The Play is What I need

When Dina Houston gets into an acting school, will she make it to the top? Or will her mean teacher get her out? Read more to find out!


1. Auditioning

Hi, I am Dina Houston, I will be auditioning for you today! I said cheerfully, to Mrs.Lucy. She said, "Go on, sing your song."

I blurted out the words, to "Wings, By Little Mix."

"These wings are made to fly" I finished.

She complimented me, and I walked off the stage, with my heels clicking onto the wooden stage.

I ran out of the audition room, and out of the school. I texted my best friend, Macy.

*Text Message from Dina To Macy*

I don't know if I made it.

*Message From Macy To Dina*

You probably did. I heard you sing that song about two million times. Don't worry Dina!

*Message from Dina To Macy*

I have to check tonight. But for now, I have to go!

I felt the warm sunshine, and I took my bag, and slipped my phone into the pocket. I drove home, and I was just going to walk inside. The door opened, and my older sister, hugged me! "DID YOU GET IN?" She screamed. "I don't know yet"

Two Hours Passed.

I scrolled through the names on the computer. 500 names sat in front of me. I was only half way through the list when a name, was blurred. I didn't know why, but there was a little smudge on my screen. I rubbed it off with my nail, when the words "Dina Houston" were on the screen. I blinked, and rubbed my, eyes. A rush of adrenaline went over me, and finally I saw thhe words clearly. I screamed and Ran downs stairs, into Ashleigh's arms. I screamed "I GOT IN!" She almost fainted, when she ran to check the computer.

The words "Dina Houston" were over the screen. I felt a big wave of accomplishment, and that night, I went to sleep dreaming of what I should do.

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