"okay so I was just living my life: getting good grades, learning to drive, getting a job...
...when I made 3 big mistakes..."

Emilie Stubbs was an ordinary 20 year old who was completely in control of her life, when 3 mistakes and 1 drunken night change her life forever, and introduce her to a member of the worlds biggest boy band!


1. Before

Okay so lets get this straight, my life was great before.

I had gotten all B's, A's , and A*'s at GCSE and surprised my family by letting all my academic skills go to waste by going to art college. It was great though, I was doing exactly what I wanted, and after winning a lot of money when my art teacher entered a piece of my art into a competition, without me knowing! I moved into an apartment in London.

I soon realised that the money wouldn't last forever so I managed (after lots of rejections) get a job! it was at a school for mentally disabled, physically disabled and troubled kids. I worked-well still work-there as an art teacher. I love it there because I feel as if I can do some good.

I have never been a one for relationships, I didn't have a real boyfriend until I got to art college-I know don't laugh! So I was extremely inexperienced (not a virgin if that's what you're thinking) but with a score of 4 guys I had slept with.

So that's pretty much all you need to know about me, here is my story! (so far)  

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