Getting Adopted. *Completed*

15 year old Becca lives in a foster home. Her parents died when she was seven, she's been there ever since. One day, Shannon, the lady who runs the place, tells Becca she's getting a adopted. At first, Becca thinks it's weird a 21 year old guy and his girlfriend are adopting him, but when she finds out who's adopting her she gets a lot more optimistic about how her life is going to turn out.


24. Making It Official

Becca's POV


When we got back to the house I didn't say anything to anyone I just ran into my room and cried into my pillow. Someone was knocking at my door but I ignored whoever it was. Finally the person opened the door and came in.


"Becca?" I heard Nina's voice.


"You okay?" Naomi asked.


"No." I managed to get out. Within five minutes Danielle, Perrie, Eleanor, Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Gabi, Leigha, Jenny, and Bella were all in my room trying to make me feel better.


"Don't worry about him." Danielle told me, rubbing my back.


"Yeah, he's just an ass." Gabi said, with a smile. I heard feet stomping up the stairs and Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael were in my doorway in superhero costumes.




"Yes." Calum nodded.


"Luke, you look like a rabbit." I giggled.


"YAY YOU GOT HER TO SMILE!" Jenny yelled in happiness.


"Who is Luke? I am Batman." Luke shook his head. 


"We are here to make Becca feel all better!" Ashton smiled.


"Yep!" Luke nodded his head once.


"And how are you gonna do that?" Perrie asked.


"Take her out for a special day!" Michael yelled with enthusiasm.


"We tried doing that earlier and now look where it got us." Jade frowned.


"But we can still try." Luke said.


"Alright. Did you check with Louis?" Eleanor asked.


"Do you think Louis will kick Harry's ass?" I asked.


"I don't know. And I don't want you home when Harry gets back. So go on." Eleanor said to me. I stood up and Michael gave me a piggy back ride downstairs. When we walked downstairs Harry was just getting home but Michael ran out of the door with me before he could say anything. They took me to get ice cream first. Then we went to the park, then we went and saw a movie, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.


"So how was your special day, Penguin?" Michael asked, taking off his Spider-man mask off.


"Perfect." I smiled widely.


"Good. That's how we planned it." Luke smiled.


"Okay, now what?" I asked. 


"Um, we're going to take you home." Ashton said.


"Okay." I nodded hesitantly.


"You sure you wanna go home?" Calum asked.


"Yeah, I should be fine." I nodded. We walked back to my house. "Thanks, for the wonderful day." I smiled.


"Anytime, beautiful." They all said in unison.


"Bye." I laughed, hugging them and going inside. I heard yelling coming from the living room. I peeked in and saw Harry and Louis fighting.




"LOUIS, I SAID I WAS SORRY!" Harry yelled back.


"Guys, please stop fighting." Eleanor sighed.


"Dad," I said walking in, "I can handle this. Okay?"


"But, it's my job to protect you from guys like him." Louis said, glaring at Harry.


"Well I got this, man." I told him, "Harry, we're over." I gave him a big ass smile and skipped up the stairs to my room. I closed my door and sat on my bed. I went on to Twitter and updated my bio. Before it said 'Taken by Mr.Harry Edward Styles'. Now it says 'Single Pringle'. It's official. Me and Harry are over. O-V-E-R.

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