Emily Moor was living in an adoption center ever since she was 3 years old. She is now 10 years old and still living in the adoption center. What will happen when a particular British boy band takes her out of adoption life?


2. Arriving to London



     After filling out the adoption forms, we left for the airport. Management wanted us to act more "Mature" so they had us adopt a kid. We got on the plane(first class) as soon as we went through security because there were fans and paparazzi everywhere. I could tell Emily was terrified so i picked her up and ran onto the plane. She buried her head into my chest to get away from the noise. We were the first on the plane so we sat together. While waiting for the plane to take off, i started a conversation with her: (L= Liam E= Emily)

  L= Are you okay?

 E= Yeah, just a little freaked out

 L= You will get used to it because as you probably know we are famous

 E= Yeah, i am obsessed with you guys 

 L= Was that your sister back there?

 E= I wish. She is my best friend.I mean, we could be sisters that's how close we are

 As she said that a tear slid down her face but she quickly wiped it away.

 L= Did i say something wrong?

 E= No i just really miss her

 L= Well when we land you are welcomed to call her whenever you like

 E= Okay. Thanks

 L= No problem. if you don't mind me asking, why were you in the adoption center

 I feel as if i hurt her because she started to cry a lot more

L= I am so sorry i did not meant to bring that up

E= No its fine. I was planning on telling you anyways. Well when i was 3,my parents went to dinner because it was their anniversary, they hired my neighbor Ally, to watch me while they went out because i am an only child, about 4 hours later, my parents called saying they are one their way home well, 3 hours later, they still haven't returned. A little later the phone rang so Ally answered it and started crying, she packed my stuff and drove me to the nearest adoption center. Nobody told me what happened until i was 5. After i was told what happened, i started bawling my eyes out, so whenever somebody asks what happened, Lily explains what happened.

L= I am so sorry to hear that

E= Oh yeah, which one of you is my dad?

L= Whoever you want

E= Well then, hi dad

L= Hi Em

 I was so happy she said that, Danielle is going to be so happy

E= Daddy, who is my mom

L= You will see once we land

 Once i said that we landed

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