Getting Adopted. *Completed*

15 year old Becca lives in a foster home. Her parents died when she was seven, she's been there ever since. One day, Shannon, the lady who runs the place, tells Becca she's getting a adopted. At first, Becca thinks it's weird a 21 year old guy and his girlfriend are adopting him, but when she finds out who's adopting her she gets a lot more optimistic about how her life is going to turn out.


17. Shopping, and 5SOS.

Becca's POV


I woke up Harry wasn't there. I sat up and Naomi popped her head in the door.


"Hey, good your up! Get ready, we're going shopping soon!" She smiled and left. I walked into my room and took a quick shower. I wrapped the towel around my body and walked to my closet. I grabbed a white long sleeve Aeropostale long sleeve shirt and a blue skirt. I blow dried my hair straight and put on dark blue eyeshadow and mascara. I put on white heels and silver hoop earrings. I grabbed a little black clutch and put my phone and money in it.

I walked downstairs and all the girls were ready. All of Little Mix was there too. We piled into the car, we didn't have enough room so I had to sit on Gabriella's lap and Nina sat on Naomi's. We got to the mall and started at Holister, then Aeropostale, Hot Topic, Claire's, Zumiez, and then we went to Deb to buy some dresses.


"Jade look!" Jesy squealed as she held up a purple high-low dress with blue rhinestones. 


"Oh my gosh!" Jade yelled jumping up and down. "It's soooo cute!" Jade said dragging the o.


"I know! It's not my size, you should try it on!" Jesy handed the dress to Jade.


"This isn't my size either." Jade sighed. Perrie looked at the size.


"But it's Becca's size!" Perrie smiled wide at me.


"Try it on, girl!" Leigh Anne said with sass.


"Ugh, fine." I sighed and went into the dressing room. I tried it on and looked at the mirror. It was tight, which made me look skinnier. I stepped out and they all took pictures with their phones.


"You should buy it! It's fits you perfectly!" Gabriella smiled.


"I agree." Nina and Naomi nodded.


"Alright." I smiled and changed back into my cloths. I payed for the dress and then we went to the food court.


"Hey, isn't that your boyfriend, Luke?" Jesy joked with me, pointing over by Sub Way. I looked over and Calum, Michael, Ashton, and Luke were in line. Calum saw me and started waving both his arms in the air like a crazy person. I laughed and waved. Michael motioned me to come over.


"I'll be right back." I smiled and walked over to them. "Hey, guys!" I smiled.


"BECCA!" Ashton yelled hugging me and twirling me around. "Hi."


"Hi, Ashton." I laughed.


"Your as tall as me! Yesterday you were like 3 inches shorter then me!" Calum said over-dramatically.


"I'm wearing heels." I giggled.


"Oh! WELL HUGS!" He yelled and hugged me.


"Okay, now I want one!" Michael laughed and hugged me.


"Aw come on Luke, you know you want one." Ashton nudged him with his elbow. Before he could say anything I hugged him really tight.


"Your going to make my guts pop out of me!" Luke choked out.


"Sorry." I giggled blushing. I let go of him and he rubbed him arm.


"It's okay." He smiled.


"So how do you know Little Mix?" Michael asked.


"I live with all of One Direction and their girlfriends, so I know Perrie. And a lot of things happened yesterday and we decided to go shopping to feel better!" I fake smiled, tugging the sleeve that I cut my arm down over my hand.


"Oh, that's cool." Michael nodded pulling the top of my sleeve back over my shoulder. I gave him a questioning look. "Your bra strap was showing. Every one doesn't need to know you have zebra stripes on your bra." He said seriously. Ashton burst into laughter which caused Calum and Luke to.


"What's so funny?" I asked.


"Why does your bra have zebra stripes on it?" Ashton asked laughing.


"Yeah, I never got why they put designs on them." Calum said catching his breath form all the laughing.


"Because it's cute." I smiled.


"You make everything look cute." Luke smiled which caused me to blush really badly.


"OOH SOMEBODY'S BLUSHING!!" Ashton yelled.


"Shut up! I think your sammiches are done." I said and pointing to the lady behind them waiting for them to turn around.


"Oh, well we'll see you around! Bye!" Calum smiled and I hugged them all goodbye. I walked back over to the table and sat down.


"Soo?" Perrie looked at me.


"What?" I asked.


"Come on what did they say?" Jesy squealed eager to know.


"We talked about how my bra had zebra stripes on it" I said in all seriousness. 


"Did you really?" Leigh-Anne asked in between laughs. 


"Yup." I smiled



Here you are, it's short but I'm tired so I don't feel like writing a long ass chapter. Sorry :\

~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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