The Slytherin Scandal: Year Two

Sirius Black, a world renounced murderer, is an animagus. He is on the loose and for some reason is going to Hogwarts. But after Lea meets Sirius, she's not sure if all those things are true.

Things begin to get odd when Lea finds out that the new DADA professor is an old friend of Sirius'. On the first day back, she also learns her teacher's worst and most hated secret. What happens when those two meet and an old friend comes back from the dead?


29. 1 Hogwarts Express+3 Dungbombs= 1 Mad Mudblood, 1 Guilty Pureblood, 1 Annoyed Head Boy, and 1 Purring Cat

Lea soon got back to school, Shacklebolt even escorted her to the station, which annoyed her and confused other kids. Draco even noticed this and was civil enough to ask about it in front of Shackeldolt. Later, Lea found out that he knew that Shacklebolt worked for the Ministry as an sort of police wizard that catches black wizards.

Shacklebolt didn't say anything, so Lea decided to see if Draco would believe a little lie. "My mom is dating him," Lea told Draco.

"Lea don't teach your sister to lie," Mrs. Talbot said coming up behind her with Jewels in a stroller.

"Yes, ma'am. I'm not totally sure, he's just been following me around," Lea said an most of that was true. Draco walked off with a grin on his face.

'She must have done something really bad,' Lea heard him think. She rolled her eyes and bent down to give Juliet a hug goodbye.

"I have to go to school now, Juliet. I love you and I'm going to miss you so much," she said.

"NO!! Sissy Doggy, stay. I wanna go," Juliet yelled after Lea explained she couldn't stay. After a quick hug and kiss from her mother, Lea walked to the train and entered.

She found an empty compartment right at the back of the train, barely any noise, to human ears, entered here. It was still like everyone was yelling in her ear, but it was the quietest place she could go. She didn't pass the time by reading this time, instead she just listened to the gossip of the day. It got boring, so she drifted off to sleep without realizing it.

She was woken up when she heard a loud CLANK of a door closing. It was just next to her compartment, and she heard footsteps coming to look in hers.

'Pretend to be asleep,' The Wolf said as it sensed something. Lea closed her eyes and barely keeping her breath even.

A male student stepped though the door and immediately saw Lea 'sleeping'. He stared at her for a moment, Lea could feel his stare. He then took a deep breath. Lea recognized his sent and his breathing pattern. Everyone had different ways of breathing.

He came closer.

'Don't get mad,' The Wolf told Lea.

'Mad about what,' Lea yelled in her head. She also, visibly stiffened. The student stopped and muttered under his breath. It was at that moment that Lea knew the Draco was standing close to her.

She quickly went into his mind.

I can't do it, Draco thought. She's going to wake up soon, but HE will know if I didn't, what with him having Crabbe and Goyle repot to him. They expect to see a mudblood enraged in two minutes.

Draco looked at Lea and couldn't do anything. His last plan to get her in trouble had backfired and almost killed her. He felt something else other than guilt and fear, something...

Draco quickly let go of his emotions and steeled himself. He put three dungbombs in Lea's trunk, quickly and quietly. Raven even jumped off the trunk to let him pass. Draco smiled and scratched behind her ear. He scooped her up and carried her out of the compartment. He brought her to his compartment. (The only reasons that his face was not clawed off were because Raven did like him, especially after Lea found out she did, and Lea silently told her to go with.)

Raven sat on Draco's lap and purred.

"What's with the cat," Blaise asked Draco.

"It's the mudblood's," he replied with an air of superiority.

"Why'd you take it," Pansy asked uninterested.

"I like cats," Draco said rubbing Raven's head, who purred louder.

"Did you do it," Crabbe asked.

"Yep, they should go off any second now," Draco said with a cruel smile. He began to feel the clench of guilt, but he pushed it down.

Lea quickly exited Draco's mind as she heard three faint clicks, even to her ears, and then a deafening BOOM!!!

Then she smelled a dark smoke that smelled of dragon dung, cat litter, and decaying steak marinated in sewer water. It made Lea's eyes water, but so did something else. She had expected the smell, but not what had accompanied it.

It seemed that the dungbombs had been specially made, and Draco hadn't known. As the bombs went off, they had opened her trunk, which had been unlatched, and sprayed everything with bright, multi-shaded pink. It covered Lea from head to foot.

Draco was frowning, the bombs should have gone off by now. "Well, were is she," Pansy asked.

Lea swore under her breath, which was odd for her, and had to force herself not to change and go bite Lucius Malfoy after jumping off the train.

'Go out and get mad," Wolf told her. Leave it to the imaginary voice in her head to get Lea to see logic, she needed to give Lucius the satisfaction, or something bad would happen. It wouldn't be that hard to fake, much harder to control her anger.

Lea stepped out of her compartment and slowly, angrily, walked down the hall. She was soon in the middle of the train, no one said a thing, all thinking it better to stay quiet. She walked down to Draco's compartment and slowly opened the door.

As the door opened fully, Raven stood up and hissed at Lea.

"That smells," she told her. "Before you come anywhere near me, go bathe!"

Lea, seeing as there were other people about, ignored Raven. "WHAT THE H-LL DID YOU DO," she screamed at the five Slytherins.

"Nothing," Draco said with a shrug. "I don't know what happened."

"YOU HAVE MY CAT," Lea yelled.

""I found her in the corridor, roaming," Draco lied. "Besides, she doesn't seem to like you."

"THATS BECAUSE YO-" Lea started.

"What is going on here," Percy the head boy asked.

"This is a private conversation," Lea said, getting her anger under check.

"It's not if your screaming at the top of your voice for the whole train to hear," Percy said, superiority evident in his voice.

"Push off," Blaise said this a snort.

"Surprisingly, I agree, go away," Lea said, much to the astonishment of everyone who was watching the scene.

"And why would I want to do that," Percy asked with an air of indifference.

"So you won't have to punish me when I use magic on these five idiots,"Lea said in a soft voice, too soft for Percy to make out what she said, but loud enough to know she said something.

"What was that," Percy asked.

"So you won't get you face clawed off by my cat," Lea said, annoyed now. To show that it wasn't a bluff, Raven purred one last time as she pushed herself against Draco, and jumped down. Then, standing in front of Percy, Raven hissed and swiped in front of him, claws unsheathed.

Percy, seeing the claws, glared at Lea and went back to the head of the train, slamming all the doors he went through.

"That human is annoying," Raven said. "Don't even try it," she hissed as Lea bent down to pat her head.

The others just saw a cat hiss at Lea, who hastily stood up and walked away.

Raven remained with Draco, letting him pamper her for the remainder of the trip. Lea was using all her time to clean up and fix all the things that got inked. Draco was thinking of how funny Lea looked and laughed about it with Pansy and Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle were writing to Lucius. As the three remembered Lea's angry face covered in multi-colored pink, they laughed.

Draco's laughs became hollow after a few minutes. He had noticed the anger and pain in those emerald eyes. She had tried to hide it, but Lea had hated the prank, even more than she was willing to admit. It brought back memories of when she was little. Other kids wouldn't go near her, thew stink bombs, that the high school kids help make, at her and other wet unpleasant things. Draco didn't know that, but he could hazard a guess. He did, however, hope that she wouldn't do anything drastic. Lea never pranks him back for that, knowing he had no choice and that he never meant to hurt her like that. There were advantages to being a freak.

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