"okay so I was just living my life: getting good grades, learning to drive, getting a job...
...when I made 3 big mistakes..."

Emilie Stubbs was an ordinary 20 year old who was completely in control of her life, when 3 mistakes and 1 drunken night change her life forever, and introduce her to a member of the worlds biggest boy band!


4. Mistake Number 2

Alright alright, I shouldn't have said yes! But I did and I have to live with the consequences. 

We made out all the way back to his, regardless of what the taxi driver might have been thinking. His apartment was huge, but I wasn't bothered. All I cared about was the way his lips felt on mine and they way his hands were all over me. 

The bedroom was also huge; so was the bed. 

Soon enough out clothes were just piles on the floor and we were both naked. 

I didn't even think about condoms or protection, I was too preoccupied by we're his hands were and where his mouth was. When he slipped inside me I felt complete, not at all like the other one night stands I had had (not that I had had many) but I guess that was the alcohol thinking. 

I pulled at his curls and moaned into his neck. I had never felt so carefree and untroubled. 

 I'm not sure at what point that night I made mistake number three, but I know I made it or else I wouldn't be in the position I am in now.

That night I felt carefree and untroubled. However my troubles were about to start the moment I woke up the next morning...  

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