I'm Dating My Teachers

After One Direction break up Louis starts teaching as a drama teacher cause that was his back up plan. but what will happen if breaks up with Eleanor and dates another girl but cheats on her!


4. I am not going t let you

Louis's P.O.V

I just had sex with Eleanor but I was drunk so I meant nothing. I had to find Ally, I loved her and only her. I grabbed my car keys and drove to her house she had told me, good. I knocked on the door and it was her mum she looked like a slut, "Is Ally here." her mum nodded "Can I see here?" she nodded again looking up and down at me smirking, "Come in sit down," she told me I shook my head "No I want to see her where is she." I debated she nodded pointing upstairs, I nodded "Thanks." I said she just smiled leaving me to shut the door, I ran upstairs to see Ally, then I heard crying in the bathroom "Ally is that you." I asked while banging on the door but no one answered, then I saw a mat and I looked under it to see a key, and I learnt that from sponge bob, my little sisters watch it a lot, I grabbed the key and opened the door to see Ally holding a knife up to chest "ALLY!" I yelled, she nearly stabbed herself but knocked the knife out of her hand, but then I fell I tripped of my other foot, I dropped the key and fell hard to the ground with the knife falling right in front of me and it fell to my chest, I heard Ally's voice "LOUIS." I heard her yell "I am so sorry, it's all my fault." she said again I could tell she was crying it was in her voice. I wanted to tell her I was alright, I wanted to open my eyes again. BLACKOUT.


Ally's P.O.V

I pretty much nearly killed Louis I don't know if he's alright, the ambulance took him away, and I wasn't allowed to come cause they thought I was just a crazed fan. I decided to call Harry I had Louis's phone I took from his pocket I didn't want anyone to steal it, "Heyy Louis guess what!" I giggled a bit "It's Ally, sorry to disappoint." I replied to him "Oh never mind then, what's up?" he asked me "Uh well, gees this is hard to say, well Louis's in hospital and I am not allowed to stay with him, they think I am I crazed fan can I stay with you?" I heard him gasp, I really need some sleep and I don't want to stay with mum, and its like three in the morning, "Yea sure you can stay, tell me what happened to Louis, I'll text you where I live what's your cell." I told him my number then we both said goodbye and he texted me where he lived then we just talked

From: Harry

What happened to Lou? xx

To Harry

I'll tell you when I get there xx

From Harry

Okay bye and when Louis's out of hospital, tell him I am not gay anymore :)

To Harry

will do xx :)

Me and Harry were texting for ages, until I was finally at his house, "Heyy, Ally." he said letting me in "Hiii." I replied back with a smile "so whats up with Louis." I sighed "Okay, well he was drunk and he had sex with Eleanor and I broke up with him, then I was depressed so I ran upstairs and grabbed My mums knife and was going to stab myself but Louis came in and knocked the knife out of my hand and fell and the knife fell into his c-chest." I said balling my eyes out crying Harry hugged me and I lied on his chest, I felt safe "I could try and get you in I can tell them your dating him." he smiling I nodded "Thanks Haz." I said smiling back getting lost in his eyes.


Harry's P.O.V

I can't believe that Louis did that to Ally, he broke her heart, but she still wants to see him in the hospital. We got to the hospital Ally walked in front of me and we walked up to the counter together "Hi I'm looking Louis, Louis Tomlinson."  Ally asked, the lady nodded "He's in room 114." me and Ally nodded walking to his room, "Here 114." I heard Ally say then she gulped, we both walked in and he was asleep at least I hope he is,


Ally's P.O.V

We had just walked in and he was asleep, I felt horrible I didn't mean for the knife to fall in his chest, I sat next to Louis's bed holding his hand, crying, and Harry sat next to me and kissed my forehead smiled and lay on his shoulder then his head lay on my head. then I suddenly jumped up to hear the sound of Louis's heart rate, it wasn't bumpy it was straight, HE HAD STOPPED BREATHING "NURSE!!!" I heard Harry yelled I fell to the floor crying, then the nurse came in and took Louis away yelling "Get him in there STAT STAT."

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