Our Temporary Home

Isabelle knows things that other people don't. She also believes in many things that others would never believe in. But it never mattered to her that she was different. She just accepted herself and didn't let anyone change her.

Harry wants to find someone special. He needs that in his life. He wants that in his life. And when he meets Isabelle, he learns about her. Most importantly, he learns about the world she believes she's living. It's what makes him fall in love with her.

When their lives collide, though, what'll happen to Isabelle's life? Will her world slowly disappear until she comes to reality? Or will she be able to keep a balance with Harry's help?

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2. Chapter One


"Here's your reciept," Isabelle spoke lightly but clearly, handing the woman a little piece of paper and giving her a kind smile. "Have a nice day."

The woman smiled back at Isabelle and then left, her bag of groceries in hand. Then Isabelle moved on to the next person, taking the things he'd bought and scanning them quickly. Once she had, she clicked on the total button and told him the price. He gave her a fifty dollar bill, and she immediately gave him his change back quickly, along with his reciept, saying, "There you go. Have a nice day, sir."

"Yeah, whatever," he mumbled, roughly taking his change and leaving, taking his bag with him.

Isabelle just stared in shock for a few moments but then just shook her head. Some people just weren't very happy. That, or they just hated people. Isabelle didn't see the reason to hate others anyway when you didn't even know them. But that didn't really matter to her that much. She had no care for people who had no care for her.

"Well someone's in a bad mood."

Isabelle looked up to see a boy with seemingly curly hair and emerald eyes looking at the man that'd left. Then he looked right at her and smiled. He wore a simple white v-neck shirt with a pair of blue jeans. She had to admit that he was pretty cute. Even hot. And a little familiar. She just couldn't put her finger on who it was, though. But a smile slowly formed on her lips. He was smiling at her, so why not smile back?

"I guess so," Isabelle replied, picking up the drinks that he'd gotten and scanning them. "Do you want these left out?"

He nodded. "Might as well. The lads are sitting in the car outside." He had a thick British accent, and he seemed to be trying to get Isabelle's attention with it, but she didn't really care. No guy could win her over with an accent. But they could win her over with their personality.

Isabelle nodded and set all five of the drinks on the little stand in front of her. Then she added the total and said, "That'll be sixteen fifty-two."

"Hmm, that doesn't seem right," the boy said. "I thought there'd be more digits in your number." He gave Isabelle a grin and winked.

Isabelle rolled her eyes and replied with, "You plan on paying?"

"Hard to get, eh?" he asked, handing her a twenty dollar bill.

Isabelle shrugged and got him his change, saying, "Not really. Just don't try winning me over with your looks."

The boy raised his eyebrows. "And how exactly do you want me to win you over, Miss," he glanced at her name tag for a moment and then looked back into her eyes, "Isabelle?"

Isabelle looked to her right and saw that there was nobody else in her lane, so she darted her eyes right back to the boy and leaned a little closer to him, replying with, "Well, don't try making me jealous."

"No kidding? Not even once?"

She rolled her eyes again and shook her head. "Nope. But if a boy's intelligiant, I'm won over."

"Well, it's a good thing I know two times two," he said.

This caused Isabelle to actually let out a small giggle. She was surprised. No guy had ever been able to crack her so easily. What was she doing wrong?

"How about I come back and pick you up when you get off? Then we can talk some more," he said to her, letting a cocky grin appear on his lips.

"I get off at four."

"Well, that's perfect!" He grabbed the drinks and was walking away when Isabelle suddenly called out to him.

"Wait! Your change! And I don't even know your name," she called out a little.

He stopped and turned around, looking right into her eyes. "Keep the change, love. Oh, and the name's Harry Styles."

Harry Styles....that name rung a bell in Isabelle's head. She thought about it a little longer and closed her eyes, trying to picture Harry Styles. Then an image came up. A picture of five boys standing together, smiling. One of them looked just like the boy Isabelle had been talking to. Then she got it. That boy was from the famous band, One Direction.

When Isabelle looked up again, though, he was gone. She let out a small sigh and leaned on the stand, still staring off at where he'd been. Okay, so he'd been pretty good. And Isabelle felt a little happy that he'd acknowledged her at all. She also couldn't wait to see him after work. There was something about that boy. Not that he was just famous, but there was also that edge of curiousity. Sure, Isabelle could always just look him up on her phone and find out a lot about him, but she didn't want to. She wanted him to tell her about himself. She wanted to hear it from him.

