The Slytherin Scandal: Year Two

Sirius Black, a world renounced murderer, is an animagus. He is on the loose and for some reason is going to Hogwarts. But after Lea meets Sirius, she's not sure if all those things are true.

Things begin to get odd when Lea finds out that the new DADA professor is an old friend of Sirius'. On the first day back, she also learns her teacher's worst and most hated secret. What happens when those two meet and an old friend comes back from the dead?


20. The Full Moon

The day before the full moon was,  unfortunately, a Monday, which meant that both Lupin and Lea would be out of class from Tuesday night to Thursday morning.

Luckily, Lea was held back in all of her classes, given the homework she would miss and told to turn it in on Tuesday morning. Lupin would then help her prepare for the full moon the first half of the day. Lea would finish the day light hours doing her homework, then, an hour before the moon rose, Lupin and Lea would go to the Shrieking Shack.

Lupin, who had already drunk the new amount of Wolfsbane Potion needed, was going to be watching her and what she did, Lea's wolf would be cooped up in the shack, trying to get loose.

Lea wasn't bothered. As long as she didn't hurt anyone, everything would be fine.

Monday passed in a blur, Lea's time was mostly spent in the Library reading as much as possible. Hermione came in at one point and asked it she wanted to help the boys with their homework, well actually they would silently laugh at them and proof read their papers, giving them the right answers.

Lessons that day weren't that bad. Though, like everyone but Hermione, Lea fell asleep in History of Magic. Of course she was sitting by Hermione, who didn't bother waking her up. She did wake up, multiple times, Ron and Harry.

"Why aren't you waking up Lea," Ron complained.

"Because she reads the text book and knows all of this, even if she does sleep through this class," Hermione shot back.

"Leave her alone, Ron," Harry said as he saw what his best friend was trying to do. Ron had gotten his quill and was tickling Lea's nose with the feather.

Lea blew on the feather, only for Ron to tickle her nose again.

"Ron," Hermione snapped at him. Lea turned her head to get away from the feather. Ron snickered and leaned over.

"Dude, stop. She'll kill you when she wakes up," Harry said with a smile. Soon he would be egging Ron on and helping.

"Ronald Billius Weasley, stop this now or I will right your mother and tell Percy," Hermione whisper yelled.

"Percy wouldn't care, he hates Lea. He told me so," Ron said with a shrug. He tickled Lea's nose again.

"If you don't at stop that I'll get Snape," Hermione tried again.

"He won't listen to you," Harry said with a small laugh. "Here, use mine too," Harry said handing Ron his quill.

"Ronald Billius Weasley, Harry James Potter, if you don't stop this now I will bite both of your hands. Understand," Lea growled looking up.

Ron jumped back and fell, rolling back off of the desk behind him. He caused a huge commotion, and everyone laughed at Ron who was as red as his hair, and Lea's for that matter.

"You wee awake," Harry asked incredulously, gaping at Lea.

"How," Ron asked mouth gaping open like Harry's.

"It's sort of hard to sleep when you two are talking. It also didn't help that Ron was trying to tick me off," Lea said glaring at Ron. If looks could kill, everyone in the room would be dead.

Ron blushed harder. "Why didn't you just stop them," Hermione whispered as Binns continued talking.

"I was hoping they'd get some common sense soon, or at least listen to you," Lea said as she put her head down on her arms again.

"Don't do something stupid like that again," Lea told the boys just before she went to sleep.

The rest of the day passed without incident as did Tuesday.

An hour before the moon rose Lupin took Lea to the Womping Willow, pressed a knot on its truck, effectively immobilizing it for a few seconds, just long enough to get into the secret passageway the tree covered.

Lea and Lupin had to crawl for a minute until they got further into passageway, where they were able to crouch and walk. A few minutes later they reached a grubby old shack. It was clawed at and bitten everywhere that was reachable and some that weren't. The few pieces of furniture that were standing, many wee smashed, clawed or bitten into pieces, were a bed in an upstairs room, a gutted couch, a wooden desk and it's corresponding chair.

"They cleaned up," Lupin said with a whistle. "It use to be much worse," he said to Lea when he saw her incredulous face. She obviously didn't believe him.

"I kept most of my anger inside during the month and, once a month, I was able to let it all loose." Lupin chuckled at Lea's surprised face. "I usually ended up biting and scratching myself. That's how I got so many scars," he said lifting up one of his sleeves. His left arm was a crisscross of silver scars, all going different directions.

"This was my favorite," he said pushing his sleeve back down. "The rest of me faired far better."

Lea wanted to ask how he got the scars on his face but didn't ask.

"I ran into some other werewolves. We didn't agree much," he said, seeing the question in Lea's eyes. "They barely laid a paw on me."

