Our Temporary Home

Isabelle knows things that other people don't. She also believes in many things that others would never believe in. But it never mattered to her that she was different. She just accepted herself and didn't let anyone change her.

Harry wants to find someone special. He needs that in his life. He wants that in his life. And when he meets Isabelle, he learns about her. Most importantly, he learns about the world she believes she's living. It's what makes him fall in love with her.

When their lives collide, though, what'll happen to Isabelle's life? Will her world slowly disappear until she comes to reality? Or will she be able to keep a balance with Harry's help?

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1. Prologue

The house was burning down. As it burned, the parents in the house screamed. They screamed out their lungs because they were afraid. They were afraid of death. They didn't want to die. They just wanted to raise their daughter correctly. They didn't want everything to come crashing down on them. They didn't think that because of what they'd done they'd end up losing their lives. The worst thing they thought of, though, was their little girl perishing in the flames along with them. She needed to be safe. But she wasn't. They'd failed. Or, that was what they thought.

Isabelle wasn't perishing. She wasn't even crying. She just sat on the roof of the house, waiting for someone to save her. She'd climbed out of her window. She'd known what to do. And as she listened to her own parents screams, she knew that they didn't know where to go. They couldn't escape. They were trapped in their own home. Or was it really their home to start with? Isabelle didn't think so. She believed that they didn't belong in the house. The house needed better people to take care of it.

Sirens sounded, getting closer and closer to the burning house. Isabelle looked down from the sky and at the ground. There were about three fire trucks. Isabelle had always wanted to ride in one. But those thoughts were no longer with her. She wasn't a little girl anymore. She was brave. As she thought about this, she stood up on the roof and waved to the people below, showing them that she was up on the roof. One of the men in suits pointed to her, and then another three men joined him, one of them getting a ladder.

Still showing no emotion, Isabelle looked up at the sky and saw all of the stars shining. They weren't effected by the burning house at all. They had to look over many other houses anyway. What mattered of a burning house if it didn't hold a precious soul trapped inside? Isabelle knew that her parents had been horrible people. She'd forgiven them, but the stars had not. And they took no pity upon her parents. So neither did Isabelle, even though she'd miss them greatly. Tears would not flow down her cheeks, though. Not for them.

Just then, hands grabbed her and held her tightly, making sure not to let her go. She did not panic, for it was just one of the men in the suits. He smelled terribly of body odor, and it made Isabelle crinkle her nose. She didn't say a word, though. She just allowed him to carry her until they were on the ground and he set her down. She looked up at him as he stood up straight, and he just gave her a nod before joining the rest of his men.

Isabelle turned around to face the house that was burning in front of her eyes. As the men began to put it out with water, it made Isabelle think that the house was crying. As the water poured out in places, she pictured a face. Such a sad face. But it always smiled at her when she'd be in it. It was almost as if it was beckoning her to join it and be put out. But it also seemed to be telling her to stay alive a little longer.

She smiled at the house and waved, saying, "Bye bye."

She'd had so many good memories around and in the house. And always, it seemed to look over her. So she didn't really mind leaving. It was letting her go. So she would leave in peace. And she'd always remember. She'd never forget.

Then a man grabbed her arm and led her away from the house. She looked up and saw a man in a suit, but not like the men putting out the fire. He looked to be more professional. This scared Isabelle a little, but it mostly made her wonder what he was doing with her. He didn't seem like the type of person to hurt her, but he also didn't seem like the kind of man to be kind. There was an odd feeling with him. But Isabelle didn't say anything. She just took one last glance at her burning house. The flames were dying down, and it became dark. It was still smiling at her, though.

Then the man spoke.

"Miss, can you get in the car?"

Isabelle looked up at the man. He was giving her an emotionless stare as well, but when she'd made eye contact with him, his expression softened a little for her. He was holding a door open for her, so she got into the car, sitting down in the seat, getting her seat belt on. When she looked up, there were bars right in front of her. She looked at the man then.

"Why are there bars?" she asked softly, pointing to in front of her.

"That's to keep bad guys from hurting the one driving," the man answered.

"Am I bad?" She couldn't remember doing anything bad. Was it because she hadn't helped her parents? Or because she hadn't perished with them?

"Oh no! We just can't take them off, and you're too young to sit in front with me."

"But I'm seven. And Mommy let me sit in front," she replied, eyeing the man with her emotionless eyes.

"Did she?" the man asked, raising an eyebrow.

Isabelle nodded. Her mom had let her do all kinds of things. She'd never really cared where Isabelle had gone or what she'd eaten. Isabelle had gotten no boundaries. That was just how she'd been raised.

