The Vengeance Of An Angel

Life is easy, losing a loved one is hard... 3 years ago Gabriel Black lived a normal life as one of the worlds best lawyers who had the girl of his dreams. A man born British living in America but that would soon change. His wife is carrying his unborn child. 1 month before the baby is due his house is broken into while he is in court. During the break in everything of value is took and his wife is shot. Determined to find the men who did this Gabriel searches endlessly for answers. A man driven by justice can change his whole being to get revenge.


3. Before The Worst

1000 thoughts crossed my mind at once. 1000 memories before this started. 8 years ago I was the youngest person ever to pass a law course and become a lawyer! I had a greater intelligence than most people and a photographic memory so I knew exactly what I was doing. I never claimed to be clever but when I was the youngest person ever to pass and to pass early clearly showed I was clever. I smiled. I quickly shook these thoughts from my head and put the key in the ignition and revved the engine. I pulled away from the path and drove towards town. Every day at the same time I would go to the cemetery where Mariella was buried and lay flowers next to the grave and sit there for at least 30 minutes if not longer. My local shop sold her favourite flowers... Tulips... The owner of the shop had become so use to me turning up she had the flowers laid on the counter and all I had to do was pay. I was grateful for what she did for me to help and I always thanked her but this time I intended to give something to her, in the back of my car laid in the boot was a box filled with things she’d always wanted. I knew what she wanted because I would talk to her all the time. In the box there were tickets to her favourite band, The Script, quite an old band now but she wanted to go see them. There was also a signed photo of Liam Gallagher she said she’d always wanted to have something of Oasis signed. So I figured I’d help out. Along with those 2 items were a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses. I didn’t know how else to thank her so I figured it would do. I arrived at the shop and entered with the box in my hands. She wasn’t on the counter and I needed to arrive at the cemetery on time otherwise I would feel I’d let Mariella down... I left the box on the counter along with the money for the flowers and a card thanking her for the help she had given me over the past year. As I started to drive away she was walking back to the counter she waved and I simply smiled knowing she would be overwhelmed with the ‘gift box’.

Margret or Maggie as she asked me to call her was the only friend I had these days and even then I didn’t exactly spend time with her. I often wondered if she had a bigger interest in me than just a friend not that it would matter I could never move on from Mariella she was and always will be the only one for me but even the things that belong don’t last forever. Before this all happened everything was so easy. I remember coming home from work on my birthday and Mariella was stood at the door with a birthday cake and she smiled when I entered. I was stunned and overwhelmed no one use to do anything for me on my birthday I use to avoid it as much as I could because of how my life was back in the UK.

My parents were both alcoholics and they use to be abusive to me... They would drink all day everyday neither of them worked since I was 14 I led my own life doing jobs to get money where ever I could. My dad use to clench his fist and swing for me. I tried to avoid it but he use to hit harder if he missed one punch. Almost every day I had a black eye and some sort of bruise. My mam use to slap me and hit me with whatever she could get her hands on. The thought of being in the UK made me shiver. There were several accounts where serious injury had been dealt to me. My dad continuously punched me in the chest and broke 3 of my ribs and my mam hit me so hard with a tray on the shoulder it dislocated and I had to walk all the way to the doctors because my parents left to drink more. I never wanted to return there so when I passed my law course I got all the money I had, I’d been saving since my first job knowing I wanted to go to America and left. I didn’t hesitate or look back. I told my parents and they said they were glad I was leaving. Imagine what that could do to a man knowing his own family didn’t want him. I had no other family I also don’t know if my parents were still around. 8 years is a long time even longer when you don’t ever speak to them but they never tried to contact me so I guess they still don’t want to know. Where ever they are.

 I was shaken from this memory to the next. It was still my birthday and Mariella had kissed me happy birthday. I smiled at her and sat on the sofa and she sat next to me. My life was perfect before all this. My life was the best any man could want with the best woman in the world but that was before she was taken away from me. I quickly started to think about when I found out Mariella was pregnant. She wanted a girl; I didn’t mind I was just so excited! I sighed and started to remember the names we had decided we wanted to name the baby. For a boy it would be Gareth or Kai, for a girl it would be Sky or Yasmin. I loved all four of the names and we were going to decide the day Mariella had the baby but that never happened. We didn’t want to know if the baby was a boy or a girl until it happened. We wanted a surprise and even to this day I didn’t know. I could have been told by the paramedics at the scene of the crime but I told them ‘if I was going to know we both had to be there’ but that would never happen. Thinking back on it I did feel bad about saying that but I stood by my word and I will never know. Everything I could have had, everything we could have had would never happen. Not even for me who still lived. I will never move on.

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