Emily Moor was living in an adoption center ever since she was 3 years old. She is now 10 years old and still living in the adoption center. What will happen when a particular British boy band takes her out of adoption life?


3. The new house



  As we were waiting, there weren't a lot of fans or paparazzi there but there were a few. I was glad Liam was my dad because i could tell him everything and that is how i wanted my dad to be but he is no longer with us, but anyways i am about to be meeting my new mom. I heard Dad talking about her to Uncle Louis and Uncle Zayn while i was talking to Uncle Harry and Uncle Niall. While we were waiting for our limo driver to come pick us up, a pretty, and young woman came up to me and my uncles. "Hi my name is Danielle, you must be Emily my new daughter." she said

"Hi. And yes my name is Emily, i am excited to see you, daddy has told me a lot about you too." i replied. After talking to my mom a little more, a girl with pink hair and another girl but with brown hair came over and hugged me and my mom. When the 2 ladies got closer, i recognized them. It was Perrie Edwards from Little Mix with Uncle Louis's girlfriend, Elounor. Why was THE Perrie Edwards here in the London airport. "Hi am Louis's girlfriend Elounor, you must be his new niece. This lady right next to me is Perrie Zayn's girlfriend" She said "Hi i am Perrie, just like your Aunt Elounor said." Perrie said while hugging me. "Hi. I heard a lot you from Louis Elounor, but i never got to talk to my uncle Zayn so i haven't heard much about you but i didn't need to hear about you because i am a huge fan of Little Mix." I said. "So Danielle, you are the lucky one who gets to be her mother." Aunt Perrie said. After 10 minutes, the limo driver came, i sat next to my new parents. "So Emily, what brought you to the Adoption Center?" Zayn asked. As he said that i started crying. "Way to go Zayn you made the youngster cry!" Niall said. " I am SOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!" Zayn said hugging me.Then daddy asked he wanted to tell everybody but i said "No i think i should tell the rest of my family." and with that i explained the whole story which brought me and everyone to tears.

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