The Vengeance Of An Angel

Life is easy, losing a loved one is hard... 3 years ago Gabriel Black lived a normal life as one of the worlds best lawyers who had the girl of his dreams. A man born British living in America but that would soon change. His wife is carrying his unborn child. 1 month before the baby is due his house is broken into while he is in court. During the break in everything of value is took and his wife is shot. Determined to find the men who did this Gabriel searches endlessly for answers. A man driven by justice can change his whole being to get revenge.


1. Happy Beginnings and Sorrowful Endings

My name is Gabriel Black and this is my story.

3 years ago my life was normal, I lived happily with my wife and was doing well for myself. I was a lawyer a pretty good one at that. 8 years ago I was 18. Young for a lawyer but I was the best around. I saved a man from a life in jail and a women’s son from being sentenced to death. How did I, a very non typical British civilian, become one of the greatest lawyers the world has ever seen and successfully live in America? Maybe I think too much of myself but I have been told many times I was. A 6ft 4 18 year old with long blonde hair and blue eyes, would be the perfect candidate for women. Not me I never took an interest in ‘love’ then I met Mariella. She was perfect. About 5ft 11 with long wavy blonde hair and piercing green eyes that could melt a man’s heart and they did... Mine... I attempted to talk to her several times and froze every time. How did I, probably the most confident person I know, not manage to speak to a girl?  5 and half years ago I approached her and talked to her... Easily the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I remember it so well. My palms were sweaty and my heart thumping. 20 minutes later after I said hello I was telling her I’d pick her up at 8pm. 4 years ago she’d moved in and things were going well. I was getting a new case every week and raking in the money. Mariella was saving lives and tending to the sick. She was the most selfless person you could meet. You couldn’t find anyone better than her in anyway. I loved her I truly did, and she loved me... 3 years ago I asked her the most important question in my life and presented her with a diamond ring. She broke down in tears and fell into my arms. I panicked and quickly said ‘so is that a yes?’ She looked up, tears streaming from her face, ‘YES’! 2 and half years ago we were married and planning on moving to a bigger house, she worked during the day every day and I worked all days but Sunday I never would work a case then. My parents taught me never to work on Sundays. We had a house in mind. On the outskirts of New York was a huge house. We had planned to move there so there was more space for when we had kids. We both wanted kids very much. 2 years ago the house was bought we had moved in and were living comfortably. Mariella was pregnant and was expecting in about 3 months time. We both had never been so excited! I’d planned a whole room out as a play room and bought millions of toys and games and teddies for the new born. That all changed very quickly a month before the baby was due the house was broken into while I was at work... 3 shots were fired... 3 bullets straight into my wife’s chest and all the money in the house and anything of value was took. When I found out the news I left the court room sprinting down the hall. A case I never finished had never happened before if I had been working it. The police restrained me when I reached the house and I broke down. My wife and my unborn child were dead. Everything I loved had been taken away from me... For a year and a half I looked for the criminals with the help of the police. They were never found. The police gave up and now a year and a half later I’m still looking... I tell the story of my life quickly because this is where the main story starts.

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