Don"t cry over spilled cocoa

Mia Gray was on her way home from a business trip when none other than Niall Horan bumps into her, spilling his drink all over her top. He gives her his jacket to cover it up. Will he get his jacket back? Will he be able to track her down after she leaves for her flight?


5. Breakfast and arrival.

            *Mia's P.O.V*


    After I got out of the shower and put the useless anti-frizz in my hair, I slipped on my very colourful plaid shorts and frilly leopard print spaghetti strap shirt. I wear this combination often, simply because Danielle hates it! She's a bit of a "fashion" freak. I just wear whatever is clean!

    I walked out of our room and into the kitchen where Danielle was.

    "Here's your-" she said as she turned around to pass me my usual morning tea, "NO! I FORBIDED YOU TO WEAR THAT!!!" she said slamming my tea on the counter at which I sat. I grabbed to from her hands.

    "Forbided?" I asked. I'm kind of a grammar freak. My friends call me 'The Grammar Nazi'. Its not my fault! My mom raised me to have perfect etiquette and that means having a strong vocabulary and perfect grammar. Its programmed into me now!

    "OH YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!" Danielle cleared.

    I just laughed and 'Mmm!'ed in agreement as I took a sip of my tea. Ah! For a non-tea drinker, she makes excellent tea!

    "This is really good! Thanks!" I complemented.

    "I know!" she replied. She handed me a banana, apple, orange, two pieces of toast with my homemade strawberry jam, a bowl of grapes, and an oatmeal cookie. My typical breakfast. I ate it while Danielle and I watched my hook-up of old family channel TV shows from my laptop to television.


          *Niall's P.O.V*


    "Aye! Lads!" I called out to my mates as they appeared on my screen.

    "Niall!" they all called out in unison.

    Harry said "I've missed ya! Its been forever!"

    I responded laughing, "Its been two days ya cunt!"

    "Whatever! Anyway, to the topic of this hottie!" Harry continued. I don't know why, but I didn't like him saying that.

    "Ya Niall! My program was interrupted by this little twat for her," Louis said gesturing to Harry, "so want to know all about her!" he continued.

    "Well you guys know everything I know. So there really isn't much to tell!" I responded.

    "Well we don't know what she looks like?" Liam mentioned.

    "Well I told you-," I was cut off by Zayn, "Ranted", "Alright, fine, ranted, what she looked like."

    "But you know what she looks like, we just have our imagination!" Louis added.

    "Yeah! You do have a picture of the lovely lady?" Harry asked.

    "Well, I do have this picture I took of her as she was leaving, but you can't really see-" I was cut off by Harry yelling "SHOW US THE BLOODY PICTURE!". I took out my phone and unlocked it. The screen saver for both my lock screen and home screen is the picture I had taken of Mia. I showed them

    "THAT'S HER?!?" Harry asked half shocked and half laughing.

    "Yes," I admitted sheepishly. "WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!?!" I asked in an anger-raised voice.

    "You don't even know this girl, and you have a creepy-stalkery photo of her? Niall mate, you're either crazy, in-love, or crazy in-love!"

    "I vote for the last one!" Liam said.

    "Oh, shut up!" I snapped.

    "She's cute though..." Liam mentioned.

    "And look at that ass!" Louis pipped in. I smacked the screen and said "MINE! Don't touch!" They all laughed but I felt jealous when Louis said that.


           *Mia's P.O.V*


    After about two hours of watching 'That's SO Raven', 'The Weekenders', 'Even Stevens' and 'Smart Guy', I finally decided I needed to actually do something physical. So I turned off my laptop and turned on the Wii.

    "Just Dance?" I asked holding up the wiimotes.

    "Umm... YES?" she responded. We LOVE just dance! It's like a tradition with us.

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