Don"t cry over spilled cocoa

Mia Gray was on her way home from a business trip when none other than Niall Horan bumps into her, spilling his drink all over her top. He gives her his jacket to cover it up. Will he get his jacket back? Will he be able to track her down after she leaves for her flight?


4. This Chapter Doesn't Have a Title Cos it's a Filler.


           *Mia's P.O.V*

      I woke up to a buzz on my phone. It was twitter. I looked at my phone and saw the time. 10:46.

      "OH MY GOSH!" I yelled, making Danielle run into the room.

      "WHAT'S HAPPENED?!?" she asked yelling as loud as I.

      "ITS 9:46! I HAVE WORK AND I'M LATE!" I replied, her face softened.

      She exhaled and reminded me laughing, "You have today off loser!" then left shaking her head.

      I replied with a simple "oh" and flopped back down on my old, small, hard bed and checked twitter. About an hour later, I took a shower.


          *Niall's P.O.V*

     I barely slept last night so I decided at 6:46 to try and find Mia. It's currently 15:46 and still no luck. So I called the boys.

     I called Harry first since he was first alphabetically in my contacts. It rang a few times then he picked up. "Hey!" he asked in a typical snobby teenage girl voice.

    "Hey, Harry! I was wondering if you and the lads could help me with something?" I asked.

     "Sure! What is your dilemma?" he asked in his normal voice.

      "Well, umm... Its, its about... a girl..." I admitted.

      "A GIRL?!?" Harry shouted, "WHAT GIRL!?!" he shouted seeming very happy.

      "Umm... a girl I met at the airport when I got off my plane." I said.

      "OH MY GOD! NIALL LIKES A GIRL!" he chanted. I told him everything that happened... From the cocoa, to her missing digits in her number. I even mentioned how only thought about her last night!

      "Well if Niall likes a girl, he will get her. No matter what we have to do, we're gonna get her!" Harry encouraged. "I'll tell Louis and we'll find solutions." Harry informed.

       "Alright! I'll tell the other two! Talk to ya soon! And thanks!" I said with a smile.

       "No problem! Anything for a bro!" and with that, we hung up.

       I called Liam. He after the first ring. "Hello hello hello!" he answered sounding clearly in a good mood. "Hey Liam! Its Niall! Sorry if I bothered you!" I didn't think I had, but I apologized anyway.

       "Don't worry! You didn't! I was just watching Top Gear!" he explained.

       "Oh. Alright! So listen, I was wondering if you could help me out with something?" I asked.

       "Yes! Of course! May I ask what for?" Liam asked. I explained the airport incident and meeting Mia. I told him the plan about finding Mia.


                 *Harry's P.O.V*

        After I got off the phone with Niall, I was so happy that Niall found a girl that he liked that I yelled for Louis right away.

       "WHAT!" Louis yelled.

       "COME HERE!!" I said cheerfully. I told him the plan and he agreed.


                   *Niall's P.O.V*

         After I told Liam the plan, he agreed. Then I called Zayn.

         I heard him pick up, but there was no answer. "Umm... Zayn? Hel-hello?" I asked. I heard him moan into the phone, signalling he was listening, or at least awake.

        "Zayn! Hey buddy! Hows it going?" I asked. He moaned again. "Glad to see you're good! Listen, I was wondering if you would join the lads and help me out?" I asked. No answer. "Zayn? Zayn buddy? ZAYN!" I shouted.

        "I"M UP!" he shouted out of fright.

        "So, will ya help buddy? Please?" I asked.

        He moaned. "Ya, sure. Night!" and with that, the line went dead.

       "YES!" I shouted throwing my hands up in the air.

        Around 16:25, I received a text from all the boys saying to go on Skype.

        I sprung from my bed with a leap out of excitement and went to my laptop on my desk.

        We're gonna find Mia, and we're gonna find her soon.

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