The Vengeance Of An Angel

Life is easy, losing a loved one is hard... 3 years ago Gabriel Black lived a normal life as one of the worlds best lawyers who had the girl of his dreams. A man born British living in America but that would soon change. His wife is carrying his unborn child. 1 month before the baby is due his house is broken into while he is in court. During the break in everything of value is took and his wife is shot. Determined to find the men who did this Gabriel searches endlessly for answers. A man driven by justice can change his whole being to get revenge.


5. The First Step To Freedom Is Acceptance...

“Do it... Jump!” a voiced bounced around my head and shook me back to reality. Where am I? Oh yeah that’s right... Relief flooded my system. I’d reached town and was sat in my car pulled up outside the start of my investigation. I quickly dismissed the haunting thought that had crossed my mind and changed my thinking. Perhaps it was the subtle tapping of rain on the wind screen that brought me back to the real events unfolding around me. A smile emerged across my face; the rain was soothing and refreshing to me. Once again I stood up from my car but this time did not flip my collar up. Swiftly, I set off towards the target.
“Are you mad boy?” a scratchy old woman’s voice called through the rain.
“Excuse me?” I called back a little startled.
“It’s pouring down get in out the rain, nothing ever good comes from rain I tell you!” she screeched.
“Well you may think that but you’d be wrong!”
Perhaps it was annoyance in my voice or the subtle hint of anger that caused me to push on through the rain without looking back. No more distractions, let’s get this done... Determination stained my face while rain bounced off my shoulders almost pounding onto the floor. Cool, crystals caressed my neck and rolled down my back making me stand a bit more upright.  Why would anyone want to get out of this weather? A sign stood in front of me as a beacon of hope. It was an old fashioned sign that read, ‘Gunsmiths’, with an arrow point straight ahead. How inconspicuous... Here we go then... A foot slammed on the floor and a door creaked open. Light shone through the open door piercing the watery veil and I ran towards the door. A few short seconds later I was stood in a warm, metallic smelling room. This is where I need to be. Instruments of death littered the wall and I shivered slightly at the threatening sight.
“How can I help you lad?” A strong Scottish accent attacked my ears.
I turned and saw a giant ginger bush approaching me... Or what I thought was, I quickly realised that this bush had two acid green eyes, a mouth, two rather pointy ears and a large nose...
“Oh wow...” I muttered aloud.
“What never seen a Scott’s man before American?” He bellowed out.
“No it’s not that... HEY I’M BRITISH!” I screamed back
“Oh is that supposed to be better?” escaped his lips and he giggled slightly.
“It’s no problem, so you hear to buy something or just argue with someone from closer to home?” he chuckled.
“I wish I was here for any of those two purposes, but I’m afraid I need to speak to you...”
“Oh? What about then?”  He said slowly.
“A year and a half ago there was a shooting on the outskirts of this city. Are you aware of what I am on about?” I spoke proudly like I was back in court.
“Aye, I know what you’re on about, and before you even think of saying anything else I didn’t play a part in it!” He yelled.
“So during the time of the shooting you had not recently sold any Makarov PMM’s to some people?” I wasn’t fazed by his shouting.
“No I didn’t I haven’t owned one of them in this shop for nearly 13 years now get your skinny British backside outside!”
He pushed me out the door before I could speak another word and slammed the door locking it as I stumbled onto the pavement and back into the watery abyss. How rude I thought to myself... However what he says is true. As much as I didn’t want to believe it I could not ignore the facts. This angry giant was innocent... Time to move on the hunt...

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