A Little Thing Called Love


The University of England, Simon College for Girls. Students1582. Lecture rooms 30. Buildings: Medical, Sport, Science, and Arts. Founded in 1886.

Brie Chapman
Alesha Currie
Lauren Devine
Victoria Clark
Eloise Tapscott
Lily Matheson
Justine May
Chloe Mason

Guest Stars:
Demi Lovato
Danielle Peazer
Eleanor Calder
Perrie Edwards
Cher Lloyd

The University of England, Simon College for Boys. Students1832. Lecture rooms 46. Buildings: Medical, Sport, Science, and Arts. Founded in 1857.

Harry Styles
Ed Sheeran
Louis Tomlinson
Liam Payne
Zayn Malik
Josh Devine
Niall Horan

Guest stars:
Justin Bieber
Olly Murs
Bruno Mars
Andy Samuel
Sean Cullen


2. Auditions

Harry's POV
I gathered all of the boys to the auditorium to audition. It's standard for all of us to audition except the captain, me. But really, its to get those who were auditioning, pumped up. A surprising turnout for this year, we might actually have a good set of 12 actors amongst the 20-25 that showed.

"For this years audition, you have 15 minutes to come up with a minute character biography of your choice. Stereotypes are the key. Well, get on with it then!" I instructed the guys. I could see the smirk on Louis' face I could tell he had a pretty good idea of what his character was going to be. 


Louis' POV
First came Liam as a Mexican stud, then Olly as a crazy scientist, and then Niall as puppy in love school boy and Justin as a super villain. Also, Sean as modern country cowboy, Bruno as a high drug addicted homeless guy, Andy as a top high fashion gay designer and finally Josh, a drunk British stereotypical punk rocker. What was left that made up the rest of the guys that auditioned, were Zayn's friends, acting like pig and cows. Literally, they acted as farm animals. He laughed but it was obvious there was a clear line of who stays, and who goes. Even I'm eager to see what Zayn would come up with. 

"Zayn Malik" Harry called. 

He made his way slowly up to the stage and grabbed a bar stool prop. He slouched on it and pulled out a cigarette and lit it. All eyes fell out, and Harry stood up in order to stop him. "Chill! It's for the character." he assured us. Harry huffed but sat back down. I had to admit I was pretty eager to see what he would come up with. "Alexia." Zayn said quietly, it was almost a whisper. He managed to let a tear loose. "Life was perfect. I had a well paid job and a stable home." he took a breath of the cigarette, "That was untilI met her. Everything changed. She was under the witness protection program, that was until they failed to pull through. When her ex decided to take vengeance after Alexia witnessing the death of her own father." another breath of smoke "I promised to look after her, to protect and love her." he laughed, a short almost sarcastic one. "My love was too deep, evidentially my heart was in the way of what was right and wrong." his face went cold "I got her killed. The worst part was, he forced me to watch." he pulled out a pocket sized ash tray and put out his cigarette, "We heard the police, and his work was done. He rose the gun up to his head and..." he dropped off, jerking from his blank position and smiled. Zayn stood up and took a bow. Wails of wooing echoed from the idiotic bunch known as his friends. He was a good actor, no doubts there.

"Louis Tomlinson" I called up. 

I grabbed a chair from the backstage, set it centre stage and had one foot on it while leaning my body forward. "G'day mate, my name is Brutus Shire and I'm a wildlife carer. I handle the more exotic animals, like reptilians and crocodilians. Today I've got a brown snake", I grabbed some rope as a prop "The king of the snakes in the bush, one of the most deadliest snakes in the world. Not ones for little explorers to go and handle, so always keep an eye out on your kids when playing in the garden or going camping. Look at her, a gorgeous adult one, a small head for digging burrows, in deep terrain. These snakes like to strangle their prey before they eating it. Right now, she has a pretty firm grip" I 'attempted' to pull the snake from its death grip "Wow, you can actually see my arm getting purple" I stared curiously at my arm, "Room. Getting. Darker" I rolled my eyes to the back of my head and 'fainted'. I immediately stood up and bowed, a weak applaud from the audience but mostly silence. 

"Louis, take these straight to Mr. Sheeran, don't get distracted and come back as soon as you can. 


Harry wasn't very smart in that department. I certainly got distracted by numerous girls, practically flinging themselves at me. Yeah girls, gather round, sex has just arrived. Though, none of the girls phased me, not until I saw one pacing outside of a building. She was beautiful, before I realized I was already walking in her direction. She got even more beautiful as I got closer. "Hi" I smiled and stood in her pathway. She just looked at me and continued pacing around me.

Alesha's POV
I can't help it if I'm rude. I'm just frustrated with myself, why couldn't I just waltz in there like Lauren and audition, like someone normal. I can't give anytime away from my studies, they are so important to family back home. They want me to make it big. Dammit Leash, it's just acting in front of girls, I can totally work around a study schedule. Yeah, I can do this.... Nope, no I can't. I avoided the guy blocking my pathway and continued walking as fast as I could, away front the building. 

"Hey wait!" he called, and ran up and pulled my arm and stood his ground, keeping a firm grip so I couldn't break loose. 

"Ok. What?!" I yelled.

"Where's the auditorium?" he seemed genuinely confused. I pointed up to the building behind us. There was a clear sign that said 'AUDITORIUM' on it, he confuses me.

"Ok that's one thing out of the way, why are you pacing? Are you gonna join the drama club? I suggest you do, it's so much fun and you make some new friends."

"Yeah. Like you." I spat, that came out wrong...

