Our Temporary Home

Isabelle knows things that other people don't. She also believes in many things that others would never believe in. But it never mattered to her that she was different. She just accepted herself and didn't let anyone change her.

Harry wants to find someone special. He needs that in his life. He wants that in his life. And when he meets Isabelle, he learns about her. Most importantly, he learns about the world she believes she's living. It's what makes him fall in love with her.

When their lives collide, though, what'll happen to Isabelle's life? Will her world slowly disappear until she comes to reality? Or will she be able to keep a balance with Harry's help?

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4. Chapter Three

Once it was getting dark, Isabelle and Harry decided that it would be a good time to leave. Isabelle was actually very happy, too. The date had gone amazingly. And she'd gotten her first kiss! Her first actually kiss on the lips. It was perfect. She didn't think it could get any better. Well, unless he were to be like Romeo and confess his love. Isabelle did love that play. She just felt bad for Romeo in the end. He hadn't gotten the message to know that she wasn't really dead. It really was devastating.

As Isabelle got in the passenger side of the car, she looked at Harry. He seemed to be glowing with happiness. There was a different look to him than what she'd seen before their date. Before, he had seemed a little...sad. More...searching. He had looked as if he'd lost something and was trying to find it again. But then, he looked as if he'd found it. He looked more happy then ever. And that made Isabelle want to ask him something.

"What did you find?"

Harry jumped, dropping his keys on the ground. He then reached to pick them up and looked at Isabelle sideways as he did, saying, "What?"

Isabelle bit her lip. But then again, she'd already spoken. She might as well continue. "Well, before...you looked like you had lost something. You looked as if you were searching really hard. And now, it's as if you've found it. What did you find, Harry?" She couldn't help her curiosity again. The stars were taking a hold of her mind once more, having her ask questions that even she barely understood.

Harry just blinked at her. "What...What do you mean? I didn't lose anything." He sat back up straight and put his keys in the ignition, starting it. The engine revved, and as it did, he looked at Isabelle out of the corner of his eye and then quickly looked back at the road again.

"Now you seem guarded!" Isabelle blurted out. But then she instantly put her hand over her mouth and turned her head. Why couldn't she just stop? He had no idea what she was talking about, so she should've just left it at that. But...she could see his guarded expression.

"You're not the only one who wants to keep things secret for now," he muttered, making a turn onto the road. "Now then, how do I get to your house?"

Now Isabelle blinked at him. He was right. It wasn't really fair to ask him to tell her his secret when she had some of her own. So Isabelle did what she should've done at first. She nodded and then looked away from him, out the window. She saw a familiar road ahead and said, "Take a right on this next road here."

And that was it. Throughout the rest of the ride, Isabelle gave him the directions, and he followed them exactly. It impressed Isabelle how well he listened. The boys that she'd been on dates with before had always made mistakes. "Oh, I thought you said this road." or "Oh, I thought you meant this turn." was what they'd say. It would always make Isabelle sigh, but with Harry she just took in a breath and let it out calmly. There was nothing to get worked up over with him at the wheel. It made her want to open up a little bit more to him.

"You know, I thought that this date was going to be a disaster," Isabelle finally spoke up after telling Harry to turn left and stop at the blue house on the right.

"Really?" Harry spoke, watching the road, but listening to her.

Isabelle nodded. "Yeah. Because in the past, all of the dates that I'd had were terrible. And from experience, I was a little worried that this would turn out bad, too."

At first, Harry didn't answer. He just continued to drive until he made it to her house. He then pulled into the driveway, put the car in park, and then turned to look her in the eyes. They were soft and kind. And most of all, they were comforting. It was as if he was just simply consoling her by just looking at her.

"If it's okay to ask, why did you say yes to me then?" he spoke up.

Isabelle jumped a little, distracted by his eyes. "Oh...well...you see..." She bit her lip again. Why had she said yes? She wasn't really sure herself. But as she thought about it more, she slowly felt her mind open up to the reasons that she'd done it. And as she found that reason, she opened her mouth and told Harry.

"I said yes because I saw something in you. You seemed different than any other guy I'd ever dated. Plus, you'd even asked for me to give you a chance. And I wanted to do that. Because you seemed determined. For what, I don't know. But I know that you were."

Harry's eyes widened at her words. At first Isabelle was a little worried once more.

"Did I say something wrong? I'm sorry, if I-"

Her words were cut off when Harry moved closer to her and brought his lips to hers instantly. There once more was that feeling of their lips being perfectly melded to fit each others. Instead of staying frozen like last time, though, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close. He responded to this by moving his hands, that were cupping her face, down to her hips, resting there.

When they both pulled back, their foreheads rested on each others, both of them grinning like idiots at each other as well.
Isabelle couldn't believe what she was doing. How could this simple boy change her whole perspective at once? Maybe it was because she'd never gotten the experience with any other teenage boy before. Maybe it was simply because he seemed so kind and sweet. She wasn't too sure, though.

After a few more moments of just grinning at each other, she heard her second mother yell, "Isabelle! Are you ever coming in?!"

This made Isabelle look up to see her second mom on the porch steps, a thin sweater clinging to her body, along with a pair of loose shorts. Her hair was blowing around in the wind, making Isabelle smile and open the door, saying, "I'll be out in a moment!"

Her second mother just rolled her eyes and nodded, stepping back into the house.

Isabelle faced Harry once more, telling him, "I better be going. She will get nosy if I stay out here any longer."

This just made Harry chuckle. "All right then. Well, make sure to tell her that we both came back together in one piece."

This made Isabelle giggle. She thought that, even though he didn't try to be, he was just a little bit funny in a way. "I'll deliver that message." Then she undid her seat belt and was just getting out of the car when Harry grabbed her wrist. Isabelle turned to face him. He had a look of hope on his face. She felt as if this meant that he was going to ask her a question.

"If you enjoyed tonight....would you like to do something tomorrow?" He bit his lip a little, but tried to not let her notice. Little did he know that Isabelle noticed all the tiny little things that he did. Like how he was lightly rubbing her wrist with his thumb, nervous.

She let a small smile come to her lips and said, "Sure. What time?"

"How about eight this time?"

"Okay. See you tomorrow then, Harry."

He nodded and then let go of her wrist. Isabelle stepped away from the car and then shut the door, waving good-bye. Harry gave her a small wave back, and then backed out of the parking lot, leaving. Once he was gone, Isabelle let out a happy shout, running towards the door to the house she lived in. When she opened the door, she closed it behind her and leaned against it, sighing happily.

Right then, her second mom revealed herself, still in the same clothing, her hair a mess. But she was grinning. "That good, eh?"

Isabelle just shut her eyes, imagining Harry kissing her again. She imagined his lips touching hers lightly, like they had when they'd been at the park. Nothing could've been better than that. It'd been her first kiss! And it'd been amazing.

When Isabelle opened her eyes again, she just smiled at her second mother and replied with, "Yes. Yes it was."

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