The Slytherin Scandal: Year Two

Sirius Black, a world renounced murderer, is an animagus. He is on the loose and for some reason is going to Hogwarts. But after Lea meets Sirius, she's not sure if all those things are true.

Things begin to get odd when Lea finds out that the new DADA professor is an old friend of Sirius'. On the first day back, she also learns her teacher's worst and most hated secret. What happens when those two meet and an old friend comes back from the dead?


19. Skunks, Communities, and The Alpha

Lea decided to give her motes to Lupin because he would be the one teaching her. She got out of her Werewolf Studies well passed the time allowed for students to be out, it as nine at night.

She wasn't paying attention, thinking of everything she had been told on her first day, and walked right into Filch.

"What are you doing out of bed," he asked, not caring about her answer. He held up his hand as Lea opened her mouth.

Filch led her down to Severus' office. He was talking with McGonagall, Sprout and Dumbledore, most likely about Lea and her new class. Filch didn't even knock, he walked right in.

"Sorry to barge in on you, professors," he said. "But a second year Slytherin was roaming the halls when I found her."

Lea rolled her eyes as she walked in the door. Severus raised an eyebrow at Lea in disbelief, if she was out without permission, she wouldn't be found.

"My...... extra lesson went on longer than expected," Lea explained to the gathered professors. They all knew what had happened to her.

"That's alright, Miss Talbot. Please go back to your dormitory," Dumbledore told her. She nodded and went to bed, she was exhausted, but she wouldn't be able to sleep for a few hours. What she didn't expect as to fall asleep as soon as she reached her bed.

The professors continued to talk and it was indeed about Lea. They were debating about how to handle her transformation in two weeks time.

Severus and the others all shredded not to give her the potion, Lupin had said that a werewolf could be seriously harmed if the potion was given before the sixth full moon. He also told them not to read or ask about the Werewolf Studies. These were for werewolves only. If anyone from the werewolf community knew that the werewolves' secrets had gotten out, they would hunt the leak and kill those who knew and the leak.

No one liked the idea, but they agreed not to read or pry into the werewolf side of Lea. All but Severus, who was going to be part of her family, her blood relatives and her future mate who as usually a fellow werewolf. Only those people could know anything about the werewolf side due to them being part of the most trusted in The Pack. It was a law in the community, which Lupin would have to teach Lea more about.

The night went on and a decision was made, the Shrieking Shack would be used again.

Soon, dawn came and the students were waking up. The early birds would be faced with a bad morning while the latter rises would have a bad day.

Everyone heard a loud scream coming from the Slytherin dormitory. Lea jumped out of her bed when she heard it and turned to see that it was a girl next to her bed who was screaming. She was staring at Lea.

Lea looked down and saw nothing wrong with her, and there was nothing wrong with her face, that she could see in the window anyway. Why was this girl screaming?

Then Lea saw what was making the girl scream. It was who, or rather what, was in Lea's bed other than Lea an Raven. Next to her pillow, scared with huge cartoon eyes, was a family of skunks. There was a mother and her five kits, almost two weeks old.

The mother stood over her children, teeth bared. Then, as skunks do, the mother turned and stuck her tail in the air and sprayed the screaming girl. The skunk juice went everywhere and soaked everything in the room, people and furniture alike.

Lea was shocked at how stupid the Slytherin girl had been. Everyone knows that skunks hate loud noises!

The girls, except for the screaming girl, all saw the tail rise, sucked in a deep breath and closed their mouths. The screaming girl kept her mouth open as the skunk sprayed the room. A lot of the spray went into the girl's mouth. She gagged and tried to spit the awful tasting junk out of her mouth to no avail.

Severus came running in and gagged at the smell. He saw the girl spitting and waved his wand at the room. The air was suddenly clean, as were the girls. The screaming girl was still trying to get the juice out of her mouth. Severus waved his wand again and the girl's mouth as cleaned.

"What happened," Severus asked.

"It's her fault," the screaming girl yelled, pointing at Lea.

"What did I do," she nearly yelled back.

"You had those things in your bed," the girl yelled. The others were nodding, hoping to see Lea punished.

"Like I knew they came in when I was asleep," Lea replied. She hadn't know, but it wasn't a big surprise. "Besides, they would have left and done nothing if you hadn't been screaming like Sirius Black was about to kill you."

The other girls nodded in agreement, but all said that they wouldn't have been here in the first place if it weren't for Lea.

Severus decided that no one was at fault, not taking any sides, mostly because he was right, it was no one person's fault.

The rest of the day passed with threats and curse being placed on Lea. She ignored most of them, many of them having been predicted.

Lea's next two weeks passed quickly, but at a steady pace. School was a interesting and she hung out with Ron, Harry and Hermione. They all laughed at the skunk incident.

Hermione and Lea talked about homework but stayed away from the werewolf topic as an unspoken rule.

Lea's Werewolf Studies went well. She remembered everything she as told and eased through the class with no one the wiser.

The community was made up of only werewolves. All first class citizens in the community are werewolves, second are those of a werewolf's Pack and all children, except for during the full moon, then wizards and finally muggles and house elves. This didn't include magical creatures, which are as important as The Packs.

The werewolves were in no social classes, but there were packs, not to be confused with The Pack. Packs are made up of werewolves and thee is one alpha, not one female or male but one. They can be either gender.

Some werewolves are in no pack at all and are loners. Every hundred years or so, there comes a werewolf that belongs to no pack and every pack. They easily dominate every werewolf they meet. They are called The Alpha.

Pack alphas have to be obey in every order, during the full moon or in human form. If they are disobeyed, which is almost physically impossible, they are exiled from all packs and forced out of the community. If they dare come back, they will be driven out. Like all other alphas, The Alphas are to be obeyed at all times, but it IS impossible to disobey them, unlike alphas.

Soon after learning all this, the full moon was only a day away.

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