My randomness!

Ok, I'm bored so this will just be what pops into my mind :)


1. 11th July 2013



Ok, so this is my weird randomness, cuz I'm bored!!


Aww my dog's so cute! hahahahahahahahahaha, he's found my Dad's secret stash of chocolate!! Whoop whoop!

I'm going swimming tomorrow!! YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Although, it's also sports day :( then again, I'm doing Javelin and tug of war!! I REFUSE to run around in this heat!!

Ow, Sooty bit me.

Wow, I love Black Veil Brides so much! And Paramore, P!nk, Fall Out Boy, Biffy Clyro, Sleeping With Sirens, Don Broco, Panic! at the Disco, Green Day, Kaiser Chiefs and others I cbb to think of right now!

Oh, Sooty's my dog, btw =D

OMG, I have some annoying friends!

Guy's listen to my dilemma; one of my close friends is now going out with my ex boyfriend. I didn't really mind cuz I hate him cuz he's a player, but even though she knows all that happened between me n him (he is mean, I tell ya!) she still said yes to him! We both used to call him 'Princess of the Bozo's' and stuff. However now she's going out with him, she's being all moody with us and stuff. Whadda I doooooooooo??????

Wow, it's so hot!!!

Boo. Scared you!

Okyyyyyy doke, I'm gonna go now :D

Bye-de bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺☻ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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