The Slytherin Scandal: Year Two

Sirius Black, a world renounced murderer, is an animagus. He is on the loose and for some reason is going to Hogwarts. But after Lea meets Sirius, she's not sure if all those things are true.

Things begin to get odd when Lea finds out that the new DADA professor is an old friend of Sirius'. On the first day back, she also learns her teacher's worst and most hated secret. What happens when those two meet and an old friend comes back from the dead?


33. Lea, Draco, Remus, and Raven in the Forest

At first, on one could hear anything, even Lea, over the panting, but as she got control, she started to hear something. Then, a twig snapped, Draco shot up and looked around. The wolf wanted to let them know he was there.

Then, out of the shadows, appeared the wolf. He stepped into the clearing and into the moon light. Lea hoped that for once, the moon's spell would release Remus after that night was done.

The wolf crouched down, and let Draco and Lea scurry to their feet. Then it started to salivate.

The wolf was confused. He was sure that he had bitten this female, who smelled of the pack. She smelled like it now more than ever, yet she was in human form. He did not understand this, but he would not fight her, unless she attacked.

The wolf looked beyond her and saw his prey. He smelled as human as you could get, yet he also smelled of his cub. He was part of her Pack. He wanted his cub, seeing as he was the one who bit Lea, to have part of her Pack in with the pack.

Lea, however, had other ideas. She didn't want Draco to get hurt, nor did she want a cub running amuck because he can't have the Wolfsbane Potion.

"No," Lea told Remus. He cocked his head in confusion. Then he remembered that it was not the place of the cub to tell the adults what to do and growled a warning.

As soon as Lea had know that the werewolf had been near them, Lea's concentration started to wane. It didn't come as a surprise when she felt herself almost change when she told Remus no. He growled a warning and her concentration snapped.

Suddenly, there were two wolves in the clearing, one stood with her back to Draco while the other growled at him. He had seen Lea transform and was staring, but not scared of her, more scared of Remus than anything else.

Lea growled at Remus.

"He should join us, make it simple," Remus' wolf reasoned.

"No, he doesn't want to," Lea growled.

"I may not want to hurt you, but he will become part of the pack," the wolf growled and tried to dart around Lea.

Lea rammed her shoulder into the other wolf's. He growled and turned his attention to her. He jumped on her back. Lea could feel Remus' claws on her back, forcing her down through experience. Lea was soon on the ground, all four legs stretched out. She let out a small whimper as she felt teeth pinch the back of her neck.

It was obvious what she was meant to do, surrender and bend to the alpha's orders. But Lea didn't want to, and as she refused to say anything, the teeth on the back of her neck pushed harder, never breaking skin, though.

Part of her wanted to yield, but a larger part didn't want to let another get bitten and hurt. Desperate, Lea yipped.

"Get off of me Remus Lupin," Lea yipped. To her surprise, Remus started to move. Slowly, his teeth released her and he stepped back.

"You are alpha," he whined with his head down. This surprised everyone, including Raven, who had been standing in front of Draco the whole time.

"You should go. Go and don't eat anything," Lea said with a small growl. She was still confused. Remus turned and walked away, tail literally in between his legs.

Lea turned back to Draco, who was staring at the retesting wolf. He shook himself and suddenly realized that he was in a clearing, in the Forbidden Forest, alone, with a werewolf, and no one knew where he was. He started to back away, only to think better of it, hoping that no movement would decrease the likelihood of him being bitten. Lea rolled her eyes at his idea and lowered herself into a laying position.

Raven walked over to Lea and started purring. Once, she stepped on her neck, where Remus had bitten her, she whined softly and Raven promptly got off, but not before licking it as an apology.

"Can you understand me," Draco finally asked, seeming to get that he wasn't going to be attacked just yet.

Lea nodded. "Are you going to attack me?" Lea looked at him incredulously and vigorously shook her head, an odd movement for a wolf.

