"okay so I was just living my life: getting good grades, learning to drive, getting a job...
...when I made 3 big mistakes..."

Emilie Stubbs was an ordinary 20 year old who was completely in control of her life, when 3 mistakes and 1 drunken night change her life forever, and introduce her to a member of the worlds biggest boy band!


3. Mistake Number 1

I knew I shouldn't have agreed but...well there is no argument except from the fact that I was young and free and wanted to know what it felt like to be carefree.

Martha and Meg dragged my out of the door wearing-in my opinion-a very skimpy grey/blue dress that "brought out my eyes" according to Meg. My dirty blonde hair was down for a change and had been straightened which I can rarely be bothered to do.

I stumbled along on a pair of black high heels-I cant walk in heels; something to do with the fact that my feet are size 3?

The club was heaving and I could feel the beat of the music pounding through my body. It was a very famous club in London but Martha had connections so we skipped the queue completely.

I had 4 vodka shots down me and was now starting on the tequila getting flashback of needles scarring my skin with ink from the last time I had let tequila into my system.

I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my waist, the normal Emilie would have slapped, kicked and punched until she was left alone but drunk Emilie, now that was a different story. And I was drunk Emilie right now.

I turned in his arms and planted a sloppy kiss on his lips, he immediately reacted and deepened the kiss. As he pulled away I finally got a look at his face: he had a head full of dark curls and startling (even in my drunken state) green eyes. I had a feeling I had seen him before, but I was lodged a the back of my mind. However the front of my mind was only interested in the fact that he was very good looking.

"Hey" he said. His voice was deep and inviting. "You wanna come back to mine?"

This is where I made my second mistake.  

A/N:- And there he is, the famous Harry Styles! Like and comment for updates. xx


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