The Play is What I need

When Dina Houston gets into an acting school, will she make it to the top? Or will her mean teacher get her out? Read more to find out!


2. In school

Three Months Later

I woke up. I couldn't believe what today was. For the past month, I have been packing all of my bags and all of my stuff for my dorm. I was really excited. I woke up with a note from my sister

Dear Dinasour,

Sorry I am not here today, I wanted you to have the house to yourself. I didn't think I would have work today, and I have left a present on the bedside table. Do not open it until you are finished unpacking.

Have Fun,


I smiled at the thought of my sister wanting to give me a gift. I was really overwhelmed thinking what it could be.

I realized it was already 6:00 AM and I needed to get settled in the dorm. I put all of the boxes into the car, and then parked in the student parking lot.

I put all of my boxes onto the elevator, and finally got to floor 17. I went to my room, and then I saw a girl, with curly brown hair. She was hanging up posters on what looked like her side of the room.

She turned around and said "Oh, Hello! You must be my new roommate. My name is Lydia! What's your name?" I said "Oh, my name is Dina! Sometimes, my friends and my sister call me Dinasour, but whichever is ok!" I chuckled.

Lydia said "Oh. I think Dina is ok for now." She chuckled enough for me to hear.

I unpacked my bags, and got out all of my books that were sent through the mail. I put them on the desk, and then I sat down, with my Macbook. Lydia groaned. I said "What?" She said "Your not one of those snobby little rich girls are you?" I said "No, actually I got this as a gift, from my parents for getting into this school." Speaking of gifts, I had my gift on the desk to. In the ribbon was a note:

Since you got that Macbook, this isn't going to be a good present,

But anyways open it now!

Love you,


I had to open it. I opened it up and it was an iPhone 5! I smiled, and then I got onto my Macbook. Lydia said "Wow, you get an iPhone 5 and then you go on your computer?" I said "I was going to send my sister an email!"

I wrote:

Dear Macy,

That was a wonderful gift, and I will make sure to call you and text you and face time you every week. I hope that you like the gift that I left you. It's not as good, but I hope that you still like it!

Lydia said "I wish I had a sister. I am an only child and I had to beg my parents to let me audition."

I said "Well, sometimes having a sister isn't good. When I was little, she took my favorite doll and tried to throw it into the fire." Lydia said "Never Mind" and we both burst out into fits of giggles.

I said "I am going to set this thing up, and then we should go to the Cafe!" I set the phone up, and added all of my contacts. I put it into my bag, and threw my credit card into the bag. I asked Lydia "Want to go to the Cafe?" Lydia said "Alright!" and then we went to the elevator. I was waiting for it to go down, when it stopped. There was a telephone inside of the elevator, and I called the head office.

O=Office, and D=Dina

O: Hello, this is the office. What do you need?

D: Me and my friend were on our way down to the Cafe, and we got stuck in the elevator.

O: Try to open the doors.

I pressed the open doors button, and a metal wall was revealed, and you  could see the floor above us.

D:We could possibly get out, because there is a floor above us, and we can climb the metal wall, but then someone needs to come and fix the elevator.

O: Alright, is there anyone else in there with you?

D:Yes, my friend named Lydia.

O: Alright, put her on your shoulders

D: Alright!

O: Now tell her to lean over to the floor.

D:Lydia is out, now what do I do?

O: Get her to grab your hand, and help pull out.

The office hung up, and I grabbed Lydia's hand. We were both out, and we took the out of order sign and slapped it on the door. We decided just to order takeout from the Cafeteria, and then we got into a working elevator. We got to the room, and then we both plopped on the beds


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