I'm Dating My Teachers

After One Direction break up Louis starts teaching as a drama teacher cause that was his back up plan. but what will happen if breaks up with Eleanor and dates another girl but cheats on her!


2. In Doncaster going to start to Teach

Harry's P.O.V

Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam all gone. and i was just sitting in the seats waiting for them to come back and say like. TRICKED YA! but no i was sitting there for ages, until i finally got the courage to get my ticket back to Chersire, i really didn't want to! but i did, i went up to the counter and asked the nice lady for a ticket back to Chersire "I ticket to Chersire please, ergent." i told her she looked at me with a straight face "No more tickets darling, we are fully booked till the end of the month.... acctually the only place left is Doncaster, one last ticket." she explained my face lit up and i nodded continusly "Yes, Yes please that would be great." i smiled with a flirty smiled she just looked at me with a bored face "Mhm okay here you go, have a nice day."  i nodded and walked down to gate 18  the plane to Doncaster where Louis lived, I was now excited more than sad.


Louis's P.O.V

I had been in Doncaster for two hours now and me and Eleanor were un packing all the stuff for our flat. I miss Harry and the boys, I wish I could just hear Harry's voice one last time "Louis I'm back." I heard almost like he was actually behind me. I turned around to get another box and Harry was standing there with massive grin "Louis mate, it's like a haven't seen you for ages." Harry said hugging me tightly "Yea Harry why are you here.... I mean I did miss you but why did you follow me?" Harry shrugged "Well because there was one last ti- "I am a teacher now in a school Harry... you can't stay." I interrupted Harry showing him the door.


Harry's P.O.V

"A Teacher why a teacher???" I was confused why would he wanna be a teacher "Because I would really like to teach... and me and Eleanor need the money I'm sorry Haz." He explained shutting the door on me.




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