"Hey! No need to be hasty, I was trying to help"

"Or! Your trying to influence my decision to make the worst choice of my life! Well let me tell mister! No guy, not even with a cute face like yours could have any amount of impact on my moral decision making" His face was startled, but surprised. I just called him "cute". Awesome..... 

"Cute am I?" he winked. I rolled my eyes turning myself away from his direction and was going to walk, when he grabbed my arm and literally dragged me into the auditorium. His strong arm wasn't prepared to let me loose anytime soon.

"By the way, I'm Louis." he said in a cheery tune. 

Louis' POV
A rude greeting like that deserves punishment even if it meant dragging this girl to the auditorium and manipulating her into auditioning. Mwahahaha

"We're here, you can let go of my arm!" she demand. 

"Ah-uh not until at least get your name." I smirked. 

"Beyoncé!" she spoke with considerably sarcastic tone, "Unhand me you creep!"

"A creep with a cute face might I add." I raised my eyebrows and nodded at her.

"That train has long gone now." 

"No seriously, what's your name? Do you want me to let go of you?"

She sighed, "Alesha"


"My name!" 

"Oh" I slowly loosened my grip from her. I could feel she was turning to run. I gripped her arm hard again, I nodded my head to her, she huffed and I signaled her to sit. 

Brie's POV
"There is twelve of us that turned up, woo! You automatically get through to the drama club. Now let's see how your improv acting is... Girls take it away!" I pointed at Vicky smiling widely.

"Adolescence. Those depressing years..." Vicky bowed her head.

"babe, trust me, you haven't heard half of my stories of those sad years." Justine sighed looking on her dark past.

"Come on guys, you met Fraser. You should know how that ended." Lily nodded at us.

"Don't say his name! He's everywhere and nowhere at the exact same time" Eloise looked around the room.

"Exactly, if you listen carefully you can hear his singing, or is that a beached whale?" Chloe cupped her ear listening for a moment.

"Reality! If you haven't already caught on, the girls are saying a sentence each starting with a sentence of a specific letter of the alphabet going in order. Eg. Apples are yum, bananas are my favorite. Try and stick to the topic at hand. Back to the game! Lauren!" I pointed to her.

"Freakishly enough, I quite enjoyed my adolescent years." Lauren dropped off.

Demi slipped on her side and questioned "God is that you?"

"Here I'll help you up" Eleanor grabbed her arm pulled her to her feet.

"I am Lord Jebuzzz, bow down to me." Perrie used her best man voice, and Demi dropped to her knees and hailed Perrie.

"Jebuzzz has come to us!!" Danielle hailed to Perrie as well.

"Kiss me great lord, for I have done greater good" Cher prayed.

"Losers! Get up! HOKES!!" Vicky mocked.

"Maybe what Vicky is saying is right guys" Justine corrected.

"No way, he stands before us, see?" Lily pointed to Perrie looking proud and in control.

"Ok, this is getting out of hand-" Eloise slowly backs off into darkness.

"Ahhhh Please just stand" Chloe gestured for the girls to stand.

"EEEEHHHHH! Reality! You're out! You said 'Ahhhh'." I interrupted. "Continue!! Lauren!"


"That's a wrap, great rehearsal everybody. Be here this time next week, where we will announce the play and we have a surprise" Ed announced, even previous Drama heads don't know what's in store, only he and I knew.

Alesha's POV
Louis walked backwards to Mr. Sheeran, keeping his eyes on me. *Thump* Louis walked straight into and toppled over Ed. 

"Sorry! Sorry, I have the list of the boys drama club" He apologized. He looked back at me gesturing with his hands, for me to stay. He walked off chatting to Ed. The girls packed up and left from a different door I entered, they couldn't even see me. At least I could sneak off. "Alesha!" Louis called. Damn. "Come down here! It's just you and I! Trust me" Trust me... The words toiled through my mind. I slowly made way to the stage, he sat on the piano and played a couple notes.

"You play?" I asked.

"I guess-"

"Can you play something for me?" I cut him off.

"uhhh" he started playing just a slow gentle deep song. I turned to the front of the stage, looking in the empty rows of seats

"She grew up in a small town. Passed through life as wall flower. She could see things and feel them, instantly relate. She was quiet achiever, she left her teachers speechless. Her laugh was infectious and she had a face of an angel. You would go day by day seeing her in passing and never know who she was. She has the biggest impact on her younger siblings, they follow her but still they have their own independence. Though, she has only ever been told these things, never believed it. She feels alone, even with a room full of people, it's where she feels her loneliest. Her self doubt makes her try and work harder, stove bigger, but she never hits the mark. And I hate myself everyday because of it." I lowered my head, the truth just rolls out with music. Louis stopped at an odd note.

"That's was amazing acting, you wrote that yourself?" Louis asked. I wasn't acting... But I guess he believed so, and I nodded my head smiling, hiding the truth. 

A rhythm of claps come from the entrance behind the seats. I squint my eyes against the piercing light. And emerged, all the girls and Ed. "That was exquisite. There's already 12 in the club but we simply must have you on!" Ed cheered. 

"Louis...." I frowned at him.

"I didn't expect you to come out with that, I was originally had a manipulative plan to get you to act. But you came up with what you did, all by yourself. It was brilliant! Truly" suddenly 'trust me' is why I don't trust people.

"Goodbye Louis." I said sternly, storming off. "Thank Ed for the opportunity, but I'm happy where I am"

"Alone?" Lauren bursted through. "I'm tired of you giving up on things you're so good at because you don't accept that you're good at it. Let us in, let us help you." I paused for a second, to clear my head and then continued walking.

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