Never Known

Tracy has never known her real parents. Whenever she asks her adopted parents, they are not willing to help. A new boy turns up to her school, who is also adopted, and together they both try and find there real parents.


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Never Known

I've never known my real parents. I’m adopted. I've always known that because we used to look through family photos and there were never any proper baby pictures of me. There was some when I got to the age of about 1 though. It was when I was 7 that I started to realize I was adopted.

“I’m so sick of you!” I scream. Angie and Peter are babying Charlie, completely unaware of what I’m trying to tell them, that or they’re just choosing to ignore me.

“What is it?” Angie asks in that “I’m here to help” voice

“See what I mean, you’ll never understand!”

“I can’t tell you because I swear I don’t know!”

I grab my schoolbag and storm out the door; we never get further than “I can’t tell you because I swear I don’t know!” She does know. She has to. She’s the only one that could know.

I arrive at school just as the bells ringing. In time just to miss Mrs McCoy’s lecture. I run up to my first class. Thankfully I’m not in it with Amy and Laura.

At school I'm a completely different person. Nobody, not even Amy and Laura, know about me being adopted. I think the teachers must know but they don’t let on. I’m scared that one day someone will find out. It’ll humiliate me, I don’t need people knowing about my private life and thinking the wrong thing.

I can’t concentrate in lessons. I keep thinking about my real family. Do I have any siblings? Are my parents still alive? Is my mum a single mum? There’s so many questions and nobody to answer them. I’m going to go to the library at lunch and try and trace my family.


When I walk into the library, there are only a few people there. Not the type of people I’m really worried about gossiping. I get a computer as far away from everyone as possible, just in case. I don’t even know my parents name for goodness sake, how am I supposed to track them? I go on to one of those ancestor sites. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find my parent there but it’s worth a shot. I search my name, Tracy Sydney. This message pops up on the screen “Sorry there was no matches please make sure the spelling are correct and try again. I tried again, this time it comes up with Angie and Peter’s family. Is that even my real name? I've seen it on TV. Tons of families rename their adopted child so they don’t find out there adopted. They always do sooner or later though. The bell rings for the end of lunch I leave the library and head to Science, a lesson I have with Amy.

Amy notices something is wrong straight away because I can see her facial expressions change rapidly.  She can’t say anything though because our science teacher gives you detention if you talk in class. The rest of the afternoon flies by. I feel like I have a big neon banner above my head saying, SHE IS A NOBODY!

When the end of school bell rings I am first out the class. I really don’t feel like talking to Amy or Laura. I hope the house is empty because I need to look around, particularly in Angie’s room.






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