Just A Teenage Life. ☯

Just going though the problems teenagers go through, my diary of how I deal with the days.


3. Getting there. ☯

I've been slowly getting better, and it's making me happier, the days I'm not feeling good, are the days with the most pain. I suppose I should tell you guys about what's been happening with my life. Well, 3 weeks ago now, for the first time in 2 years, I wore a dress to school. And, I was proud, because I finally got to show people, yes, I can wear a dress. I felt pretty for once. I also wore a dress yesterday for 4 sessions, which is the whole school day, I can't tell you, how proud I am of myself. I've been going to football matches with my family, and even the matches are in huge stadiums. I also think it's because everyone there, is supporting the same thing, same people, so you literally have no worries. 


Along the subject if football, I met 2 of the players! I was amazed of how nice and spunky they were! That was 4 weeks ago. I'm feeling nice, so ill tell you the whole story, one morning 4 weeks ago, I was sitting in bed watching the music video channel, when my dad came in and said, 'Emma! Get your butt out of bed, were going to meet some of the cats players!' and I guess I couldn't have gotten out of bed quicker. 


I put my guernsey on, and hopped in the car, on the way to the meet and greet. When we were in the car, I was having doubts about it, what happens if I embarrass myself in front of everyone? But then as soon as you got there, it was awesome!


As soon as we walked in the area, I saw Jimmy Bartel standing there, and I literally almost fainted! I walked up to him, people pushing into others, and I smiled. I eventually got my photo taken with him, he signed my guernsey. I couldn't believe it, I was so happy, I kept smiling, I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened, I then saw Steve Johnson! He signed my guernsey, but he was a little too busy to get a photo, as more than 50 people were crowding him. Then there was a handball competition, my big sister participated, but missed the aim, then my dad had a go, he missed. Then it eventually came down to no one having a go, so Stevie J asked the crowd who else wanted to have a go. Then I whispered to Katie, 'that would be embarrassing'. 


Then somehow Katie got an idea to make me do it, so she yelled, 'Emma wants to do it!', everyone turned towards me, and smiled. The next thing you know, Stevie J says, 'Come on Emma!' then i say, no, I'm fine. But then Katie pushed me up, and let me tell you now, I was shaking with nervousness. I looked at Katie then gave her the death glare, then Stevie J handed me the ball, and i hand balled it through. I was shocked, because I wasn't sure if I got through or not, eventually I got it through 3 more times, and was in the top 4, against 2 forty year olds and one 15 year old. I hand balled again, and got it through, eventually I came 2nd place out of everyone. I couldn't believe it! I was so stoked!


I could say I'm getting better, and honestly, I love my life so much right now! 

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