The Red Lands

A story set in Egypt about a man, separated from his team, out in search of a long lost fortune. I draw inspiration from all kinds of books, so you may come across themes and ideas from other stories. I like to mix things and turn them into my own. Enjoy.


7. My Mission

In the cavern I was unable to think clearly. I had read about demi-gods in history books and fictional stories. Although mostly they had been related to Greek mythology, when a Greek god had a child with a human and a demi-god was born. These were all stories of myths and legends; I had never thought them to be in the slightest bit true, especially with the Egyptian gods. But come to think of it, I suppose if the stories really were true, what’s to stop the Ancient Egyptian Gods doing the same?

“A demi-god.” I uttered quietly as if to myself.

“Yes. A son of Osiris” Sagira replied. “Egyptian god of the underworld.” Osiris was a green skinned pharaoh, almost like the Hades of Egypt.

“So how does one kill a demi-god?” I asked curiously. “I assume that is how you would avenge your father?”

“Killing a demi-god is no mean feet, in fact only a god may perform such an act.” Sagira said with such diction. She raised her right hand and gently pushed aside a strand of hair that had fallen in front of her face, so that I could see her beautiful complexion. Her big brown eyes looked up at me and I quickly turned away and continued walking round the room. “But I do not mean to kill Asim, oh no, something much worse than that.”

“What?” I asked.

“I mean to perform such an act of punishment that will entrap Asim for thousands of years to come. At least he will not return for quite some time.”

“How is this?” I wondered. I asked myself if I was getting in too deep. This was some serious dark stuff happening, and I didn’t want to get too involved. I kept asking myself if I was dreaming, pinching my arm every time I had circled the room.

“Flaying…” she replied.

Flaying was an Ancient Egyptian form of torture. A prisoner would have his skin removed while alive. Usually the ancient Egyptians would try and keep the skin intact. It was considered one of the cruelest and most immature forms of torture.

Sagira had remained extremely calm throughout the whole conversation. Almost as if she had told the tale a thousand times over, and had got rather tedious of the repetitiveness of the whole thing.

“A demi-god takes control of a human’s body and inhabits it for its life time. The only way to release the demi-gods soul is through flaying. This lets the spirit free and it takes thousands of years for the free soul to find another body in which to inhabit.”

I got chills just from thinking of the process. Picturing this skin of a human hung up like a costume in a wardrobe. It was vile, but had to be done according to Sagira.

“How on earth would you flay anyone, let alone a demi-god? Surely they would resist?”

“Of course they’d resist! But not if they were unaware it was happening…” Sagira said in a quiet mysterious tone.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Not if they are sleeping.” Sagira said. “You see Asim is a heavy sleeper.”

“A heavy sleeper? That may be but surely he would awaken if he was being cut up?” I said in surprise at the idea of removing someone’s skin while they were sleeping.

“Not if given this poison. It would kill any human, but the effects only knock demi-gods unconscious for five minutes.”

“I see, and how do you plan on administrating this drug?” I asked.

“You mean how do you plan on giving it to him.” She replied in a casual tone, as if she wasn’t asking the biggest favour of me possible.

“What do you mean me? I can’t give it to him.” I said.

“You can and you will.” She replied in a shrewd tone.

“Why you can’t make me?” My eyes got larger as I faced her. Anger began to boil up inside me but at the same time pride, as she had chosen me to take the mission.

“Oh yes I can. You can’t escape from here without me. You are stuck down here with me unless you help me seize my revenge.”

“How would you help me escape?” I asked. I noticed my pace getting quicker as I walked around the room, my hands were shaking. I wiped my brow; the sweat was beginning to drip down my forehead.

“I know the way out of here.” Sagira said in a tempting voice.

“If you know the way out why can’t you do it yourself?” I asked trying to find another way out of my situation.

“Asim put a curse upon my father’s coffin when he entrapped me down here. I cannot leave. Only die. But I will not allow myself to pass away until I know revenge has been taken. I need you, and you need me. There is no way out adventurer. We are in this together now.”


And so my adventure began…

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