"Why don't you change back? Can you," he added as an afterthought. Lea nodded to the second question. "Why don't you?" Lea glared at him and rolled her eyes, it was obvious. When Draco still didn't get it, Lea pointed her muzzle at the pile of shredded Hogwarts robes.

"Oh," Draco said. He sat down, cross-legged, and didn't speak again. They stayed that way for about five minutes, just looking at each other. Dawn came soon after, just as Draco got up to wake up his legs.

Soon after, Severus and Remus found them. Remus was fully clothed, most likely due to Severus bringing him clothes. He also had a pare of robes for Lea that he was holding.

Lea's ears pricked up as she heard the sound of foot steps and turned to face them. Draco sat on a rock as he look where Lea was looking. About ten minutes later, both men stepped into the clearing.

Lea raced up to Severus, grabbed the robes and ran off a little ways to get dressed.

"What were you doing out here exactly, Draco?" Severus asked with a raised eyebrow.

"That would be my fault, well, partly my fault at least," Remus began.

"If you want to blame someone, blame Raven," Lea grumbled as she emerged from the woods. Said cat was currently purring in Draco's arms.

"Why?" Remus asked.

"She decided it would be a good idea to bring him out, that's why he was in the forest," Lea explained.

"Ah. Lea, I am...err..." Remus began.

"It's fine, no harm was done. Well, that's not completely true, but close enough, bruises don't count," Lea said with a wave of her hand. Turning to Draco she said "Thank you for not trying to kill me when I laid down. You can tell who ever you want too, I honestly don't care." This was all said with a genuine smile on her face.

"Mr. Malfoy, I deeply apologize for trying to bite you last night," Remus said with a grave face. Draco looked taken aback by the admission of being a werewolf and numbly nodded.

"Its time to get back," Severus said and started to walk away. They arrived at the Great Hall just in time for dinner, where some important news was announced.

As it turned out, Peter Pettigrew got caught and confirmed Sirius Black's story about how he was innocent. Unfortunately, he escaped and the Ministry believed that he went to find shelter with other Death Eaters. Sirius had to go into hiding, and didn't trust the Ministry to help him. He was currently hiding from both parties and trying to keep a low profile. The muggle police were still looking for him though. Also, Severus let slip that Remus was a werewolf soon after the spearhead was done. Remus quit and left just after that, too.

Nothing really changed with the truth coming out, Lea thought with a sigh. And the last few days were going to be so boring and long. She owed Draco and the Potter gang an explanation, though she didn't think she would tell Ron and Harry about her being a werewolf.

Hermione helped Lea explain what she was, which they said was basically a really powerful animagus. Dumbledore let her use his office, and Lea had to explain this all to Draco again. Both seemed to accept this change of pace rather quickly. Draco even accepted the fact that she was a werewolf and why she could control herself. Lea did have to explain this all to Hermione in private though.

After the forest, Draco actually started to talk to her a bit, in passing so it seemed that he was just trying to stay out of trouble, but he had never cared about that before. Pansy totally ignored this as did Blaise. The one thing that didn't change between those two was that Lea was still a mudblood and Lea still took pride in the insult. Draco did however, refrain from calling others a mudblood, especially in front of Lea.

Soon, it was time to go back home. Lea spent the ride, not alone as usual, but talking with Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

"So, how is your family going to react to you having godfather on the run," Lea asked with a small smile.

Harry chuckled and explained what he was going to do, which included not telling his aunt and uncle that he was proven innocent. Ron got an owl, sent from Sirius with a letter to Harry, giving him permission to visit Hogsmead the following year.

Lea smiled and bid her goodbyes as she got off the train and hugged her new friends. Lea got off and made her way to her mother, passing Narcissa and Lucius on her way. Draco nodded to her, but is father saw this. He scowled at her and made up his mind to 'talk' to Draco when they got home. Narcissa, however, saw the nod and smiled slightly at her.

Lea smiled back and exited the platform with her mom and Juliet. Shacklebolt stood a little way off and  followed them back to the house. Nothing exciting happened for the longest time.



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