Don"t cry over spilled cocoa

Mia Gray was on her way home from a business trip when none other than Niall Horan bumps into her, spilling his drink all over her top. He gives her his jacket to cover it up. Will he get his jacket back? Will he be able to track her down after she leaves for her flight?


1. Airport incident.


   *Mia's P.O.V*

     "Ahhh! I'm gonna be late!" I worried to myself as I ran through the airport. I was dragging along my suitcase and over the shoulder book bag I used as a carry-on for my MacBook Pro. I knew putting some pump-up music would make me go faster.

   You see, I was leaving a business trip to Ireland to go back home to Canada. I was a chef for a restaurant, Nando's. And since my home town, Riverview housed one of two Nando's in North America. They sent me to Ireland for training.

    I set my headphones to my ears and unlocked my iPhone. I clicked my "Party On!" playlist which held all my pump-up/party songs. I turned on shuffle and "Magic" by One Direction started. I smiled slightly. Oh! how I love this song!

     "Area 14" I read on my plane ticket. I looked up and saw I was in area 11. My eyes returned to my ticket to read the time of departure. 14:32. I looked at my phone, 14:17. "I'M NEVER GONNA MAKE IT!!!" I thought.

  Area 12

    "At least I'm getting closer." I looked on the bright side, I guess.

    "I would" started playing. Again! Another one of my favourites!

    As I was passing Area 13, I received a tweet. I looked at my phone to notice Niall Horan had tweeted something. I read: " Jut landed in Ireland nd off th plane now ! Oh ! hw Ive missed hme !" I smiled. Niall had that effect on me. Niall and his terrible spelling. I was in the same country as Niall Horan! EEEEEEK! I love him SO much! I wish I could stay awhile longer here. Maybe I would have gotten to meet him! Nah! That could never happen! Plus he's three years older than me. Small chance there!

   "AHH!" I yelled in a very unpleasant, manly voice as a boy slightly taller than I bumped into me, spilling his hot cocoa all over my plain white V-neck and grown-out bleached hair. I stopped bleaching a year ago.

   The fright made me drop my phone into what bit of the drink landed on the floor, pulling my head phones with it.

   "Great! Thanks!" I said sarcastically bending down to pick up my phone. The music started to be choppy and glitchy. Stupid useless broken OtterBox.

   As I did so, a familiar Irish voice said, " Oh my god! I am SO sorry miss! Here! Let me help!"

   I looked up only to see the one and only, Niall Horan. He picked up my phone and smiled at it. I didn't fangirl. I'm not really the fangirl in front of unknown people type. It just wasn't me. Unless it was Niall laughing. That's different.

    "It's fine Niall." I said in a trying-to-stay-calm voice.

    "Oh. Alright then." he said kind of embarrassed as he handed me my phone. "HEY! You know my name!" he continued with happiness in his voice and a grin upon his face. I love that smile!

   "Yes, Niall! Of course I know your name!" I said slightly giggling which made him smile even more.

    "So you're a fan then?" he asked.

    "No." I responded completely serious which made his smile fade. "I'm a crazy mofo!" I said laughing at that terribly -kinda carroty- name. He started to laugh and I joined.

   The large clock rang, indicating it was 14:30.

   "OH NO! MY FLIGHT!" I projected.

   As I started to leave, Niall grabbed my arm, spinning me around, but quickly letting go. "Here! At least take my jacket to cover up your shirt!" he said handing me his blue and white Asos Denim Bomber jacket.

   "NO! Not the famous Niall jacket! I'm fine! Really!"

   He laughed and said persistently, " What? Famous? No! Really, take it!"; he threw it at me. Luckily, I caught it, mesmerized by it. I mentally started stroking and wanted to smell it's beauty, but I'm in public. And apparently that's weird.

   People started walking between us, separating us a bit.

   "How do you suppose I give this back?" I shouted slightly.

   "Just keep it!" he said with a don't-worry-about-it look on his face.

   "NO! Now THAT I will not do!" I responded.

   He laughed then said "Here! Give me your number! I'll call you when I need it back" he said handing me his phone. I took it and started putting my number in, "1-506-862-4---" "Flight 127. Now boarding!" the lady on the PA system announced.

  "MY FLIGHT!" I yelled handing the phone back to Niall before scrambling off. I heard him shouting but I just ignored it, and boarded my plane.


       *Niall's P.O.V*

     "BUT YOU FORGOT THE LAST THREE NUMB---!" I stopped shouting when I realized she couldn't hear me anymore.

   I looked at my phone when I read her name, Mia.

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