Summer Romance

It a summer romance, for a girl who moved to her grandma house this summer. She never believe in Love at first sight but when she met this boy, It change her whole life round.


3. City mall

I woke up next morning to the smell of my grandma cooking. I love her cooking because it tastes the best. And I'm not kidding it true facts. After we ate breakfast together, I took a cab and went to the mall. It was huge. The country mall is totally different from country mall. This is amazing. I was looking around the mall when I saw a small little girl crying on a bench. I went over to her to see she have lost her mum when she was looking around. I tried to calm her down by sitting next to her and hug her, telling her everything is going to be alright. After a while calming her down the speaker announce that there is a lady who lost her child. If anyone sees the child comes to the main gate of the shopping mall right away. After they announce that the little girl stopped crying and asked me to take her to the main gate.  Happily I took he hand and walked toward the main gate.  When we was at the gate we saw a lady crying heavily sitting down. The little girl then rushed toward the lady and hugs her. The lady stopped crying almost immediately and hugs the girl back. When she was finally calm down and started to listen to the little girl story of what happen. After the story was finish the lady pull me into a friendly hug and told me how grateful to what I did. I just smile back not knowing what to say. She then invited me to come over to have dinner at her house tomorrow night as a present for what I did. I thought if I didn’t accept the invitation the lady would think I’m rude so I accepted it. The lady told me to call her Emily and gave me the address to her house.  After they left I went shopping around for a couple more hours before I came back to grandma house. I told grandma the adventure I had at the mall today when I was putting my stuff in my room. When the story was over my grandma told me I did a good thing help calming the little girl and let me go to the lady house for dinner tomorrow. I helped doing the laundry and cleaning up the house with my grandma for the rest of the day.


-skip to tomorrow dinner-

After I finish getting ready, I kissed my grandma cheeks before I go. When I arrived at the place, I thought I was at the wrong place but when I saw the little girl sitting on the stairs. I knew it was the right place. I pay the cab before walking toward the little girl I met yesterday. As soon as she saw she smiled widely which made me chuckle. She invited me inside and I followed her to where I think is the dining room.  I saw the lady smiling when I was walking in. The girl showed me to my seat and I sat down. We talked, teased and eat. When we finish eating the lady gave me a tour around her house. She told me her husband is in the country side to do some project and he has a son who has the same age as me. She told me he was going to his friend house at the moment and he is currently going back home.

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