The Slytherin Scandal: Year Two

Sirius Black, a world renounced murderer, is an animagus. He is on the loose and for some reason is going to Hogwarts. But after Lea meets Sirius, she's not sure if all those things are true.

Things begin to get odd when Lea finds out that the new DADA professor is an old friend of Sirius'. On the first day back, she also learns her teacher's worst and most hated secret. What happens when those two meet and an old friend comes back from the dead?


18. Werewolf Studies

Hermione and Lea got closer after the Library incident. They avoided the topic of werewolves, but because they were hanging out, Draco had to deal with her along Harry and Ron when she was with them.

Harry and Ron didn't quite warm up to Lea as fast as Hermione had, but that was to be expected. They also didn't know what happened to Lea or that Lupin was a werewolf. The topic never came up.

The boys, Lea soon found out, both waited until the last minute to do homework and were frantically trying to finish the essay for Monday. Lea and Hermione both wouldn't help them.

Draco was enraged about having to spend time with TWO mudbloods, a blood traitor and the Boy Who Lived.

Everyone was happy by the time two weeks was up. Draco and Lea went to the Hospital Wing and the bandages were removed.

The bite and claw marks were going to be sore, red and a bit ire arable for the next few days, but by the end of the week they would be the light silver color of a completely healed scar.

Draco, finally off of his detention, set out to find who had started the rumors about him and Lea and teach them a lesson.

Lea, meanwhile, was getting ready for her first Werewolf Studies class. They were to be held every Wednesday just after dinner.

Lea headed down for dinner, ate a few pieces of steak, some mashed potatoes and pumpkin juice to wash it down.

After she ate, she walked up to Lupin's office and was surprised to see that he was already there. He looked nervous. Probably because Lea hadn't acted any differently towards him in class and she should hate him.

The class started with Lupin explaining what happens to the person who is bitten when they are bitten.

The wolf's genes go into the blood stream and multiply quickly, the human and wolf genes try to dominate each other. The genes that multiply are in the werewolf's saliva. If a werewolf licks a cut of a human, it is just as bad as if they had been bitten. If the wolf's blood is ingested or taken into the human's blood stream, the human will be sick for a few days, but it will eventually come out of their system.

If a werewolf bites an animagus, it depends on the form they're in. If they're in human form when bitten, they will turn into werewolves. They will still be able to turn into their animals at will, but they will need to be more focused so they don't attack anyone, especially if their animal is a predator. The werewolf will turn into a wolf at the full moon, even if they are in their animagus form.

If the animagus is his or her animal form, then they will not become a werewolf. When they turn back, they will just have the bite marks. They will heal with magic, but there will be scars.

A werewolf in human form that has bitten another human has never happened before, that have lived. Some werewolves have squired such a liking of human flesh that they will hunt and eat humans while in human form. They would always kill before eating the human.

During the first full moon in a cub's life ( a cub is a newly bitten werewolf, no matter what the human's age is, the first full moon is after they are bitten, not during) the genes reach a sort of true. They are equally dominate until the full moon rises, when the wolf genes take over. After the first turn, which is extremely painful, the transformation is just uncomfortable.

Lupin then went on to explain what a werewolf can do in human form. During the first month, nothing really happens.

After the first full moon, a werewolf notices a change to his or her body while in human form. The senses get sharper, eyesight is clearer than any human's. Even those with horrible vision, which Lea did, got a wolf's vision, some who had the worst vision got the best vision, even compared to other werewolves. Lupin had even met a blind  man who, after being bitten, got the best eyesight in nearly twenty years. They could still see in colors, but not during the full moon.

Taste was multiplied by nearly three times. They could taste each ingredient in anything, but it oddly never overwhelmed them.

Smell and hearing were the hardest to get use to. They multiplied nearly ten times, both overwhelming. A werewolf could smell a person's blood and tell what blood type they were on the opposite side of the Great Hall with all the teachers and staff present.

Hearing was worse to get use to. In human form, a werewolf could hear a mouse run across a field, on a windy day, nearly a block away. It was so bad that Lupin remembered having to stay in bed for nearly two weeks after his first full moon. He refused to eat anything, had silencing charms on his room and that didn't help much. Silencing charms are relit ice to what humans can hear, not werewolves. Lupin remembered all this and he had been barely five years old.

A werewolf in human form had stronger senses than an normal wolf. No one was sure why, but healers were hypothesizing that it is due to the odd behavior between the human and wolf genes. A muggle would have the same strong senses, so they knew that it wasn't linked to a person's magic.

After the next full moon, the werewolf, when in human form, feels a sort of instinct. It is know to the werewolves as 'The Wolf' while in human form and simply as 'wolf' when in wolf form. It is the part of the werewolf that has protective instincts, trust and sleeping chemicals.

Anyone who The Wolf cares for, trusted or not, will be protected until the werewolf is dead. It does not matter if the werewolf knows it is about to die, if their attempt is pointless or if it's a trap. It will force the werewolf to help the cared for person.

When a The Wolf trusts someone, it is unconditional and that person becomes part of 'The Pack'. The Pack is made up of a few trusted people. It includes the werewolf's family (mother, father, siblings, etc), the werewolf's mate or significant other and a few trusted friends.

Further more, The Wolf will not let the werewolf sleep for long periods of time. The werewolf will wake up every hour or so. Surprisingly, this doesn't tire the werewolf out. Werewolves need less sleep than humans and can go for nearly 48 hours, exercising and working, without needing to sleep if necessary.

The Wolf will also warn the werewolf of danger and can help determine what others are feeling by what the werewolf sees, hears and smells.

Often times The Wolf will present itself as a conscious voice or a feeling. All werewolves have The Wolf and know it when they feel it. A werewolf must trust The Wolf fully.

During the full moon, The Wolf becomes simply wolf, unless the Wolfsbane Potion has been drunk. It is wolf because it takes over and the werewolf had no control over their actions. It will run wild and the werewolf can only watch. He or she will remember what wolf did during the full moon and its emotions.

During the full moon, all humans and animals, part of The Pack or not, are in danger of wolf. It will eat and kill whatever it wants.

Lea was in wonder at how much was going to happen in such a short amount of time. She was even more surprised to learn that she needed to study the notes, according to Lupin, but she would just remember them, and that they needed to stay with Lupin, Severus or another member of staff. It would be disastrous if a student found the notes.

Lea agreed with Lupin, she didn't mind if people knew she was a werewolf, but Lupin was another matter. He decided if he wanted others to know.

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