J.J's extremely rich grandma, who is also the world's champion prankster, just died and in her will she stated that everything she owns will belong to J.J. Expecting a huge mansion filled with antique furniture she is instead, given an old jacked up doll who is called Elizabeth. It seems like her grandma still wants to be a prankster to her very last breath and has forced J.J into a game of life or death for a fortune that is worth about 3 small states; luckily for grandma it turns out that J.J will do just about anything to get her hands on any amount of money and this game was no exception.


4. Eli

"No, nonono! I'm just dreaming!" J.J felt hysterical, she fell back on her back and put the blanket over her face. She squeezed her eyes shut and stayed like that for a couple more seconds before opening then again and removing the blanket. Elizabeth was still there and seemed to look tired and bored.

"Elizabeth, you're a human!!!" J.J blinked, but thoughts of money came back which forced her motivation to kick it up a notch, "OH! Elizabeth, you're a human! I'm so sorry I was rude! I kicked you off the bed and everything!" J.J went over to her and helped her up, brushing off the dirt on her butt and trying her hardest to to notice her THING. "Do you want anything? I can get you some food, I mean the whole time I had you I didn't feed you anything," She led Elizabeth back to the bed and laid her down, then pulled the blanket up and patted her chest; it was flat but very hard. "Elizabeth?"

"Stop calling me that name! That's not me!" She sat up and glared at J.J. She had the tall lanky type of body now, very frail looking and still pale but if you held her forearm you could feel the muscle. She was strong and wouldn't break easily but her image looked fragile, J.J examined her body; and she had to admit it looked good. "Eli." J.J blinked in confusion.


"My name is Eli! Not Elizabeth, it's Eli!" 

"Right, sorry..." Eli had a disappointed look on his face and deeper in his eyes, he looked sad and lonely.

"I'm resting," Eli laid back down and pulled the covers over his head. His body was still like he wasn't breathing, J.J reached out and pulled the blanket back. Elizabeth was in his place, she looked at her face; the eyes were closed because she was lying down. J.J positioned her into a sitting position and her eyes opened, they were still blue; she laid her back down and her eyes closed again.

"What the hell?" J.J questioned what had just happened and pulled the covers down even more. Eli's THING was missing, the doll in front of her was Elizabeth. Was Eli just an illusion from being too overly excited?

"Are you a pervert or do you just do this to all the boys you meet?" J.J jumped back, that was Eli's voice but she didn't know where it came from. Elizabeth slowly sat up and looked at J.J in a painfully slow motion. "Pervert." J.J felt her face redden.

"That wasn't what it looked like! It's just because I was making sure that THING was still between you legs! To make sure I wasn't dreaming! You don't have one, but you sound like a boy!" J.J explained quickly, she averted her eyes when they met Eli's.

"Of course I don't have one! You see Barbie Dolly's boyfriend, Ken? He doesn't have one either does he?!? How come you assume he's a dude! It's not like my chest is big! And my waist isn't anorexic-ly tiny either!" Elizabeth's facial expression didn't change but in her eyes you could see anger and embarrassment.

" I'm sorry, I'm just gonna go! Go back to sleep!" J.J pushed Elizabeth's body down and turned her face forward again, her eyes closed. "I'll be downstairs! I'll come back up later! Just... REST!" She slams the door and runs to the bathroom. She locks the door and sits on the toilet. What just happened?

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