"Well, that's dangerous. You could get hurt easily. But don't worry. You'll be safe now." The man closed Isabelle's door and then got into the driver's seat, starting the car and driving away from the house that Isabelle had been raised in.

She decided to look up at the sky once more and felt as if the stars were shining on her, taking pity on her. Why? She didn't need to be taken pity upon. Or did she? She had just lost her parents. Most children would've been in tears. But not Isabelle. She didn't need to cry. She knew that she'd see her parents again someday anyway. Just not that day.

The car suddenly came to a stop, making Isabelle look past the bars and at the man in the driver's seat. He took out the keys to the car and then open his door, going to Isabelle's and opening hers. She immediately undid her seat belt and hopped out of the car, looking up at the man. He shut her door and then shut his own. Then he held his hand out for Isabelle to take.

Instead of taking his hand, she looked at the building he'd driven to. It was a police station. Isabelle recognized the building because her mother had taken Isabelle with her when she'd had to come in. But all Isabelle knew about it was that it had a terrible waiting room. She'd always had to just sit in a chair and wait for her mother to come out of one of the rooms.

She looked back at the man's hand and decided that it would be safe enough to take it. Once she had, he practically dragged her towards the building. It was hard for her tiny legs to keep up with his. But she managed until they walked into the door, and the man handed her to a woman who looked a little pained but was still smiling.

"Why hello there, sweetie!" she exclaimed. "Isabelle, right?"

"How do you know my name?" Isabelle asked her.

"News travels fast, honey. But don't worry. We're going to find you a nice, kind family who will take you in as their daughter!"

Isabelle just nodded in understanding. She'd lost her parents. She was also too young to be on her own. So of course she'd need people to watch over her. How were they going to decide a family for her, though? It was night time. Who would be up at the time to take her? This was all that worried her. She was tired. She wanted to sleep.

"Luckily we've already gotten a call from someone!" the woman exclaimed, giving Isabelle a big smile.

Isabelle didn't smile back, but instead said, "I'm tired."

The woman jumped a little, surprised by Isabelle's words. What was wrong with them anyway? Isabelle didn't think that they were bad. They just sounded right to say. It wasn't like anyone was in control of her words. She wasn't going to let anything influence her words. She turned to look at the waiting room behind her and saw a chair near a window. Immediately, she went over to it and climbed onto it, looking up at the sky once more. There was always that sense of peace when she looked at the stars.

The woman didn't walk over to her. Nobody bothered her. They just let her sit there and stare up at the stars. Some of them wondered how she could stare at a blank sky for so long. Was there something wrong with her? Was she secretly crazy? Did she need any mental help? Nobody even let a simple thought pop into their heads. That the little girl simply loved the stars.

And that was true. Stars were beautiful. They held so many stories of their own. They see everything that happens in the universe. They know so much more than anyone. They're the wisest of any person. That was why nothing surprised Isabelle. The stars saw much more than she ever would. But that didn't matter. She would try to see so much anyway. It would never be as much as the stars, but she could always try.

"Isabelle Frey?"

Isabelle looked away from the stars and saw another woman looking right at her. This woman looked to be a little more calm than the other one. She didn't seem to want to try and make Isabelle happy. And for that Isabelle was thankful. Who in their right mind would try and cheer up a little girl who'd just lost her parents? Apparently that other lady.

"It's nice to meet you. My name is Cathy Ray," she spoke again, moving closer to Isabelle, looking up at the sky. "You like the stars?"

Isabelle blinked once and then said, "Yes. They're pretty."

"Yes they are. How would you like to have a room where you could stare up at the stars all you want?"

Immediately, Isabelle liked the woman. She seemed to be very nice. And she understood her love for the stars. Was this the woman who had called about wanting to take her? She was amazing.

"Yes. Mommy always said that I wasn't allowed to look at stars," Isabelle replied.

"Well," Cathy said, kneeling down to Isabelle's height, "if you come with me, there will be no such limit. You can look at them all the time if you want. What do you say?"

For them first time that night, Isabelle smiled at Cathy. She wanted to go with her. And she wanted to live with her. Before she said anything, though, she looked up once more at the stars. One sparkled in the night sky as if to say, "Go for it, Isabelle." This made Isabelle look back at Cathy and nod.

She smiled at Isabelle and held her hand out. This hand was more welcoming than any other. Isabelle wasn't hesitant to hold it at all. And when she did, it was warm and soft. She loved it. And she walked away with the woman, into one of the rooms, as the stars began to disappear and light filled the night sky, turning into day.

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