Trapped in Solitude


2. Crying and Remembering.

She slides down the wall of the shower, not caring in the slightest as her wet clothes gather together at the small of her back.  She never once bothers to stop the heavy water droplets falling unforgivingly onto her newly straightened hair, or the steaming hot water ruining her make-up she had done this morning with that special boy in mind. Putting her head in her hands, she cries. She doesn’t just cry because she’s sad though. She cries for what she is. She cries for what has happened to her. But mostly, she cries because through everything, she has to stay strong. She has to smile and pretend, when really, all the secrets she has ever kept are weighing on her. Everything she feels, every thought she has, is kept deep down inside. No one has to know. She can just keep it to herself. If no one knows, no one can tell. And if no one tells there’s no possible way ever, anyone can tease you about it.

Running her hands through her hair in distress, ripping and pulling in utter frustration, the distraught, forlorn girl can’t help but think of how lonesome she really was.  She thought of her life now, living with foster parents, her older brother, somewhere out in the world living with some other people, probably kinder than who she lives with.  She thought back to hours previously, where she sat at her locker, quietly reading.  She knew who was coming, hearing the familiar noise of high heels scuffing along the tiled floor, the one familiar noise that gave her shivers up her spine. That one noise… meaning she was coming. The monstrous Alison. The schools biggest bully, the one everyone feared the most. As the delicate  ‘clip’ of her exclusively lavish high heels hit the tiled floor, she tries to lower her head, praying she wouldn’t see her.

‘ Hmm, look who it is.’

She slowly lifted her head out of her book to see Alison peering down at her.

‘ Autumn Reed, her parent’s hated her so much they named her after the ugliest season and left her to find other parents.’

The blonde haired monster smirked down at the vulnerable brunette as tears welled in her eyes. Alison looked to her left and locked eyes with her evil twin, Hanna, still keeping that malicious smirk on her beautiful features.

Expensive designer high heels met her knuckles and old, fragile book, as Autumn sat there in astonishment watching her library book soar away from her and down the other end of the hallway. A crowd had now gathered around them, and Autumn wanted nothing more than to be away from there.

‘ Anorexic freak!!’

‘ Fat whore, go take your pills!’

Insults were thrown at her, hitting much deeper than any bullet, and hurting more than any cut on her wrist ever could.

She scrambled to get her book, finding no energy left in her thin legs.

‘ Where do you think you’re going?’ Alison asked, shoving her against the locker.

‘ To get my book.’ Autumn replied, barely audible, staring longingly at her book.

‘ Oh, so the aberration can talk?’

‘ Someone’s been doing their homework, new vocabulary Ali?’ said a voice in the background.  Alison looked around menacingly, before letting go of Autumn.

‘ Go get your book you freak.’ She breathed before walking away with Hanna and her followers. Voices echoed down the hallway as Autumn ran down into the bathroom, picking her book up on the way.


A/N The girl in the photo is Autumn (Vanessa Hudgens) Hope you enjoy this chapter. comment favourite and vote please! Each chapter i will post a photo of a character! xoxo


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