"Will I do that," Lea asked. She wasn't particularly scared of it, but she also didn't want to claw her face off.

"I highly doubt it. You seem more like a female alpha. Even alphas as new cubs don't harm themselves. At least, not natural alphas, some alphas force themselves into becoming alphas thru constant struggle and endless training.

"I, myself, did that. But only to the degree where I couldn't be forced into anything I didn't want to without a huge fight that not many could beat," Lupin said. He seemed more at ease about talking about the community now they were out of the castle.

"You should go and get ready for the moon. It will be up soon," he instructed.

Lea left Lupin and went up to the room on the second floor. It looked much like downstairs, but with the bed. Lea knew that a werewolf change was different from her other animal changes.

For one, it would happen even if she didn't want it to. And that, though the change was magical, Lea clothes would be torn apart when she changed. So did all the other werewolves'.

Lea and Lupin both stripped their outer layer of clothing to reveal clothes that would easily mend and weren't very liked. These would be patched up after they got back to the castle for next month.

Lea stored her things in the roof using magic and then placed her wand up there as well.

The moon came up and Lea shut her eyes waiting for the pain to come. It never arrived. The only thing Lea felt that was different was small tugging all over her body.

When she opened her eyes, Lea was looking at a pair of red-brown furred paws with light shades of gold fur scattered around. Lea looked just like that all over her body, only her stomach, chest and throat were a few shades lighter with more of that golden color. And were her scars were, silver fur grew.

She was bigger than a normal wolf, but not huge. Lea had a long and graceful muzzle with a darker patch of fur on her forehead in the shape of a small diamond. All in all she was a beautiful wolf.

She waited for her wolf to take over, it took nearly an hour before she decided it wasn't there. She decided to go and tell Lupin, something must have gone wrong.

She walked downstairs, careful and ready to bolt. At the bottom of the steps was a huge male wolf. He was brown, but all different shades. His left front leg was almost pure silver hair. On his back were two long parallel lines of silver that ran from his right shoulder to his right back leg. On his other legs were scattered lines of silver fur along with a few on his muzzle.

As Lea headed down, a growl rose in her throat. This was the wolf that attacked her, she would not let it happen again.

Lupin's ears perked up at the sound of a growl. He turned and crouched, ready to fight but showing that he did not want to. Lea mentally kicked herself, of course he didn't want to fight, he was her teacher.

She shook her head, what had come over her? She sat down and stared at Lupin. He got up from his crouch and started to pace.

Why was Lea acting so, so human? He sniffed the air and watched as Lea laid on the ground. She put her head on her two paws.

"Who are you," growled Lupin and his wolf. Lupin's wolf recognized Lea's presence. Now she as part of his pack, this made more sense, but who was this female who made him feel as if she was his cub when he first saw her?

"I'm Lea Talbot. I'm a new cub," Lea yipped. She was excited now. Why? First she had been set to kill her teacher and now she wanted to chase her tail. What was going on?

"I believe Dumbledore was right," Lupin said as his wolf silently laughed at the pup's energy.

"What do you mean, Professor," Lea asked as she sniffed all around her. Everything was vibrant and smelled stronger.

"Though not all correct," Lupin muttered to himself. It was at this point that Lea saw his tail and pounced.

Lupin and his wolf saw what was going on. He whipped his tail away and the wolf cuffed Lea on the side of her muzzle. She shook her head again.

"It seems that you are in control of most of your actions, but not all of your emotions or actions. Stalking my tail for intense,"  Lupin explained as he whipped his tail away from Lea again.

"Let me play," Lea whimpered. She pounced at his head and got another cuff on the muzzle.

"Focus, Lea," Lupin snapped. He was loosing his patients, along with his wolf's.

Lea was laying on the ground. The cuff had knocked some sense into her. She shook her head and screwed up her face to concentrate. She breathed in and out.

"Sorry, Professor Lupin," she told him sheepishly. She had been such a child, and even as a child she ha never acted like this. She laid down.

"It's fine pup," he said as he laid down next to his pup. "And you should call me Remus," he said. The wolf in Remus got the better of him and drove him to do the act.

The rest of the time passed with Remus trying to get Lea to focus on NOT attacking his tail like she was a newborn pup. It ended with Lea's ears ringing and Remus' paw sore from all the cuffs.

Remus' wolf had sort of adopted Lea and her wolf as his pup. This was unusual because most cubs, especially new ones, were the most violent of all the werewolves. Lea just acted like a wolf or dog pup.

When Remus reported to Dumbledore soon after, he added that Lea may indeed be able to control when she changed, but not before she could control herself better. He didn't want her jumping and trying to pounce on someone's cloak.

To Lea, this was all over powering, even though she knew she could control her wolf. The Wolf inside her made an appearance the next morning, along with some extra surprises.

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