A Little Thing Called Love

The University of England, Simon College for Girls. Students1582. Lecture rooms 30. Buildings: Medical, Sport, Science, and Arts. Founded in 1886.

Brie Chapman
Alesha Currie
Lauren Devine
Victoria Clark
Eloise Tapscott
Lily Matheson
Justine May
Chloe Mason

Guest Stars:
Demi Lovato
Danielle Peazer
Eleanor Calder
Perrie Edwards
Cher Lloyd

The University of England, Simon College for Boys. Students1832. Lecture rooms 46. Buildings: Medical, Sport, Science, and Arts. Founded in 1857.

Harry Styles
Ed Sheeran
Louis Tomlinson
Liam Payne
Zayn Malik
Josh Devine
Niall Horan

Guest stars:
Justin Bieber
Olly Murs
Bruno Mars
Andy Samuel
Sean Cullen


3. Bowling

Lauren's POV
"Dress nicely, we're going out" Brie ordered us. We had just finished our first club meeting. Organizing what we were going to do the first semester. The actual drama club consists of 24 members, us girls and the boys. We're working together to write and produce a film. The tech club, textiles club and props developers have offered to help. It's a huge project. 

"Where to?" Lily asked

"Out. You have half an hour, meet at the front of the auditorium" Brie opened the door of the auditorium for us. None of the girls knew why she wants to go 'out'. Though, her and Ed were quiet. 

Lily's POV
We all gathered around the auditorium. A red convoy pulled up in front of us, and inside was Ed.

"Let's go ladies!" Brie opened the door and directed us in. 

"Where we headed?" Cher asked. No one answered. But smirks were exchanged between Ed and Brie. We rode into town and the lights filled the streets. We started slowing down and came to a stop in front of the new bowling and arcade centre built here only a few weeks ago. 

"Awesome" I whispered to myself as I stepped out of the convoy facing the building. The rest of the girls hovered out, and I realized none them had really dressed for bowling and arcade games. I for one, had dressed completely appropriate, although I'm starting to regret the leather pants. Either way, it was better than the dozen of dresses that plopped around.

We waddled inside and were greeted, by the Simon boys. 

Zayn's POV
Tonight it's time to get these guys to loosen up. I decided to bypass that stupid "dating is forbidden between the Simon girls and guys of the drama club" and get these guys some chicks. Their virgin innocence and style is actually killing my rep. 

"Ladies, this Niall" I pushed him towards the group of girls.

"Oh no no. No no. No no. As well as trying to maintain a perfect record in school. I'm extremely unavailable. No time for girls. Sorry" He apologized, I could see pouts from a few of the girls faces. Their loss. In the near distance, I could see the charm on her necklace glistening, meters away. "Oh hey there Little Bird" I winked to Chloe, she was ignoring me, but as soon as my eyes dropped from her, her eyes were on me, cheeks blushing.

Niall's POV
"Extremely unavailable? Are you gay?" A girl stopped and asked me.

"No, just busy this club is the only free time I get. Actually I had to blow off my study group for tonight to come here. Whose askin?" I smiled curiously.

"Lily. Sorry I was just... Curious" her eyes left mine, staring awkwardly into the distance.

"Well I'm not. Do I look it?" Lily shook her head and smiled. 

She then called over one of the girls. "We'll play?" Her long slender fingers pointing to the bowling alleys.

"Sure. Zayn!" He got me in this, he's not getting out of bowling. He strode towards us and realized I was holding bowling shoes and started backing off. "Haha. Not. So. Fast." I grabbed his shoulders and steered him towards the two girls.

"Chloe. Girl I don't know" Zayn nodded to Lily and now known Chloe. 

Justine's POV
"Do you want to play?" Josh blurted to me. We know each other, so it shouldn't be awkward. I still had only just walked through the entrance though.

"Only if you let me win" I wink. We step on to the Dance Party IV. The system can see our moves and compare to the ones we are following on screen

"Wouldn't bet on it" He challenges.

"You seem pretty confident for a guy whose rep's probably gonna go down the drain" I try my best trash talk

"I've got sweet moves! Isn't that right Vicky?" Josh calls to her, she peers around the corner having a laugh.

Lily's POV
"Dibs the silver one!" I rush to grab the bowling ball, almost to quickly, the ball is spilling out of my arms. A steady hand grabs the ball from my grasp and hands it back to me once my arms were done having spasms. "Thanks Nigel" I smile.

"Niall" he corrects me.

"Sorry. Niall" I re pronounce. Once we had a shoes and balls, we headed to an alley. "I'm no good at this" I whisper to Niall.

"You got it" he smiles. "Lily, you go first" I whack him on the shoulder before he, Zayn and Chloe sit down on the couches in FRINT of the bowling alleys. I level up in the alley and did the whole cliché run and guide the ball. "It's going straight! It's heading right down the middle" I smile and applaud myself. A small chuckle interrupted my happiness.

"Check again" Niall laughed. Surely enough the ball went and completely turned itself into the gutter before hitting any of the pins. My smile left and devious one reappeared.

"Ok Mr Bowls, your turn" I hand Niall a bowling ball, a heavy one. He professionally lined up and guided the ball, knocking all pins down. Niall turns around laughing an pumping his fist in the air. 

"Well that's me, you can write my name off the scoreboard, I can't top that" Chloe stands up, "Bye" she smiles and walks off.

"Yeah me too" Zayn coughs and follows Chloe's direction.

Niall and I continued the game. I continued getting the ball in the gutter, and Niall scoring strike after strike. Last round and its my go, my eyes look down that long alley with those tiny pins and giant gutters.

"I can help you" Niall offers.

"Oh yeah, wait till the last round to help me sure." I nod my head, eyeing off Niall. He smiles and helps me anyway. His warm body pressed against my back, his strong arms guided mine, his eyes was rarely on the ball but on me. I didn't really pay attention to his talking, mostly captivated by his glances and just flung the bowling ball. I immediately turned my body to his and stared deeply into those blue eyes. Niall's hand found its way to my cheek, our faces were centimeters away.

"Congratulations! Congratulations!" A robotic voice over says. Moving Niall's and I bodies to detect the sound. "Lily Matheson, has just one another free bowling pass for scoring the 500th strike in the bowling centre. Please come to the front desk to claim your reward." 

"Wow! You scored! I knew I shouldn't have helped you" he laughs.

"Glad you did! I'm gonna go get that pass and go meet up with Chloe. You alright?" I checked. 

"Yeah. I'll go see the arcade room" he waves.

Justine's POV
Of course I won that round, best of three, and rematch with Josh. "Any takers willing to try and defeat the mighty... me" I laugh. To my surprise a young blonde bloke walks through and on to the stage. 

"Let's go!" He inserts the coin. Funnily enough, he wasn't bad, his timing was off but his movements weren't wrong.

"What's your name?" I yell while dancing and speaking over the loud music.

"Niall" he grinned.

"Justine" I answered.


"My name is Justine" sounding amused, I spoke.

I won. But that's the closest I've seen a score to mine comparing to Josh's attempts. 

"Winner buys a round of milkshakes?" I suggested.

"If you're suggesting a bet, no thanks. But I'd love to buy you a milkshake anyway" 

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