The Play is What I need

When Dina Houston gets into an acting school, will she make it to the top? Or will her mean teacher get her out? Read more to find out!


3. Time tables

I woke up, and then I shot up. Today we got our time tables.At 5:00. Right now it was 4 in the morning, and we only had an hour to get dressed, do our makeup, and do our hair. I jumped on Lydia! Screamed "WAKE UP!" and then I ran to the bathroom, and Lydia followed. I brushed my hair, curled it, and Lydia straightened her tangled curls, and then curled them again, so that they were waves.

I brushed my teeth and did my makeup, and then I got dressed. Lydia was coming out of the bathroom when I finished, and she got dressed. I got to the elevator, and then I went to the 3rd one with Lydia on my heels. We both got into the elevator. We got to our classes. We were in the same room, and I got my schedule. This is what it said:

5:00 AM: Promptly leave for Theatre

12:00 PM: Go to Acting classes

4:00 PM: Go to Voice Lessons

7:00 PM: Go to Improvising class

9:00 PM: Go to your last class, which is Dance

Lydia showed me her time table:

8:00 AM: Promptly leave for Voice Lessons

4:00 PM: Go to acting

7:00 PM: Go to Improv

9:00: Go to Dance

She had less to do, because she did not have theatre, and most of her audition consisted of solid singing, and that was why she had voice lessons for so long. I really wanted to work as hard as I could so that I wouldn't get yelled at.

Mrs.Lucy said "Early Classes, please report now. Make sure that you take your time table. Now, later morning classes please leave promptly at 8:00."

I ran to Theatre, and I had a paper on my seat that had my name on the plate, like everyone had the switching plates.

It said:

Dear Miss Dina Houston,

I am going to say right now, that you are going to have to audition again for the theatre role of Lucy. You will have to show us another Resume copy, as yours is lost. Please report to my room at 10:00 PM!


Your drama teacher,

Miss Layla

My resume is lost? I couldn't believe it! I didn't think it would get lost. I was one of the first ones, there, so I decided that I was going to give her my extra resume. She said "Oh, alright we just needed your resume. Thanks! You got the part"

I was really excited to hear that. We got another flyer that said

Performing Arts Finals!

In two months, all students of this school are going to have to take a final. In voice, acting, theatre, and dance. Make sure to study! Exactly two months.

Mark your calenders, and study!

Wow. Just what I needed. Pressure on the first day. Anyways we got another flyer. It said

A new movie is getting shot on campus. Audition for it, by signing up for it in the acting classroom. You will not get the part unless you have a resume, a new headshot, and even your final score has to be over an 80% to audition!

Wow. I had a lot of pressure.

Soon, classes were over. I sat down. Lydia was already in the dorm, and I said "Lydia! Did you get the performing arts final flyer?"

I marked my calender as she answered "Yes. We are going to have movie auditions too! I am so worried about it because I have never been in a movie before." I made the final mark on my calender. I said "I have. But I wasn't a huge part. I was the part of the best friend of the main character, so I guess you could say I have a lot of more experience than you think I do!"

I got out all of my textbooks, and studied really really hard. I was really worried about this whole role thing. I wanted to have a big part, and I really didn't think that I was going to do so good!

I made some notes:

Whenever you act, you should be deeply in character, and never breaking character!

I went to bed that night, worrying deeply about finals



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