As she got started on her job again, she put a little note in her head to call her mom and tell her not to pick her up. She knew that her mom would get happy for her that a guy was taking her out. Sure, Isabelle had been asked out by many guys before, but the first date she'd gone on had been hell. As in the guy had completely ruined it. In the end, she'd had to pay for the date herself, which had been annoying.

But there was a different feel to Harry. She felt as if she could put her trust in him. At least just a little. Isabelle never lent out her trust freely. There were very few people who got it. Two of them were her mothers, and they were basically all she trusted at the moment. Sure she had friends, but she didn't feel too trustworthy with them because she'd seen them. They went against people like the snap of a finger. But Isabelle didn't mind too much. Until they made fun of others. That was when Isabelle would stick up for the ladder and tell her friends to back off of them.

In all honesty, Isabelle was guarded. And for a good reason. It wasn't like anybody had hurt her. Well, not that she really remembered anyway. But she was just afraid of being hurt. She just didn't want it to happen. She didn't want to feel pain. At all. She was fine just being the way she was. And that was good. For now.


"I'm leaving now, Heath!" Isabelle called to her boss.

He looked up from the counter he was behind for a moment, nodded, and then went back to the customer. Isabelle just smiled and went to the employee's area, grabbing her purse. Once she had it, she walked out, pulling out her phone. She stuck it in her pocket and then walked out of the store.

"Oh Miss Isabelle!"

Isabelle looked up and saw Harry leaning against a red convertable, giving her a smile and a wave. She decided to wave back and walk over to him, giving him a glance up and down. He was wearing a different outfit. This time he wore a regular white shirt with a black, thin blazer over it and a pair of dark colored jeans. On his feet, though, were a pair of bright white converse. That made Isabelle grin a little. Something bright, at least, to match the undershirt.

"Miss Isabelle? And what should I call you? Mister Harold?" she spoke up.

He just shook his head, grining. "If that were my full name than sure. But I'm just Harry."

"Fine then...Mister Styles?"

He shuddered at the sound of that. "Now you make it sound like I'm old."

Isabelle let out a small laugh and then asked, "How old are you?"

"Nineteen," he replied. "You?"

"Seventeen," Isabelle answered. She was a little surprised at the age gap. It wasn't much, really, but it still brought a small shock to her. He looked to be her age, maybe eighteen. But he was nineteen. It wasn't so bad, though. As long as he didn't mind it.

He looked taken aback for a moment, but then quickly recovered and nodded. "Cool."

Isabelle gave him a shy smile. "It's okay. Say what you think. I understand if you think I'm too young."

"Oh no!" Harry exclaimed, putting his hands up. "That's not it at all, no. I just thought you were a little older...not that it matters! No, I think you're just fine this age. It's not like you're too young or anything! I mean, if you were fifteen than I'd have to question...not saying that I wouldn't still think you were pretty or anything! No, I mean-"

"Woah, woah!" Isabelle said, putting a hand up to cover his mouth, muffling his words. "Calm down. It's all right. I was just saying."

Harry nodded, and when Isabelle moved his hand away, he sighed. "I'm sorry. It's just that you're so beautiful. And smart. You also seem a little distant from people. So I just decided that I wanted to get to know you. I don't care about your age. I just want to know you. Will you give me that chance?"

Isabelle looked at him in surprise for a moment. He really thought that she was beautiful? An smart? He really wanted to get to know HER? With the shy look that he was wearing and the blush that appeared on his cheeks, she believed that he was being sincere. And that made her blush a little. She couldn't believe that he was already opening up to her so quickly. And did she really look that distant? Well, it wasn't like she could tell. Maybe she didn't look that distant. It wouldn't surprise her.

In that moment, she opened up a little to him. "I think that you're pretty amazing, too. It was actually a little difficult for me to decide to just agree to let you pick me up. But I did. And I don't know how you noticed that I'm distant, but I guess everyone is full of surprises."

Harry let out a nervous laugh and rubbed the back of his neck. He seemed to be really anxious, so Isabelle did something else surprising. She moved over to Harry and put a hand on his arm, giving him a full smile. He looked right at her in surprise for a moment but then smiled back at her.

"Of course I'll give you a chance, Harry. The world is full of choices. And you chose me. So of course I'm going to give you that chance."

Instantly, Harry gave her a huge smile and hugged her. She was surprised at first, once more, but just decided to hug him back, anyway. As they hugged, though, there was this peaceful feeling between them. Isabelle's usually fast paced heart beat slowed down, but not too much. There was still that little flutter, of course. But there was also something peaceful about Harry that Isabelle seemed to love.

When they both pulled back, Harry looked down at her, smiling, and Isabelle looked up at him, smiling as well. Then he opened the passenger side door and said, "M'lady?"

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