you like Luke the best!" Calum yelled.


"Nuh-uh! I love chu all equally." I smiled.


"YOU LOVE ME?! OMG I LOVE YOU TOO!" Ashton screamed.


"Aww you love Luke." Michael laughed.


"Shut up!" I frowned and fake cried into Luke's chest.


"THEY'RE NOT DATING MICHAEL! Did you not see her tweet earlier?" Calum asked.


"No." Michael cocked an eyebrow.


"And I quote: Nah, I'm taken. But not by @Luke_5SOS or any of the other boys." Calum giggled.


"You got a boyfriend? Oooo what's his name?" Luke asked.


"I think it's Ashton. Cause she called him babe." Calum stated.


"YA KNOW, I CAN ONLY DREAM, CALUM." Ashton said loudly. Aww he wants to date me. Him saying that caused me to blush really bad.


"Aww, look who blushing!" Luke poked my cheeks.


"Staaaahp!" I buried my face in his chest again.


"Don't get your make-up products all over my shirt." Luke laughed.


"I won't." I smiled.


"Let's go to the carnival now!!" Ashton whined.


"Okay. Becca you sure you wanna stay in those shorts all day?" Michael asked. I looked up and nodded taking my hoodie off.


"Better. Luke you are to watch me. So you have to do what ever I want!" I smiled.


"Oooo." Ashton giggled causing Michael and Calum to laugh.


"Not like that." I rolled my eyes.


"Can we go now?" Michael complained.


"Yes." Calum smiled.


"Are we walking?" I asked.


"Yup!" Calum popped the 'p' as we walked outside. 


"Do I have to wear my shoes?" I asked.


"No.. I don't think so?" Michael questioned. I left my flip flops on the porch and we walked on the side walk.  "LUUUUUKEEEEEY!" I yelled.


"I'm right here, I can hear you." He looked at me. "What do you want?"


"A piggy back ride." I smiled.


"Ugh, fine." He sighed and I hopped on his back, and he wrapped his arms around my legs. I rested my face on his shoulder, facing his neck. 


"OH MY GOD BECCA!" I heard some one yell. It wasn't one of the boys, it sounded like a girl. I looked up and Leigha and another girl were there.


"Hi." I smiled.


"Abigail, this is my friend Becca! Becca this is my sister Abigail. You and Luke are so cute!" Leigha gushed.


"HI ABIGAIL!" I yelled.


"Ow that was my ear." Luke frowned.


"Sorry." I whispered and kissed his ear. "Better?"


"Yes," He smiled.


"Where are you guys going?" Leigha asked.


"The carnival!" Ashton yelled excitedly. 


"Us too!" Abigail smiled.


"Then walk with us." Michael said.


"You have no choice now. He wasn't asking." I whispered really loud like Ashton does. We started walking again and I put my face back into the crook of Luke's neck. When we got to the carnival there were some fans that came up to us.


"Are you and Becca dating?" One with black spiral curls and bright green eyes asked. A girl with brown hair was holding up her phone, probably video taping us.


"No, I have to protect her from the clowns!" Luke laughed.


"Can we get a picture with all of you?" A girl with red hair asked.


"Sure!" Ashton smile wide.


"Becca you have to get off your boyfriend now, it's picture time!" Calum looked at me.


"No she's fine!" The red head said.


"HA!" I yelled. "Sorry." I said putting my hand on Luke's ear. We took a bunch of pictures and we all followed the girls on twitter. Then I hopped off Luke's back and we walked around.


"What's your favorite animal?" Luke asked.


"Penguins! I like penguins." I smiled. He gasped.


"I'm a penguin. Omg you like me. OH MY GOSH IT ALL MAKES SINCE NOW." He joked.


"Shut up." I playfully hit him.


"You guys are so cute!" Leigha gushed.


"Thank you." We said with a smile.


"Told you they were dating...." Michael rolled his eyes. Then Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me aside behind some ride.


"What's wrong?" I asked.


"Um, I wanted to talk to you. About the other day at my house." He said scratching the back of his neck. His other hand was still linked to mine.


"Oh.. What about it?" I asked.


"Do you not like me? Cause you suddenly got up and left and I thought you were gonna get mad at me." He said.


"I'm not mad! I just didn't expect it and I'm sorry I left all of a sudden." I sighed. My arm started to itch really bad. I let go of Luke's hand and scratched it. Then Luke grabbed my arm.


"What is this?" He asked.


"Um.. I uh... I cut it.." I looked down at my bare feet.




"I was just really sad the other day and the urge just took over me." I sighed. He took off his sweater and gave it to me.


"What's this for?" I asked.


"Wear it. Don't let the other boys see your cuts." He said. I slipped his sweater on. It fell over my shorts so I left it unzipped.


"Thanks." I smiled a bit.


"So if I kissed you now would it be unexpected?" He asked smiling.


"Luke, I have a boyfriend." I laughed as he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him.


"What he doesn't know won't hurt him." He winked, his face leaning closer to mine.


"But he's gonna find out eventually." I said.


"Yeah, but he won't now." Luke smiled his lips brushing against mine. He was about to kiss me but I backed up.


"Luke, I can't do this. I'm sorry." I frowned.


"No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." He shook his head.


"It's okay." I said wrapping my arms around his chest and leaning my head on it.


"Alright, let's go." Luke smiled and we found every one.


*Back At Calum's House*


"AAAAAAAAAAAASHTON!" I yelled dragging the 'a'


"Yes, dear?" He asked as I approached him.


"Calum told me to pick a sleeping buddy, and I chose you! Because your so huggable and you have dimples and I can poke them every time you smile." I smiled wide.


"YAAAAAY!" He yelled and picked me up and spun me around like he did at the mall.


"Now come on every one is in the game room." I smiled. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He ran down the stairs and jumped off the last three. "ASHTON! YOUR GONNA GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK!" I yelled.


"Your to young for a heart attack." I could tell he was rolling his eyes. He dropped me and I landed with my head in Luke's lap, my feet in Michaels lap and the rest of my body it Calum's lap. I got up and sat in between Luke and Ashton. I kept poking Ashton's dimples every time he laughed at the movies. I fell asleep with my face buried in his shoulder.




BOOO! This chapter is long... Like the little scroll thing is thinner then the tip of my pinky. OMG. WELL HERE YOU GO MUNCHKINS.


~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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