So my Older Sis Rolls with the Countries? Interesting...

Hi! I'm Skylar, but call me Sky. Let's cut to the chase..

Who knew my sister, Haley, rolled with the countries and didn't tell me!? You!? You are gonna die!

Okay, I'm sorry I overreacted but that's sooo cool! Think of all the crazy things you could do if you knew the counties! So this is all that happened when I found out about Haley and the counties...


1. So she be Rollin' with the Countries


I shuffled down the hall to find the front door. I rubbed my big eyes as the hem of my t-shirt rubbed the middle of my thigh. I looked through the peephole and saw a blonde guy. I opened the door and looked at the teenager. He looked to be about nineteen and had blue eyes and wore glasses.

"Umm. Why are you here?" he asked. "Um. I live here?" I yawned. I was about seventeen but I really didn't act like it.

"Do you know where Haley is?" he asked. "Come in, stranger." I sighed rubbing my eyes. I stretched and went to get Haley.

"Haleeey! There's a stranger here and he asked where you weeereeeee!" I yelled stretching as I walked up the stairs with the blonde following.

We walked up to her door and I told him to wait here. I slipped in and jumped on her bed. "HALEY! IT'S CHRISTMAS MORNING!" I squealed as I jumped all over her bed. She shot up wide awake. "It's not Christmas you idiot!" she yelled throwing me out the room.

I flew out the closed door and landed on the wall. The blonde just stared at me with wide eyes. "Ugh." I groaned as I scrambled to get up. "Definitely not a morning person. If lying won't work, I'll tell the truth. What's your name?" I asked looked at him while I pulled the shirt down. "Alfred." he said. I nodded and climbed through the hole in the door.

I could feel him watching to see what I was doing. I stood there and did small jumps while shaking my hands. Alfred looked at me weirdly while I bounced and my eyes got watery.

'Dead puppies.. Dead puppies.. Dead puppies..' these thoughts ran through my mind making me tear up.

"Haley!" I cried sitting on her bed on my knees and palms. "There's a stranger! I don't know who he is but he says he knows you!" I chocked on the fake tears. "What's his name?" she grumbled. "He said it was Alfred!" I sobbed. She slid out of bed and opened her door.

"Hey Alfred." she said smiling. I walked out the room smiling but still had tears flowing down my cheeks. "Hey Haley. Who's she?" he asked pointing at me as I wiped my eyes. "An amazing person." I answered for her. He looked at me and I winked skipping off.

"Her name is Skylar but she goes by Sky. She's seventeen but doesn't look like it, she was adopted. They said she was in a strange dress when they found her." Haley said. They both looked at me as I sat on the couch, drawing.

"I'm hungryyyy!" I complained to Haley. "What do you want for breakfast?" Haley asked. "Pancakes!" I cheered jumping up. She laughed and walked off to the kitchen which I followed like a lost puppy. Alfred followed as well when he agreed on being hungry.

After eating, like, twenty pancakes I walked out to go change. I showered an pulled on a black tank top and some jeans with my black converse. I left my long brown hair down since it was naturally straight. I skipped down the stairs once again and went outside. I was swinging on a tire swing when Alfred and Haley came out.

I climbed up a tree so they couldn't see me. When they were under the tree I was in Haley looked around while Alfred swung on the tire swing I was in. "Sky? Sky~? America, do you see Sky?" Haley asked. "What about being America?" I asked swinging out from the tree so I was upside down.

She screamed and jumped around to see me holding my stomach as I hung there laughing. She whacked me lightly on the arm and I ignored it.

I abruptly stopped laughing and put a serious face on. "But really. What about being America?" I asked flipping off the branch. "As in, Hetalia America?" I asked looking at him. "Yeah. As in Hetalia." Haley sighed. "So my sis rolls with the countries? Interesting..." I said pulling my phone out.

"You can't tell anyone!" she screamed lunging for my phone. "No!" I yelled jumping in the tree without taking my eyes off my phone. They both stared at me wide eyed while I hung upside down still staring at my phone. "You can't tell!" she said determined. "Okay. Okay." I said rolling my eyes. "You're telling someone now!" she freaked out. "No. No I'm not." I sighed.

She grabbed my phone and I reached for it. "Happy!? You made me die on Temple Run." I complained grabbing my phone. America laughed his head off, first from me asking about 'rolling with the countries' and now about me playing a game.






Hey, I know this was short, but it's a start. Here's a description of Sky and Haley..

Skylar has long brown hair that reaches her stomach and aqua doe eyes. Strange.. I know.


Sky: What did you say about me!?

Me: O.O


She is skinny as in healthy skinny but eats a lot. (Think of America) Very creative and loves to draw and bake while she has a great sense of humor. Hates cooking and will complain the whole time. She is seventeen but looks to be about fourteen and is 5'6. Yes, she is basically me but has a different name, eye color, and obviously age than me, for safety reasons...


Haley has short blonde hair that reaches her shoulders and brown eyes. She is not skinny, but not big. Think, mid-size.. I don't know. She eats way less than Sky does, but Sky eats so much, everyone eats less than she does. To Sky, she is no fun and is boring. She loves to cook unlike Sky and does all the cooking sense their parents disappeared. Haley is nineteen and is 6'6. Based off my friend, diff name, hair, and age for safety reasons, once again...


Me: That took longer than I thought... Oh well! Sky?

Sky: Please, follow, add this book, and all that stuff.


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