The Adventure

When Kevin, Gary, Will, Saskia and Christel set off on a caving expedition, little do they know what adventures and misadventures will befall them...

Based on the computer game "Adventure" by Bill Crowther, Don Woods and Mike Arnoutov.


7. Chapter Seven

 A passage leading westwards from the whirlpool ended at a steep incline above a large room.

"We could probably get down here," said Christel. "But it doesn't look like we could get up again."

"It's down here or down the whirlpool," Gary replied. "Your call."

Christel sat on the edge of the incline and pushed off, sliding down its well-polished surface.

"Well, that was fun!" joked Gary, when he joined her at the bottom.

Crawls exited the room to the north, south east and south west, though that to the north turned out to be a dead end. Following the south east crawl instead took them to a large room where ancient Oriental cave paintings covered the walls and on a rock in the centre of the room stood a delicate, precious, Ming vase.

"Wow," said Christel. "That is so beautiful."

"Pick it up and bring it with you, if you like," Gary suggested. "Just don't drop it."

Christel reached out to pick it up, then remembered. "We're trying to find Will and Saskia."

"Doesn't mean we can't pick up some treasure as well if we want to."

Saskia shrugged and picked the vase up, The passageway continued to the south east and returned them to the Swiss Cheese room. From there, it was a simple matter to retrace their steps to the Giant's living quarters.

"Eggs!" exclaimed the giant, picking the golden eggs out of Gary's hand and stuffing them in his mouth in one go as if they were a Rice Crispie cake. Gary and Christel heard the crunching of shells and saw golden yolk dripping down the giant's beard.

"Fee fie foe foo," Gary muttered under his breath. The yolk disappeared.

A passageway to the south led to the dungeon and the Giant let them pass unhindered. The dungeon door was locked on the outside but Gary swiftly produced the correct key.

"Will!" Christel shouted. "Are you there?" No answer. The dungeon was empty.


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