The Vengeance Of An Angel

Life is easy, losing a loved one is hard... 3 years ago Gabriel Black lived a normal life as one of the worlds best lawyers who had the girl of his dreams. A man born British living in America but that would soon change. His wife is carrying his unborn child. 1 month before the baby is due his house is broken into while he is in court. During the break in everything of value is took and his wife is shot. Determined to find the men who did this Gabriel searches endlessly for answers. A man driven by justice can change his whole being to get revenge.


2. Now What?

3 years ago it was 2014...  A year and a half ago the hunt began. I will find whoever killed my wife and bring them to justice. ‘How’? A lot of people ask ‘you’re just a lawyer’? So what? Anyone who seeks revenge can change their whole being just to achieve it... If that’s what I have to do so be it. I’m a lawyer I know how the mind of a criminal works I know their next move and are one step ahead when they say now what? I will find them and I will have my revenge. The bullet was from a Makarov PMM only made in several places in America these days. If they were Russian they wouldn’t come here for money. I’ll start with each place they are made and with a little luck find more out about who they are... I can only hope that she feels what I’m doing is right.

I ran to the stairs starting the long ascension up, taking two steps at a time. In front of me was my bedroom I ran to the door and pushed it open. Dust choked the back of my throat as it swung open sending a breeze into the room. The house had become run down and left unloved. I didn’t have time to clean not while those murderers were still at large. Mariella would have wanted me to keep it clean and tidy but the situation was more important. Swiftly darting, to the side of my bed I grabbed the watch lying there and the photo of Mariella. After putting the watch on I slipped the photo into my pocket. This way she was never far away. Leaving this room was like leaving my house I never used any other room but the downstairs study as an office and had left the room full of toys and teddies untouched. I never had the courage to enter. The room I called my ‘office’ was the most used room in the house; I was in here most hours of the day when I was at home and barely went upstairs to sleep. I can’t remember the last time I slept properly.

 My ‘office’ was filled with articles pinned to walls and left lying on the floor. I looked at everyone for an hour to try and work out if the murderers had killed again. No murders had happened in the last 6 months and there wasn’t even a whisper of a break in for nearly 3 months. Every time before that I checked everyone no matter where it was hoping to catch wind of the same people who broke into my house but nothing ever helped with my hunt even the police had gave up with me. I strode over the paper littered room and reached my desk. I picked up the article in the middle of the desk. The article from a year and a half ago... ‘A robbery gone wrong’ is what the police said it was in the news. HA a robbery gone wrong it was like saying someone was murdered but it was an accident. The robbery didn’t go wrong they got what they came for also the murder wasn’t wrong... They didn’t miss... The police told me to let it go but none of them knew what it was like to lose someone who was the reason you still wanted to be alive. I was shaken back to reality when my phone’s alarm went off telling me to wake up... It was only 6am no one else on my street was showing signs of life. They never did not till at least 8:30am. I grabbed my coat and headed for the door leaving the article on my desk. I grabbed the keys that hung beside the door and left the house. Closing the door abruptly caused a cat at the end of the drive to jump and run into next doors garden. I smirked. I pressed the button on the side of my keychain and an unlocking sound echoed through the street. I approached the sound and smiled when I saw my car. It was a small, nimble, quick Audi TT. It was jet black and shiny and was in much better state than the house. I put my long black coat on that covered all of me until my ankles. It was like the coat from the Sherlock series that was set in modern day England. The man playing Sherlock was Benedict Cumberbatch. I remember growing up wanting to be exactly like him. I guess I kind of was now...I climbed into the car still reminiscing of my life back in the UK.

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