Our Temporary Home

Isabelle knows things that other people don't. She also believes in many things that others would never believe in. But it never mattered to her that she was different. She just accepted herself and didn't let anyone change her.

Harry wants to find someone special. He needs that in his life. He wants that in his life. And when he meets Isabelle, he learns about her. Most importantly, he learns about the world she believes she's living. It's what makes him fall in love with her.

When their lives collide, though, what'll happen to Isabelle's life? Will her world slowly disappear until she comes to reality? Or will she be able to keep a balance with Harry's help?

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3. Chapter Two

"How about now?" Isabelle asked, her hands over her eyes. Harry had told her to cover her eyes once he'd started driving, and she'd decided to go along with it, covering her eyes. The car had just stopped, and Isabelle was just about to move her hands.

"No! Not yet!" Harry exclaimed, putting his hand over Isabelle's eyes.

Isabelle let out a laugh and closed her eyes, saying, "Okay, okay!"

Slowly, Harry moved his hand away from her face. Everything was orange because of the sunlight bouncing off her eyelids, but she didn't really mind. She heard Harry get out of his side and reached for the door handle, trying to open it, when it opened itself. Isabelle slipped and landed in someone's arms. She jumped a little at first but then realized it was Harry when she felt his chest move because he was laughing.

"I was supposed to get you out, but this is a good way to, too," he said, still laughing a little.

Isabelle blushed a little and then said, "Can I open my eyes now?"

She felt Harry set her down when her feet touched the ground, and then he let go of her, saying, "Sure."

When Isabelle opened her eyes, she was surprised. They were at the park in town. Isabelle had always loved the park, but she'd never had a guy take her before. She usually went alone. But it felt nice to have Harry at her side. It was almost...comfortable. It felt a little right for him to be there. But then again, what was Isabelle thinking? She'd just met the boy.

"So, we're going to walk around the park?" Isabelle asked, leaning closer to Harry, smiling.

He nodded. "That's right. Now we can get to know each other."

She grinned and leaned in closer to him. "Really? Is that what you want?"

He suddenly got a little nervous look. "Well, I mean, unless that isn't what you want! Then we can always do something else. Whatever you want, just name it and we'll-"

"It's okay, Harry!" Isabelle exclaimed, getting him to stop rambling. "I was just joking around. I'd love for us to get to know each other. So far all I know about you is that you're from a famous boy band." Harry blushed a little at that, making Isabelle smile. "I need more information than that."

At that, Harry threw his arms wide open, saying, "I'm an open book! Ask me anything and I'll give you an answer."

And on that note, Isabelle began to ask him many questions, and as she did, he was able to get in a few, too. They also began to walk around the park randomly, not running into anything, though Harry did almost trip over
a tree root once, making Isabelle laugh. She had a feeling that he loved making her laugh, because every once in a while he'd stumble or he'd say something completely random. It always got at least a small laugh out of Harry, and she wondered if he liked her laugh.

No guy had actually ever gone through the trouble just to make her laugh. It actually made her happy that Harry was doing it. It made her feel even more comfortable. She actually found herself leaning in closer to him once while they were walking. At first, when she realized that she was doing it, she moved herself away, worried that Harry wouldn't really like it. But then he took her hand. She looked up at him, surprised, while he just gave her a smile and continued to talk about his family.

Isabelle was fascinated by his family. He told her so much about his mother. She sounded very nice and kind. Isabelle could tell in Harry's voice that he loved his mom very much and was very close to her. And she appreciated that. It was always good for family to stick together no matter what. Unlike Isabelle's parents...

"Hey, Isabelle?"

Isabelle looked up at Harry and saw a worried look on his face. It made her wonder why he was worried.

"Are you okay?" he said, looking into her eyes.

This made her blush because he was leaning in closer to her. So she looked down at the ground and mumbled, "Yes, I'm fine."

"Are you sure? You can always tell me, you know."

She shook her head, looking back up at him. One thing was for sure, no matter how comfortable he was making her, she was just not ready to tell him. For one, she didn't want to put the weight of it on his shoulders. To know that her real parents had been killers and that she'd saved herself when she could've saved her parents, too. It was still too overwhelming for even her.

