Don"t cry over spilled cocoa

Mia Gray was on her way home from a business trip when none other than Niall Horan bumps into her, spilling his drink all over her top. He gives her his jacket to cover it up. Will he get his jacket back? Will he be able to track her down after she leaves for her flight?


2. Flight home and just plain home.


           *Mia' s P.O.V*

     I sat down in my seat next to two teenage girls. About fourteen or fifteen. I had the window seat.

     When I sat down in my seat, I heard the two girls giggling about something. I turned my head slightly to hear them better. The brunette next to me whispered to the blonde on the isle, "Isn't that Niall's jacket?". The blonde responded, "I think it is! I wonder where she got it!"

    I just looked out my window and smiled!

            *Niall's P.O.V*

    Mom came and picked me up from the airport.

    "Niall!" she said grinning and pulling me into a hug. I smiled and said "Hey mom!" returning the embarrassment.

    "How was the tour?" she asked. I just finished this year's world tour with the boys.

    "It was fun! Met loads of new people. And the fans are great! Although Zayn getting sick and missing two concerts was no fun." Zayn caught a bug when we were in Brazil.

    Mom and I got into her car and drove us to her place.

    The whole car ride home I was absorbed into my phone, under Mia's contact while mom was talking. I think she stopped at one point, but I'm not sure. I was to buzzy thinking about Mia. She was just amazing! Big brown eyes, huge smile that showed off a faint dimple when she smiled. She had the strangest hair. It looked like she had dyed it and just kinda left it- no touch ups. So it was grown out about three inches; about a fifth of her hair. It was funny. It was also wavy and curly, and a little frizzy. She was pretty short, which I liked. I like feeling tall. She came to about  my neck. Perfect hugging hight!

   "Stop it Niall! You don't even know here!" I said to my self. I don't even have her full number! But I just can't get my mind off her!

    When we arrived home, I went strait for the kitchen and grabbed my self some Oreos. Then I saw Turtles, and I was torn, so I grabbed both! I went up to my room to unpack, but I kept getting distracted by Mia. I found my self looking at her contact a lot, trying to figure out what the last three numbers might be.

    Around 16:30, mom had come up to say dinner was almost ready. I couldn't wait for a home cooked meal! But I just kept looking at her contact picture on my phone I had taken of her as she was leaving (so unfortunately I only had the back of her (which wasn't so bad. If you know what I mean!)). Mom had come over since I hadn't really acknowledged dinner. Just a simple "Okay mom." and that's it.

   She looked over my shoulder and saw Mia's picture. "Who's she?" she asked with a smile on her face.

   "No one." I lied. She was definitely someone.

   "Don't lie to me! I'm your mother! And your eyes have been glued to that screen since we left the airport!" She caught me.

    "Umm, she's a fa--," I laughed to myself, "a crazy mofo! I lent my jacket to her after I spilled my hot cocoa all over her to hide the stain on her white shirt." I smiled remembering our little accident.

   "She's cute." pressed mom.

   "MOM! You can only see the back of her! And she's covered by my jacket!" I stated half laughing-half embarrassed because, well, she was cute. "How do you know she's cute!?!" I continued in a higher pitched voice than normal.

   "Well obviously she is! Or else you wouldn't be clutching your phone the way you are! Plus you were more interested in your phone than food," "Food!?!" I asked, interrupting my mom. She chuckled then continued, "Yes Niall! Chris and I made barbecued chicken! We know how much you love it!"

   "Mom, it's food. Who doesn't love it!"

   We both smiled as I sprung from my bed, shoving my phone into my pocket and heading down stairs to join my step dad, Chris, and Greg and Denice who had dropped by for dinner.

   I tried to forget about Mia, for now.

          *Mia's P.O.V*

   "Please turn off your cellular devices or any electronics you may have and fasten your seat belts as we are now landing. Thank you!" advised the air hostess, suddenly awaking me. I looked out the window to see sun light. AHH! I hate being jet-legged! I asked the brunette next to me what time it was what time it was.

    "Umm, It's 12:30. 12:30!". She turned to the blonde next to her. "Stella! It's 12:30! In the afternoon! Isn't this cool?" she asked her friend with excitement in her voice, who just shook it off with a yawn. It made me laugh slightly. I guess it was her first time flying with time difference.

   I looked out the window clenching Niall's jacket I had still wrapped around me, still giddy about the fact that I met Niall, we talked, he wrecked my favourite shirt, I had his jacket, and he had my number.

    I bit my lip and crossed my fingers. Something I do when I'm trying not to freak out or fangirl.

    Unfortunately, I knew about reality. My life isn't a fairytale or a fanfic. I knew he wasn't gonna contact me.

   But maybe, just, maybe...

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