Emily Moor was living in an adoption center ever since she was 3 years old. She is now 10 years old and still living in the adoption center. What will happen when a particular British boy band takes her out of adoption life?


4. The New House pt. 2



  Once I saw Harry, and Niall with that little girl I new that was my new niece. Danielle was so lucky to have her as a daughter. When we were in the car and Zayn brought up how she got into the adoption Center, she started crying and leaned more against Liam and he asked if she wanted him to tell us. While Emily wasn't looking I elbowed Zayn in the side." I AM SOOOOOO SORRY!!!" Zayn apologized. After she told us what happened to her parents i was crying and leaning my head into Zayn's neck. That was so sad. After about an hour we reached the house, Emily looked out the window and gasped and screamed, " OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE BIGGEST HOUSE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!" everybody laughed but then Louis yelled, "GOODNESS GRACIOUS MY EARDRUMS JUST EXPLODED!!!" the Niall yelled "WHY IS EVERYBODY YELLING" then Louis again "I....DON'T.....KNOW!!!" After that everybody was on the sidewalk or on the ground cracking up.


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