"I can't...I don't know you that well," Isabelle mumbled shyly, looking down at the ground. She was a little worried that Harry would get upset and just walk away. She'd had about three guys do that to her before. It was sad. She'd been on so many dates, but she'd never had a solid boyfriend. She'd never had someone close to her. She'd never even been kissed by a boy before. And that, to her, was the most upsetting part. Yet, in some ways, she always felt like she was being kissed by the stars.

Just like that, the stars kissed her once more. They gave her something lovely. They gave her someone who understood. Harry just lifted her chin up and smiled at her, saying, "I understand. Don't worry. You can just tell me when you're ready."

At first, Isabelle was confused. "When I'm...ready?"

His smile got bigger. "Of course! I'm not the type of lad to want to know everything about you right here and right now. We'll just slowly get to know each other more and more."

She quickly pulled herself together once more and then grinned, saying, "What makes you say that?"

And just like that, Isabelle was no longer just kissed by the stars. Harry closed the space between them and gave her a soft and light kiss. There weren't any of those fireworks that people usually talk about. Besides, Isabelle didn't believe in that kind of thing. She did believe, however, in things fitting together, like puzzle pieces. And that was how it felt when his lips met hers. There was this type of melding that was happening, as if their lips were shaping to fit only each others. Isabelle absolutely loved it.

Then just like that, it was over. Harry had pulled back and was giving her the biggest smile she'd ever seen, making his dimples appear. It made Isabelle want to smile, so she did, just smiling back at him like a lovestruck idiot. But then again, he was staring just like that, too. So they were both idiots.

"Because now that I've met you, I'm not going to stop until I've made you mine," he whispered softly to her. It was so soft that his breath barely hit her face, but she could still feel the warmth. For a moment, she forgot how to breathe.

What was he saying? He actually wanted to be with her? He wasn't just going to leave her after one date? He was going to be different?

Isabelle still couldn't believe it. She wanted to tell him that he was just lying, but as she looked into those deep emerald eyes, she knew that he wasn't. How could he have so easily fallen for her? Or was it all just a joke? A simple prank that the famous boy was pulling? No. It didn't feel like a prank. Isabelle still kept her guard up, though. She knew that if she let her heart accept him that she may lose herself forever. So the barrier stayed up.

She gave him a smile and then replied with, "Wow. That's...amazing."

He smiled at her and then they began to walk once more. At first, Isabelle was still a little in surprise, so she walked a little slow, but then she kept pace with Harry and they talked some more. When Isabelle talked about her family, she became more sheltered and distantly talked about her mother that had adopted her, though she didn't say anything about being adopted. She just told him that her mom really was an amazing person. And that wasn't a lie.

Isabelle loved her second mother. She was so beautiful with her auburn hair and dark blue eyes. She was actually the same height as Isabelle now. She looked a lot like Isabelle with their small and petite bodies, but everything else was different. Isabelle had dirty blond and curly hair, not straight hair. She had bright hazel eyes, not dark blue ones. But she'd accepted Isabelle anyway. That was what she loved the most about her second mother.

She hadn't cared what Isabelle had looked like or what her personality was like. She had just seen a little girl in need of a new home. And that was what had amazed Isabelle the most about her. She hadn't tried to find out everything about Isabelle. She hadn't even tried to pressure Isabelle. She'd just allowed Isabelle to come to her when she was ready. And that was what had happened.

Harry asked so many questions about her family. Did she have any siblings? No. Her second mother was still single and had no kids of her own. But she just told him no. Was her mother kind to her? Always. What about her father? This question made Isabelle bite her lip. She didn't want to tell him that she didn't have one. She didn't even have a second father because her second mother had never been married and wasn't married now.

Somehow Harry saw in her eyes that the question was off-limits, so he quickly brought up a different question, asking her what her full name was. This made Isabelle look at him oddly, but she still answered anyway. It was better than the other question.

"Isabelle Parker Ray," she said easily. When her second mother had taken full custody of her, she'd decided to take her second mother's last name. Isabelle thought that it was beautiful, even though her second mother didn't think so.

"Harry Edward Styles," he replied back, giving her a wink.

This made Isabelle actually let out a laugh. He was just so sweet and kind. She loved it so much. There was just something about him that she couldn't let go of. She found his words beginning to come true. They would get to know each other. And they would become close.

Closer than ever, Isabelle thought.

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