Getting Adopted. *Completed*

15 year old Becca lives in a foster home. Her parents died when she was seven, she's been there ever since. One day, Shannon, the lady who runs the place, tells Becca she's getting a adopted. At first, Becca thinks it's weird a 21 year old guy and his girlfriend are adopting him, but when she finds out who's adopting her she gets a lot more optimistic about how her life is going to turn out.


2. Meeting Them.

Rebecca's POV


I woke up and realized today was the day I got adopted. I looked at my phone. It was 3 in the afternoon. Shit! I quickly got out of bed and put on a white dress that had pearls over the top. I put on some bracelets and a ring and straightened my hair. I put on my shiny white heels and did my makeup.

I heard Shannen call my name from downstairs and I walked down the stairs to see Louis Tomlinson and the rest of One Direction standing in front of me. I am a fan but not a really big one so I'm not gonna go crazy and scream. I'm not that crazy.



Louis' POV


I was so excited! I couldn't wait to see what Rebecca looked like! Shannen, the lady who worked there and picked Rebecca out for us called her down. Then a girl with shoulder length blonde hair came downstairs.


"Rebecca, this is Louis. He's going to be your dad. And you will also be living with these boys, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry." Shannen said pointing at each one of us as she said our names.


She hopped off the stairs and stood in front of us. "Hi. I'm Rebecca. But you can call me Becca or Ricky." She smiled. She had a gorgeous smile like El.


"Hello. I'm Louis. Your new dad." I smiled wide at her. She was holding a white iPhone with a sparkly case. "And these are my best mates, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Harry. Zayn is 20 and the others are 19."


"Cool. I'm 15." She smiled.


"Your stuff is already in their car so you guys can leave when ever you'd like." Shannen said. Then two girls who looked like twins came from another room and ran over to Rebecca.


Rebecca's POV



"Your stuff is already in their car so you guys can leave when ever you'd like." Shannen said. Naomi and Nina ran over to me and said goodbye and hugged me.


We walked outside and got into their car. I sat in between Harry and Zayn. We were driving for a while and then we came to a stop. We filed out of the car and there was huge mansion in front of me. Louis showed me around and then showed me to my room. The walls were a teal blue. I had a walk in closet, a bathroom, and a huge bed That had a white comforter with black designs on it. Louis left me to unpack which took while because I had to decide where everything went but I did it. I was sitting on my bed watching Netflix on my phone and there was a knock at my bedroom door.


"Come in!" I said pausing my show. Louis walked into my room and sat next to me.


"So we're going enroll you in school if that's okay?" He said.


"Yea that's fine." I nodded.


"Really? Wow I expected some dramatic answer and complaining." He laughed.


"Yea. I'm not a very dramatic person." I shrugged.


"Okay. We're gonna start you in three days. So on Monday." He smiled and kissed my forehead. He left and I got up and changed into sweatpants and a tank top. I heard Louis call my name from downstairs. I walked downstairs and to the living room and a tall dude in a black t-shirt and jeans stood there.


"Becca, this is Paul! He's our bodyguard and will also be yours." Louis smiled.


"Okay." I said sitting next to Harry.


"Hey, Becca, you might wanna move over here cause Harry doesn't know how to control his hands." Zayn said.


"Your not any better." Liam stated.


"Burn, bitch, burn." I giggled.


"Language." Paul looked at me


"Sorry, Mom." I said rolling my eyes.


"She hasn't even been here a whole day and she's like you already, Lou." Harry laughed.


"Oh, shut up." Louis rolled him eyes.


"So does he like have to follow me around everywhere?" I asked pointing at Paul.


"Yes. When we don't need him. And we want him to." Louis stated.


"Excuse me?" My eyes went wide.


"Yea so when you go on dates Louis will have Paul follow you around so he makes sure you don't have sex with him." Zayn said causing Niall to burst into laughter.


"Um. I don't like this at all." I said. "It's like having some one stalk you closely."


"Oh come on guys! Just let her call Paul when she needs him to be there. Don't have him follow her around." A girl with light brown hair said walking over to Louis and pecking his cheek.


"Becca, this is Eleanor she your new mom!" Louis said excitedly. "And this is Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend, and Danielle, Liam's girlfriend."


"Hi." I smiled.


"She is so adorable!" Eleanor squealed.


"Uh.. Thanks?" I said.


"Do you have any tattoos?" Zayn asked.


"Of course not she's a 15 year old girl." Louis rolled his eyes.


"Actually I do.." I said.


"What is it?!" Zayn asked excitedly.


"I have a Superman sign on my leg and a tramp stamp." I tried not to laugh.


"A. Tramp. Stamp." Louis' mouth dropped to the floor. I nodded.


"What's it look like?" Perrie asked.


"It's a butterfly with like all these lines connected to it." I shurgged.


"Who did it?" Zayn asked.


"This kid I'm friends with." I sat back down.


"So it wasn't professionally done?" Louis asked.I shook my head. "What if you get a disease?!" He freaked.


"I got them done like two years ago so I'm pretty sure I don't have a disease cause Shannen gets every one in the orphanage tested for diseases, HIV's, and STD's and all that stuff." I stated.


"Why would she do that?" Louis asked. I could tell he was scared of the answer.


"Because every one there 13 or older isn't a virgin.." I said. Louis' eyes widened.


"THIRTEEN?! Oh dear lord." He shook his head.


"Why don't we go eat now. Dinner should be done." Danielle said getting up followed by the rest of us. We ate and I expected it to be quiet but it was loud. Every one was talking but I just kept quiet and ate. After that I went took a shower and put on Hello Kitty pajama shorts and a non-zip hoodie that had the New York Giants logo on it. I dried my hair with the towel a little so it wasn't dripping water. I walked down to the kitchen to get a drink. Harry was in there doing the same.


"Hey." He smiled.


"Hi." I returned the smile. I got a glass and filled it with water. "How come you don't talk much?" I asked. He just shrugged. "I will full name you. What is the matter?"


"I don't know. I just feel like alone." He said.


"You wanna stay with me tonight?" I asked.


"Sure." He smiled. I put my glass down and hugged him. He hugged me back grabbing my butt.


"Harry!" I whisper yelled.


"Sorry I do that to every girl I hug. Like Zayn said, can't control my hands." He gave me a cheeky smile, throwing his hands in the air. I poked his dimples. "You did not just do that." He gave me a blank stare.


"Oh, I just did." I giggled. "Come on let's go." I said grabbing my cup.


We walked up the stairs and he was behind me and ran up and smacked my butt and ran up to the top of the stairs.


"Harry!" I yelled walking up to him. Louis came running out of his room.


"What happened why are yelling?!" Louis asked in a panic.


"Harry's being an ass." I frowned.


"Harold! Leave my child alone!" Louis crossed his arms. "Goodnight, carrot." He patted my head and walked back to his room.


I dragged Harry to my room and we sat on my bed. I fell asleep to him going on and on about how annoying Taylor Swift was when they dated.



HELLO PERSONS OF EARTH. How you doin? Here's the second chapter. I'll be updating this one all day. Kay? Kay. BYE BOO BOO MWAH LOVE YOU. Lol I sound so gay xD

~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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