My protectors

What happens when Cindy finds out she is a werewolf and that there mental maniac sending people to kill her and all of a suden 6hot guys (nial zayn Louis Liam Harry and Justin bieder) transfor to her school millington central high but they have the same secrete as her read and find out

Sorry I stink in discribing stories but any way this my first story and hope you in joy it


1. Introduction

Cindy: hi I'm Cindy I have long black hair . My favourite color is purple favourite food pizza drink root beer . I have one BFF name is tabitha. I'm single for now and I'm mature some times and other times I'm immature and always dirty minded. I'm tomboy and a little bit girly girl. My favourite pet is a dog and goats . Yes, I like goats . And I'm a Mexican and you'll find out more about me latter 

tabitha : hi I'm tabitha I have long blond hair . Favourite color redI love tacos and coca cola cherry with pieces of cherry . BFF is Cindy . I'm also single we act the same mature immature dirty minded but I'm all tomboy no girly girl . Pets dogs and turtles . And no I'm not Mexican I'm from the millington Tennessee .  And I'm an American you'll know more about me as we go through the story

A/n hey sorry for starting over the story this is my  first one so yea I'm kinda bad at this

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