The Red Lands

A story set in Egypt about a man, separated from his team, out in search of a long lost fortune. I draw inspiration from all kinds of books, so you may come across themes and ideas from other stories. I like to mix things and turn them into my own. Enjoy.


5. Woman in Red

         The tunnel was pitch-black, and getting tiresome. I couldn’t see a thing, which meant my progression was much slower than usual, as I stroked the stonewall and I followed it bend through the darkness. The smell of lavender was still strong but had stopped increasing in intensity. I was starting to get used to it now so I could barely notice it.

         After about five minutes of walking aimlessly about this underground passageway I felt like just killing myself. What luck I had had over the past few days. I sat down and leant back against the hard wall, closed my eyes and thought of home. The warm open fire in the living room, my dusty old armchair sitting beside it, socks drying on the fireguard, and a warm cup of tea sat always on the mantelpiece. Oh how I longed to be back in my little country cottage with nothing to ponder but what to have for tea. Alas, instead I am trapped in eternal darkness, under one of the hottest deserts in the world, with no food, no water, and no company.

         As I sat there and absorbed the nothingness, I suddenly heard a faint sound channeling into my left ear. At first I ignored it as I thought it could well be part of my insanity. But then the murmuring evolved into muttering, which then turned into whispering. Voices. Voices down here, with me. I wasn’t alone; there was someone else in this pit of hell. I jumped up as quickly as I could and started following the shape of the cave again as I had before, but this time with haste, and in the direction of the mumbling. After a short time, I could start to see a faint flickering light ahead. The corners of my mouth rose as hope showed its beautiful face. I reached a sharp turn in the channel where I could almost fully see what surrounded me. I carefully tilted my head round the corner to see what was before me.

         A small, but tall campfire in the middle, the flames licking up and almost touching the ceiling, lighted the cavern. In front of the fire facing away from me was a woman, kneeling on a purple carpet with her palms closed together. Her head was tilted back slightly and she was talking, as if praying to her Egyptian gods. She wore a red garment, which wrapped over her head, body, and round her legs too. I felt an urge to shout out to her, after not seeing another human being in so long. But there was something about the place that didn't seem right to me. On the far side of the hollow, was a golden chest, with blue and red jewels down either side. On top of this case was the outline of a body, holding a staff that ran from the chin to his toes. The sarcophagus was clean polished to perfection, and I could almost see the reflection of the girls face in the shiny gold plated box.

         I was examining the coffin when unexpectedly the woman turned her head and faced me. Her eyes were a turquoise colour and her lips a passionate red. She was beautiful, and I could feel my cheeks begin to blush. She abruptly stood up and started walking towards me. She stopped right in front of me, so close I could feel her breath colliding into mine.

         Suddenly, and as if by magic the fire behind her went out, and once again, I was consumed by darkness. 

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